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This, in turn, allows for implementing fewer or more security controls as necessary given a user's and a device's trust maintained over time. The focus is on implementing zero-trust architecture with existing security technologies to maximize their value and impact for an organization's security posture.

During this section encryption and authentication will be used to create a hardened network, whether external or internal. Also, advanced defensive techniques will be implemented to stop modern attack tools in their tracks while leaving services fully functional for authorized assets. The course culminates in a team-based Design-and-Secure-the-Flag competition. Powered by NetWars, day six provides a full day of hands-on work applying the principles taught throughout the week.

Your team will progress through multiple levels and missions designed to ensure mastery of the modern cyber defense techniques promoted throughout this course. Teams will assess, design, and secure a variety of computer systems and devices, leveraging all seven layers of the OSI model. A properly configured system is required for each student participating in this course. Before coming to class, carefully read and follow these instructions exactly.

You can use any bit version of Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux as your core operating system that also can install and run VMware virtualization products. It is critical that your CPU and operating system support bit so that our bit guest virtual machine will run on your laptop.

If you do not own a licensed copy of VMware Workstation or Fusion, you can download a free day trial copy from VMware. VMware will send you a time-limited serial number if you register for the trial on its website. The SEC course focuses on implementing multiple solutions for a layered defense. To achieve this, students will implement security solutions in hands-on labs in order to reinforce skills and better understand the why, how, and when to use such solutions.

The wide range of labs includes:. The SEC Workbook provides a step-by-step guide to learning and applying hands-on techniques, but also provides a "challenge yourself" approach for those who want to stretch their skills and see how far they can get without following the guide. This allows students of varying backgrounds to pick the level of difficulty they want but always have a frustration-free fallback path. To make learning go from great to awesome, days one through five include a NetWars experience customized to SEC This game engine provides a challenging but entertaining way to reinforce skills and learn concepts.

It also provides a fun excuse to give students more hands-on experience, a key component often missing in other training. While the above list briefly outlines the knowledge and skills you will learn, it barely scratches the surface of what this course has to offer. Hands-on labs throughout the course will reinforce key concepts and principles, as well as teach you how to use key scripting tools.

When your SEC training journey is complete, and your skills are enhanced and honed, it will be time to go back to work and deliver on the SANS promise that you'll be able to apply what you learned in this course the day you return to the office. Likewise, we've continually seen that organizations that suffer massive breaches and business disruption often focused their emphasis prior to the breach on perimeter protection and prevention mechanisms but lacked defensible security architecture.

In six days filled with case studies, winning techniques, instructor-led demos, and plenty of hands-on labs including a NetWars-based Defend-the-Flag challenge , students will learn how to design, build, and harden networks, infrastructure, and applications that can truly be called 'defensible. You'll find that this makes the content appropriate and relevant for the reality of a wide variety of organizations and roles.

Make sure you h [ I thoroughly recommend it. Toggle navigation. Event starts in 30 Days. Free Course Demo. Greg Scheidel Mon Aug 5th, AM - PM Overview This first section of the course describes hardening systems and networks, beginning with the overall network architecture and layers. Exercises Egress Analysis: The focus is on understanding how attackers exfiltrate data and how to prevent and detect exfiltration.

Cisco Passwords: Default settings can lead to a major compromise. This lab focuses on the impact of not changing default settings on network infrastructure. Identifying Layer 2 Attacks: Network security has increased, yet layer 2 attacks still are possible in a modern organization. The focus of this lab is on identifying layer 2 attacks. Flow Analysis: This lab is about understanding the various forms of flow data and how to properly use them to identify unauthorized or anomalous activity.

Greg Scheidel Tue Aug 6th, AM - PM Overview This section develops the discussion on hardening infrastructure and moves on to concepts such as routing devices, firewalls, and application proxies. Exercises Auditing Router Security: The focus of this lab is on identifying and mitigating security issues in routers.

This lab allows students to interact with IPv4 and IPv6 to be more familiar with some of the differences. Proxy Power: Proxies have immense capabilities in dealing with malware and command and control channels. This lab walks students through what would happen to malware phoning home based on the different ways a proxy can be configured. Bonus Lab: The end of the day features a router lab in which students combine multiple components of book 1 and book 2 in a live-fire configuration and tuning of routers.

Transparent Forward vs. Exercises Network Security Monitoring: Intrusion detection alerts and network metadata provide a holistic approach to knowing thyself and identifying unauthorized activity. This lab focuses on detecting malware operating over the network with NSM. Encryption Considerations; Network encryption protects data from being observed both by attackers and defenders. Exercises Securing Web Applications: In this lab, students will identify the prevention and detection capabilities that web application firewalls provide, and also learn where they can be evaded.

