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Through techniques that emerge from the domestic arts, women are reclaiming stitching as a medium that goes beyond decoration or simple function. The needle is likened to a pencil or paint brush; thread, yarn and fibre is the paint. Wielding simple needle and thread, they stitch powerful messages. They illustrate the world around them—or conjure new ones from deep within their imagination.

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They create beauty and find peace. They tell deeply personal stories, and in the process share universal ones of connection and feeling. Having only visited their website and lusted over their high end publications, I was very excited to make this purchase for myself. Let me give you a quick tour of the book. From the very beginning, we feel like we are getting a one off piece.

The book itself has a paper dust jacket, several variations are available and it seems to be a random choice as to which one you end up with. This makes receiving the book in the post even more exciting. Mine arrived with this cover. The only downside is that this fragile paper could get torn or damaged. Inside though it has a usual softback shiny!

I love the through the keyhole insights we ascertain from viewing; the artists let us into their studio space and within the text we discover their inspiration and how they work. Take for example this one:.

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This book has such wide appeal. It could be a coffee table decoration for those with little interest in textile art, or it could be a treasure for those who are. Personally I feel that it is one of those books which you will keep in full view, for any moments where you lack inspiration or simple want to have some art feeding to cheer your day.

These Disney-inspired prints are positively enchanting Your favorite Disney classics have gotten a makeover — and for once, we're not talking about live-action remakes.

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Meet the newest, semi-cosplay fashion trend you've never heard of Mondo enlisted 30 different artists to create over 40 pieces including variant editions of some works. Check out all of them! It's not the first time Mondo has paid Every movie and TV show being removed from Netflix in September After ripping out our heart last month by taking away seemingly countless seasons of our favorite shows, Netflix is going to be a bit more merciful in September.

See you in another life. Other noteworthy removals include Jackass: The Movie and Jackass 3. Leaving September 1st - Better Live on August 5, in Los Angeles, California. Every time a trailer for a new movie about dogs comes on, I have to leave the room. It's as bad as those commercials that play Sarah McLachlan's "Angel.

David Ogden Stiers in He was The Guardian. Back in , an immigration lawyer pointed out that, under current UK law, Paddington would most likely be deported back to Peru or held in a detention centre. Since he was not fleeing persecution, the little bear would be refused asylum, nor would the Home Office believe he was a minor, owing to his lack of paperwork.

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He also dreams of bringing his Aunt Lucy to London, possibly followed by other family members, who would claim benef Photo Courtesy Walt Disney Pictures Netflix features a wide variety of original programming, TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more! What Disney movies do they have to offer? He was 75 and died at home, according to his agent, Mitchell Stubbs. The late actor was born in Peoria, Illinois, then moved to Eugene, Oregon while he was in high school.

He attended the University of Oregon, but soon left for San Francisco to pursue an acting career. Sarai created her own magical kingdom for her big night celebrated in She had the girls in her court dress up as Snow White, Belle, Pocahontas, and Tinker Bell, while she was Cinderella in a gorgeous white ballgown, arriving in a horse-drawn white carriage fit for a princess.

The decor inside the quince was very simple, reminiscent of Cinderella's glass slipper with clear and white details - even Sarai's prince was in an all-white outfit. Instead of having a huge traditiona Pixar alone has won this category seven times, including last year's "Inside Out," and Disney Animation's mega-hit "Frozen" won for Stubbs, who also revealed the cause of death.

NME Live. There is something undeniably appealing about a little monster. Although she has no writing or directing credits to her name, LiLo thinks she has the chops to make the next sleeper Netflix hit. This time, it will be about Russian oligarchs, which she actually does know a little bit abo The Inquisitr News. Best Netflix Titles Leaving In September Netflix is cleaning house once again, and some solid titles are leaving the service. She moves back to her hometown with her daughter Mae Whitman for a fresh start. International Business Times. Hulu is getting over 50 Disney movies thanks to new licensing deal In its continuing battle with Netflix, Hulu this week announced a new licensing deal with Disney which sees Hulu gaining the exclusive rights to stream a sizable collection of Disney movies via its subscription service.

