Carried By Six

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The production detailed the lives and stories of police officers, firemen, and citizens pertaining to the issue of human rights, specifically focusing on the blacklivesmatter movement. The production boasted a cast full of talented student actors that were brave enough to tackle some heavy storylines pertaining to race issues. The play detailed riots, gun violence, racism, and the actions taken by police officers while in the field. While the play did focus on the severity of scenes depicted, it did not completely stray from humoring the audience.

My favorite storyline focused on a young black woman who was cleaning up after a riot.


She was upset and was ranting about how individuals that were choosing to riot were actually harming their own neighbors. Yet, the delivery of the lines was comical at times. There were moments when she would aggressively start sweeping in time with her angry musings, and she would complain about how stupid the individuals were. It felt very real. And, is it true? The insinuation is that the person doing the killing would live and be tried by a jury—made up of 12 people—while the number six references the number of pallbearers who would carry the coffin at their funeral had they decided not to draw their weapon.

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In fact, even if a deadly force situation is fully justified, you will be advised to seek legal counsel. That costs money, not t0 mention other social damages.

Billy Porter arrives at Met Gala carried by six shirtless men

Not only would you have to deal with the emotional survival wounds, including stress, nightmares, anxiety and increased vigilance, but now depression, loss of sleep, and shame and guilt might also accompany your legal fees. There is enough emotional pain accompanying a lethal encounter, that the last thing that anybody is going to want to do is have to pay someone to live through it all again.

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Only the shortsighted, or those who are entirely ignorant of my work , will take this as some suggestions that people should hesitate when their lives are on the line. There are 22 veterans taking their own lives each day in this country. That tells you something about the stress that comes from trauma, and something I highlighted in my book Warrior SOS: Interviews, Insights and Inspiration.

Roddy Ricch - Die Young [Prod. by London on Tha Track] (Dir By JDFilms)

Ballard keeps it real and writes with power and authority. I could hardly put the book down.

Neither will you! The characters are compelling, ordinary, church-going African-Americans whose faith in God sustains them in their daily struggle to make a decent life for their family, their neighbors, and their communities, This is an uplifting and dramatic piece of writing and I highly recommend it.

Carried By Six

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