PaaS vs.

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Exercises Network Isolation and Mutual Authentication: Attackers cannot attack what they cannot see or interact with. SIEM Analysis and Tactical Detection: Logging and inspecting is difficult without the right data and the proper ability to view those data. This lab shows how to use a SIEM system to find an attacker more than 10 different ways. The detection capabilities are important but the logic behind them is also important to implement variable trust conditional access across an enterprise. Advanced Defense Strategies: Attackers do not play fair and neither should defenders.

In this lab, students will configure services to identify attacks in a way that internal systems continue to function but attack tools do not. Also, specialized detection honeytokens will be implemented to identify attackers cloning a public site and using it against your staff or external clients. Laptop Required. Who Should Attend.

Basic understanding of network protocols and devices Experience with Linux from the command line. Lab Details. The wide range of labs includes: Router hardening and configuration labs Endpoint and network logging and analysis labs Web proxy and web application firewall labs Container and virtualization focused labs Scripting labs The SEC Workbook provides a step-by-step guide to learning and applying hands-on techniques, but also provides a "challenge yourself" approach for those who want to stretch their skills and see how far they can get without following the guide.

Zeetha and Higgs make their way out of town, fending off the unwanted advances of General Sklee's reptilian troops while discussing their relationship. Not the Lady Heterodyne— Me! I need you! After ascertaining from the Castle that Agatha is fine, Zeetha has a private talk with Higgs. Tarvek thinks he'll try to take them by surprise.

Agatha and Tarvek celebrate victory while the Castle makes plans to spruce up the town. Agatha is regretting sending Gil away, in spite of how he was behaving. Tarvek, too. Tarvek explains what the Baron and Lucrezia may have done to Gil.

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Ruxala is checking the population of Mechanicsburg and finding hardly any reventants. Vespers are being dispersed beyond the influence of Wulfenbach's empire. All are reporting back to Tarvek. Tarvek explains the situation to Violetta then quizzes her on where the next problem will come from. Tweedle appears. Come on in.

Elder sign. Tarvek and Agatha's other advisers explain the importance of the ceremony at the cathedral. Everyone is following Tweedle there. Tarvek: "You know, there's more to being an evil despot than getting cake whenever you want it. Agatha and Tweedle finish their journey to the cathedral, talking of various things along the way. The Abbess. Vanemonde introduces Agatha to Doctor Yglyn the Cathederal's curate.

Doctor Yglyn introduces Agatha to the dark rites and twisted oaths of the Heterodynes. Doctor Yglyn: "Now! Are you prepared for the dark rites and twisted oaths of the Heterodynes?! You can tell the difference?! Special Interuption Forum Friday. Meanwhile at Transylvania Polygnostic University much more see page. Dr Yglyn congratulates Agatha. Tarvek asks for a dance at the celebration. Agatha's mind returns to the thought of food. An official warns of something dropping from the skies. Unnamed official. Mamma Gkika. The drop-armor lands. Klaus pops out with an ominous looking object in his hand.

Mamma Gkika orders her Jaegers to attack. Tweedle with Agatha enters the twelfth door. Slices the Crypt Keeper and slows pursuit by throwing a Nullabist knife into Tarvek's heart. Klaus , Mamma Gkika. Tweedle continues to carry a struggling Agatha away, telling her that Tarvek was just using her. They arrive at their destination just ahead of their pursuers.

I am rescuing you, you know—". The Abbess has escaped and started up a glowing green device in preparation for Tweedle's delayed arrival. Tweedle announces that they're leaving right away, but Krosp and Violetta arrive and attack them. The Baron seems to be holding his device out of Mamma Gkikka's reach. Agatha and Violetta fight Tweedle while Krosp thrown by the Abbess crashes into them. Krosp, Agatha, Violetta, Tweedle, startled man Borislav. Tweedle and his hangers-on fall thru a portal into The Refuge of Storms , startling a man who was eating his lunch.

Agatha, Krosp, Tweedle, Wasp eater , startled man Borislav. Tweedle doesn't know what just happened, but the startled man knows him. He yells at them to run away, and they do as a machine behind them fries itself. Tweedle tries to get more information about what's going on, but Agatha keeps hitting him with a chair. Tweedle tries to reason with Agatha, but two assassins briefly interrupt. Agatha falls asleep. Tweedle wakes Agatha, but another Sturmvoraus relative pops thru the door before they can get away.

