Katrina & Brom: A Modern Sleepy Hollow Legend

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This place is tranquil and beautiful, just as the new land of America was perceived by all who settled there. Sleepy Hollow is a valley of bounty, a land of plenty. But like any other wild and largely uncharted territory, this land possesses an air of mystery. Likewise, the first settlers in America came as dreamers, searching for a new world, a new life, riches, and freedom.

Ichabod Crane is essential to this allegory of the new nation, because he is the representation of the American nation itself. He is not a well-built man but an awkward one. As a schoolteacher he is intelligent, but does not hold a prestigious position in society; this reflects the rank of the new nation in a world order of countries.

The personality of Ichabod Crane reflects the same qualities of the newly independent states of America—he is, like they are, an optimistic underdog. The personality of Ichabod Crane also reflects the status of the American nation in his want for maturity. Ichabod can swallow and digest anything; therefore he is always and increasingly gullible. This is, in a way, a warning for adolescent America. Crane and the American nation have in common one more imperative attribute: ambition. This ambition is demonstrated in many ways.

This desire and ambition to possess and expand reflects the American initiative of Manifest Destiny. However, this ambition and desire for progress borders on greed. Crane is overly confident that he will one day acquire for himself the beautiful daughter and land of Baltus Van Tassel, a wealthy Dutch farmer.

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His motives for this possession are not supported by any reasons but personal desire. This same kind of greed and personal desire was demonstrated by the American states, as their motives for Manifest Destiny although the particular term had not been coined quite yet transformed from those of exploration and expansion to dominance and control over the native people and their land. Ichabod became the object of whimsical persecution to Bones, and his gang of rough riders. They harried his hitherto peaceful domain; smoked out his singing school, by stopping up the chimney; broke in to the school-house at night, in spite of its formidable fastening of withe and window stakes, and turned everything topsy-turvy, so that the poor schoolmaster began to think all the witches in the country held their meetings there.

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This list of grievances against Ichabod is reminiscent of the list of grievances claimed in the Declaration of Independence. Brom Bones is the powerful, respected rival of Crane, the slightly awkward underdog.

And just as Great Britain used its power and strength to worry the colonies and then later the young American states, Brom uses his to harass Crane. Katrina Van Tassel, daughter of the aforementioned Baltus Van Tassel, completes this allegory of an adolescent America because she is the prize, the treasure coveted by each nation—she represents power, honor, respect, and abundant resources. The land of America is likewise copious in beauty, nature and wildlife abounding, the land is lush, fresh, and immense.

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People from all around the world would soon be immigrating to this new world in hopes of building a better life. Not only did many different countries and groups of people lust over the ample land, but this new world also created a struggle for power. Great Britain, the motherland, had been disowned by its young child.

The American colonies decided to break away from this unfair and oppressive parent and start a life of their own, as a new nation.

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This budding nation, youthful and inexperienced as it was, found it necessary to work its way up in the world. This adolescent American had proved its ambition to be free, but now hoped to gain the respect of the world, power in the world order, pride in itself, and a sense of nationalism to infuse its people. Great Britain, however, was struggling to maintain its own pride and power after its defeat to the adolescent America; this once all-powerful empire wanted to uphold the respect it had earned throughout history.

Which country would ultimately prove itself to be superior? This was the rivalry between the two nations. And that is the rivalry between Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones: who is the better man, who will win the girl and all her treasures, the respect, and the power? Although the rivalry between America and its overseas lineage was indeed current and ongoing, it extended a bit farther back into history.

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Before there could be conflict between regions of the American nation, it had to become a nation. The first major conflict was between America and Great Britain. Irving meant his tale to convey a warning to the budding nation: it is a reminder of its vulnerability, its problems, and the obstacles and hardships that stand in the way of its success. The American nation, like Ichabod, has the potential to succeed: to grow up, to learn from mistakes, and then to thrive against all odds. Daigrepont, Lloyd.

Hoffman, Daniel. Has Crane forgotten about Brom Bones? Newton captures every nuance of the character: the buffoon, the wise scholar, the smitten fool and the conniver. The power outage happened at the perfect moment, almost seeming planned. These brilliant performers never disappoint. The young people in the village all have active roles that are crucial to the events that transpire; each stood out at some point throughout the show. Shiloh Pabst light board , Coughlin in a dual role as stage manager and Bones, and backstage crew member Kyra Brimdyr all deserve a high five for their presence of mind during the power outage, as well as during the show.

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