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It happens every day in many organizations that have forgotten why they are in business. I have been traveling for the last eight weeks and I have witnessed this quite a bit. The employee is just doing their job, the best they can, and often, totally missing the mark. And for the customer, there is no reason to come back when others offer the same service or product but with more heart in their ability to co-create an experience.

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For the employee, they may not be getting the support they need from their company to truly delight the customer. They may believe this is how they should do their job, with perfection, at their own personal cost as well as that of the business. Have you ever been in a situation where you are standing in front of someone who is so caught up with being right that you scratch your head, and wonder how you even got there?

And this happens all the time because we are taught perfection at every turn of our lives. We learned that being right is the goal. The external world projects on us images and stories of how a successful life is lived. It's pseudo-intellectual gibberish lyrics and an almost bubblegum musical approach seem a step too far for the Amboy Dukes. The second half of side two plays out like a suite, with the songs — all written by Farmer — connecting to each other. Yet, even in the album's more pop-oriented moments, Ted Nugent can be found trying to push things in a harder edged direction.

While the single of "Journey to the Center of the Mind" charted in at No. Nugent wanted a full-on heavy band and, within a couple more years, he would be the sole original member left in the Amboy Dukes.

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Home News. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Next: Top 10 Ted Nugent Songs. Almost nothing is known of his childhood. However, he was born sometime in the year , by Giovanni di Fidanza his father and the mother is Maria Ritella. In his early childhood he was stricken with a grave malady which threatened his life? His mother had the inspiration to entrust him to a more potent doctor: she invoked St.

Francis of Assisi and the child recovered. Thus he grew into young manhood under the sign of St. Francis and never took back from him the life that he felt he owned him. Saint Bonaventure, Friar Minor , entered the Franciscan Order in and was an Italian medieval scholastic theologian and philosopher.

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He is known as the "Seraphic Doctor". Bonaventure died suddenly and in suspicious circumstances. Bonaventure has a definitive system of mystical theology and has conceived it as something different from theology in general, though, of course, intimate connection with it. Like his father Saint Francis, the Seraphic Doctor Saint Bonaventure is deeply impressed by the conviction that the life of men and women here upon earth is a pilgrimage and that the acute consciousness of it prepares one for the contemplative life.

That is, our hearts deeply desire for peace and ultimately for ecstatic peace.

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All throughout my life time, I have sincerely desired to have peace of mind. Unfortunately, after searching for peace of mind for so long, I have been making friends but all I received from them it is all disappointments.

It was at last when I went for my spiritual direction when my spiritual director proposed me read this book the journey of the mind to God, by Bonaventure. Unfortunately, nothing was or even could make sense for me at that time. Therefore, when I saw it in the list of the books for summary, I thought it was be good time that the lord has finally visited me to read this book. After reflecting, in love, as many people would say, it is a matter of mutual relationship just as God to man and man to God , but in this world few people experience this mutual relationship.

However, the failure of this mutual relationship, what we experience is that everybody is just trying to favor his or her own interest only, no one would wish to risk for his partner. Summary and Reflection. In this paper, we are going to look at the soul journey into God by Bonaventure. Bonaventure in his emphasis is that happiness is nothing other than the enjoyment of the highest good.

And so the highest good is above, so we need to rise above ourselves.

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Something to note here is that, it is not the ascent of the body, but of the Heart. However, we cannot rise above ourselves unless a higher power lifts us up, that is, by the help of the divine aid. Hence, this calls us to have a fervent prayer which is the mother and source of the ascent. The seven stages or steps of the soul into God. The whole world is presented as a mirror through which we may pass over to God, the supreme craftsman I.

Hence, from this vestiges visible things we rises to consider the power, wisdom and goodness of God as existing, living, intelligent, purely spiritual, incorruptible and unchangeable I. The second stage is on contemplating God in his vestiges in the sense world. It concern the mirror of things perceived through sensation, leading us to see God not only through them as through his vestiges, but also in them as He is in them by his essence, power and presence.