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Though hated and mistrusted by the other knights whose cause he shares, when someone begins killing Grail Knights, Merlin sends her darkest knight on a quest that leads him directly to his mother's door Varian du Fey is a man caught between the battle for humanity and our survival. The illegitimate son of Lancelot and an evil Adoni who serves as Morgen le Fey's right hand, his loyalties are split. If that wasn't enough to ostracize him, he is also the assassin for Merlin in a war that has spread through time and dimensions.

Now he is forced to choose once more between walking the path of darkness where he would be king or doing what's right- stopping Morgen le Fey's army. The only problem is a small, cursed woman who has promised to deliver him to his enemies and one he has sworn to protect. His quest for honor will either be his ultimate salvation or the death of the entire world of man. Merewyn, Varian and Blaise continue on their dangerous journey through the Valley Of No Return where every step could be their last.

Merewyn is the only person who can identify the knight of Avalon who has betrayed the Grail Knights-the six knights entrusted with protecting the secret location of the Holy Grail. However, our travelers' road is not without obstacles Let the fun and danger begin! Varian, Merlin's foremost assassin, is trying to survive the infamous Val Sans Retour where every minute is filled with threats and narrow escapes.

Lords of Avalon® | Sherrilyn Kenyon

As he fights to return to Merlin and save the grail knights, the questions about Varian's past continue to mount. Why is the son of Narishka, a supporter of the evil queen Morgen, an assassin for Avalon? Confronting the ghost of Sagremor at the infamous slaughter bridge is only the beginning of the troubles that Merewyn, Varian, and their friends encounter.

Varian's illness continues to worsen due to the magical manacle Narishka used to zap him of his powers. After receiving a glancing blow from Sagremor, Merewyn finds her ugliness curse returning. Biodata Penuh Alif Satar 3 years ago. The Little Bookworm.

Knight of Darkness (Lords of Avalon #2)

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Lords of Avalon® Series

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Lords of Avalon: Knight of Darkness Vol 1 1

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Varian duFey may be the son of evil Adonai sorceress Narishka duFey, but he turned his dark heritage to the side of good, acting as Avalon's most deadly assassin. Though hated and mistrusted by the other knights whose cause he shares, when someone begins killing Grail Knights, Merlin sends her darkest knight on a quest that leads him directly to his mother's door Collects Lords of Avalon: Knight of Darkness Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series.

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