Complete with bejeweled plumeria flowers, a textured coral-colored bow, palm fronds, a roped center, a gorgeous crystal embellishment featuring three tropical birds, and the classic bamboo hoop the birds perch on in the theme park attraction, this new bow captures the magic of the ride - and makes the perfect headwear for Aloha Isle fans. Love Moana? Lilo and Stitch? Maybe you're headed to Adventureland, Animal Kingdo Disney has created some bonafide icons over the years.

But it's time some of its less talked about characters get their due credit.

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Going to Disney World is a magical experience. There's unbelievable sights and indescribable feelings. Most of those come from the thrilling rides, exciting shows and, most importantly, kids getting a chance to meet their favorite characters face-to-face.

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At the end of a trip done right, a young Disney fan will go home with a completely filled autograph book, and memories that will That's why, when we stumbled across one particular ask for help on Reddit's Makeup Addiction thread, we were charmed. Turns out, the user was looking for a Beauty and the Beast -inspired makeup palette as a gift for his beauty-addicted significant other. According to the post, the couple is obsessed with Disney, and he wanted to give his boo a Belle-themed product. And he definitely came to the right place: Within minutes, the comment section was blowing up with recommendations.

The original po So what better way to honor the international women's movement than to sit at home watching TV? And if we ladies are going to be lazy on International Women's Day, we might as well be feminist about it. Here are all the best movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime to empower you to get off the couch one day. Netflix The Breadwinner This moving animated drama, from filmmaker Nora Twomey and executive-producer Angelina Jolie, is about the real-life h The move is slated to be gradually rolled out to Netflix users.

In a statement, Netflix said that new films from Disney will be available until the end of and Disney films will be accessible to users until the end of We all love Pixar. It makes us feel deeply protective and possessive of the things we love. Now, let's unpack all of this, starting with the Disney side. Lion King over Tarzan? BuzzFeed News. Hulu signs deal for Disney content landing over 50 movies Although Netflix may have secured the rights to newer Disney movies, Hulu this week announced a deal claiming over 50 movies from the company's back catalog.

A number of titles -- such as Mulan, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sister Act -- will become Hulu exclusives in terms of internet subscription services. Previously some of these movies were available Surf's Up!

Plus, the inside has a built-in mirror shaped Local media reports cite sources saying he died in a Tokyo hospital after a long illness. Takahata began his animation career in at the Toei Animation Company, where he met eventual Oscar winner Miyazaki.

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Described by many as both friends and rivals, they founded production company Studio Ghibli in Among its early classics was Grave of the Fireflies , right ,which Takahata also wrote and Sterling K. Sterling and his family posed for some cute photos with the blue koala, and Sterling was even able to get a selfie with him. Hopefully he'll post it on Instagram soon! Related Sterling K. Stiers did it splendidly too Stiers went on to have a successful career as a voice actor, as well While some fans were sceptical about the third sequel thanks to Toy Story 3 being arguably the perfect conclusion to the trilogy, those fears have likely been squashed by the initial verdicts.

Forky will birth a thousand m Once upon a time, a hit Disney animated film received a direct-to-home video sequel. Now they now get Polygon Last month. For example, this is the kind of universe where elves use mobile phones. The Independent May Right now we are watching it very carefully. Disney blockbusters Black Panther and Avengers: Endgame were both filmed in the state.

These are the stories that, in so many instances, helped shape our childhoods. We fell in love with these characters, dressed up as them for Halloween, and play-acted their adventures with our friends. Any attempt to pit these films against each other, then, will be filled with favouritism and illogical decision making. But that h It provided a backstory for Maleficent, revealing to audiences the series of events that led her down the path of evil and drove her to curse a baby Princess Aurora.

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The new film picks up several yea Disney has been rapidly beefing up its on-demand video offering as it bids to go head-to-head with Netflix in a battle for subscribers. Disney removed its content from Netflix earlier this year as the Avatar 2, which was originally slated to be the big December release in , has officially been pushed back by an entire year thanks to a major shakeup by Disney. The reason for the delay can be attributed to Star Wars: the studio has announced three brand new films set in a galaxy far far away.

The Independent May 8. Warner Bros. A wise-cracking Pikachu teams up with year-old Tim Goodman Justice Smith , the only person who can hear him. You can find a round-up of reviews belo The Independent May 3.

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