Wayward Child, A Collection of Poetry

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Once I had the revelation listening to this song that it was about Jesus. Immediately my friend responded, "No it's not. Flag knirefnel on August 02, My Interpretation I see this as a song from heaven. But even still he can put things right. Basically telling him to pick himself up after all the heartache that has been caused and try to pull something good from all the bad. Im not religious but I see this as religiously written. I do relate to this though and in some way I see myself as the person this song talks to in some ways. I agree, and think he's also acting as if he agrees with popular religious opinion.

Flag Jesdisciple on October 08, That is what makes this song truly great and lasting decade after decade.

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Many serious Kansas fans believe that the song carries over from Masque album especially evident in the line: " I stood where no man goes, above the din I rose The song hasn't inspired people since simply because it's a drug induced meaningless pile of words -- it moves people because the lyrics are powerful and the musicianship supreme.

It has inspired generations because of how people "feel" when they hear the song. Many think it's the story of a hero i. Whether his journey is real, a dream, experienced through meditation or drugs -- it doesn't matter.

10 Most Famous Poems by Maya Angelou

The point is the journey and the protagonist attempt to "rise above the noise and confusion" to find out what is real and true. The wayward son is haunted by "the voices" who seem to be telling him to press on or "carry on" with the journey and that he will eventually come to terms with or experience "peace" in the end "for there'll be peace when you are done".

What is clear is that you are not as introspective one would hope -- so next time spare us the superficial, judgmental "it must be drugs" sophomoric commentary so that we can get on to something more substantial. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

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Incorrect Password. Remember Me. A climate where every man and every woman. Can live freely without sanctimonious piety. Without crippling fear. In this poem, Angelou talks about the history of the human race which has tried to make civilization great through accomplishments like building marvelous monuments and gathering knowledge. However, she believes true achievement would be to give up hostilities and embrace peace.

It is only then that we will be able to achieve our true potential and realize that true wonders of this world are actually we. With themes of human rights, peace and social justice, A Brave and Startling Truth , was written for 50th anniversary of the United Nations in and read by Maya Angelou at the commemoration.

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams. This poem is inspired by the same poem, and like Sympathy, uses the imagery of a caged bird to dwell on the oppression faced by African Americans.

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In contrast, the caged bird sings, not to express joy, but to express his longing for freedom. The bend of my hair,. The need for my care. Maya Angelou said that she wrote Phenomenal Woman for all women, regardless of their race or appearance. It is perhaps the most popular of her poems that she often recited for audiences during her public appearances. But today, the Rock cries out to us, clearly, forcefully,. Come, you may stand upon my. Back and face your distant destiny,. But seek no haven in my shadow.


I will give you no hiding place down here. Maya Angelou famously recited this poem at the inauguration of President Bill Clinton on January 20, The primary theme of the poem is its emphasis on unity despite the diversity of American culture.

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  • I had no idea. I understood in a quiet inner way that I only had a few minutes to get myself downstairs, and that I needed immediate help if I was going to live. A friend rushed me to the hospital where I, with no insurance, learned that I was pregnant and it was ectopic and I was lucky to live in a time when I could survive it. And I would be losing my left fallopian tube.

    I rarely date men frankly it never seems to go that well, in spite of my earnest pansexual leanings.

    THE PARABLE OF THE WAYWARD CHILD by Shara McCallum – Sinking City Lit Mag

    So rarely that when my dad heard the news, I think he seriously considered the possibility that I was involved in a biblical birth. When I got to the hospital, I told them I was pretty sure my appendix had burst. They said it was more likely that I was pregnant. I was adamant, I made my case of how that was impossible, asked them through clenched teeth to focus on the real problem. I had two that night, humans who stepped over into a beam of light.

    I will forever be grateful for the convergence of events that led to my strange and lovely support team that night, and getting to see the particular goodness that can emerge in crisis. It was cold, and scary, the pain was nonstop, and there was a torturous internal ultrasound. I both survived and increased my pain by laughing, and it was worth it. There was some time between learning I was pregnant and learning for sure that it was ectopic and surgery would be immediate, my hour of conscious pregnancy.

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    • I was in the middle of a book tour. I shared what I could, mostly because I had to depend on others. I tried that. If it had connected to the right part, or even a different wrong part, I could be in or near labor today. I hope the same for the little mass of miraculous tissue that visited me. And in spite of my attempts to logic through it, that little lost embryo made me cry a lot this year. A one in a gazillion kind of lost embryo. Many of the children I love most in the world were unintended, were somehow able to outsmart preventative measures to get here.

      A lot of my favorite parents felt disappointed, scared, confused and stressed when they found out they were pregnant. These stories emerged this year when people learned what I had experienced, and I am grateful to all of them for sharing and normalizing my complex emotional response.

      Wayward by Katharine Coles

      This year, this wayward child, has turned my sense of self upside down, narrowed the number and increased the quality of people I need close to me, made me sloppy and vulnerable, changed how I want to dress, made me favor my left side, sharpened my ideas of what I want to generate in the world, snatched my perfection mythologies away, given me good news to sweeten the hardest days, found me wandering in the dark begging for help, and helped me keep choosing to see and love myself, just as I am.

      Lesson 9: Time is the most precious thing.

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      Time is the most precious thing. One month, nine months, an hour, a lifetime.