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Alcoholic beverages can contain small amounts of chemicals known as congeners, which form during the alcohol fermentation process. One example of a congener often found in wine , beer, and some spirits is methanol. Your body can convert methanol to toxic chemicals called formic acid and formaldehyde, which are associated with increased hangover severity 9 , However, since alcohol and methanol are broken down by the same mechanism within your body, drinking more alcohol can allow methanol to be excreted, rather than turned into these toxic chemicals Research shows that hangovers tend to worsen over time during periods of heavy drinking Additionally, drinking alcohol to relieve a hangover is linked to higher rates of alcohol abuse and may normalize unhealthy drinking patterns.

The only guaranteed way to avoid a hangover is to not drink or drink in moderation. Keeping your blood alcohol level below 0. Highly distilled spirits like vodka have the lowest amounts, while darker spirits like whiskey and bourbon have the most Studies show that choosing vodka over these other forms of alcohol can lead to less severe hangovers 8. One animal study also found that mixing alcohol with energy drinks led to more severe hangovers than alcohol alone, but human studies are needed Mixing alcohol with energy drinks may also increase the desire to drink, leading to greater alcohol consumption and a more severe hangover However, the overall amount of alcohol consumed has a much greater impact on hangover severity than the type of alcohol consumed.

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While it may offer temporary relief, it only delays the inevitable, as the hangover will return once you stop drinking. Other helpful methods for preventing or relieving a hangover include drinking in moderation, eating food , staying hydrated, sleeping well, and taking an NSAID pain-reliever.

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Here areā€¦. Aside from that, the only real way to cure a hangover is abstinence. Follow Abbi on Twitter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Love Island's Malin on why Curtis went off Amy. Gaga is being praised for showing her "real" skin. How popular are your week 5 Love Island opinions?

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How many social media followers makes you a celeb? Getty Images. Abigail Malbon Major penchant for books, brunching and big cities.

A hangover develops when an elevated concentration of alcohol in the blood caused by drinking falls sharply after drinking stops. The symptoms -- usually some combination of headache, thirst, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and general grumpiness -- reach their peak when the blood-alcohol level hits zero.

They're going to show up eventually.

What if you want to help somebody who's tipsy, buzzed, smashed or otherwise inebriated get sobered up? You give them black coffee, right?

So does hair of the dog ACTUALLY work to cure a hangover?

The liver, she explained, detoxifies alcohol in the system and does so at only one rate, which is about one drink per hour. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. admin