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Leopold, smoke knight with "? Tweedle dispatches the new arrivals, saving one to question. She reveals that "Wulfenbach" has been hunting the smoke knights, and that there has been no Storm King for the last while. And one more surprising fact Before we can find out what happened to Mechanicsburg, the smoke knight jabs Tweedle, and he kills her. Agatha , Tweedle , Wasp eater. They escape to Tweedle's secret lab in the Order's most secure fortress. Agatha conks out. Agatha, Agatha's Wasp eater , Tweedle.

Agatha awakes to find herself chained to her bed, and Tweedle showing a day or two's growth of beard sporting a mechanical hand. Tweedle, Agatha, Agatha's Wasp eater. Tweedle informs Agatha that they've been there three days, and that his knife would not only have killed Tarvek, but also have destroyed the body.

Tarvek, Nullabist knife. Agatha is upset. She falls, clutching her chest.

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Tweedle informs her that she can't stray too far from him for too long, or she'll die. His touch restores her. Great-Aunt Rappaccini see Rappaccini's Daughter. Tweedle explains how incredibly clever he is. Agatha demonstrates a flaw in his reasoning. Krosp returns from scouting for food, without any food it's well guarded by the people looking for Tweedle. Violetta hasn't been able to find the secret door, even tho' Krosp led her to where Agatha's trail ended. Fortunately, Agatha opens it from the other side at just that moment. Agatha brings Violetta and Krosp up to date on what's been happening to her—including what she's done to circumvent Tweedle's control over her.

Tweedle's attempt to regain control fails as Violetta demonstrates her smoke-knight skills. His grace is unhappy that three days have passed and seven smoke knights as well in the search for Tweedle. Tweedle himself appears and retasks the team to find Agatha and Violetta. Agatha, Violetta, Krosp, Agatha's Wasp eater.

Agatha cleans herself up while Violetta and Krosp bring her up to date on what they've learned. Updating continues. They've learned that the Baron did something to Mechanicsburg, but not what it was. Agatha wants to get back to Mechanicsburg to find out what's going on.

Krosp has objections. It's the middle of winter! Agatha is unhappy with their pace. As they flee, Violetta explains to Krosp about the sparkhounds. Tweedle brings down yet another of his relatives, but before killing him asks if he's finally reached the top of the rebellion. Seffie explains why there's been no storm king for the last couple years. Tweedle wants to know who's going to fill the hole-in-the-world they worked so hard to create. Seffie warns him he won't like it.

He doubts her. Foolish man. Seffie explains how much of what Tweedle knew is gone now, but he utterly refuses to help Wulfenbach keep his empire, whatever Seffie may have agreed with his people. She drops another bombshell on him. Violetta , Krosp , Agatha , monster off page. It's deserted. They wonder why. Sturmhalten , Martellus , Mechanicsburg. This comic is unexpectedly dated Sunday the 7th. The forum for the comic is Monday the 8th, following the usual MWF updating pattern. Agatha's Wasp eater , Violetta , Krosp , Agatha. Violetta , Krosp , Agatha! Agatha builds something interesting while expounding on the joys of the unexpected and of the strange and terrible.

Here is an outfit that you can merrily torture the peasantry in, then retire comfortably to your tiki hut of doom! Nietzsche shirt. I hastily assured her that almost every square meter of the outfit could be used as a garrotte without causing it to wrinkle. Also at the insistence of Herr von Zinzer, the outfits are roomy and full cut, allowing for ease of fleeing.

The general insists on a multitude of places where a clever and experienced lady may hide her extensive arsenal. A successful tyrant must cultivate a wardrobe designed to strike fear into the hearts of his courtiers and sycophants. Agatha , Reindeer Clank , Violetta , Krosp. Agatha shows off her Goose Sleigh and Reindeer Clank with built-in weapons and attitude.

Krosp still doesn't know how they'll be getting out of this underground hangar. Agatha explains. A local spark and his minions discover Agatha and wonder how she could have survived the guard slime. Said slime returns and the local spark has a few choice words for it. Tweedle is going crazy from waiting for his minions to capture Agatha. Seffie is calmer, but isn't fully aware of who she's up against.

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What can she do? Agatha gets clear of the fortress and across some peaks before taking them down. But there's someone on the ground there already. Agatha's transport, sparkhounds, Zogok sparkhound , Ishtvan hunter , Tweedle, Seffie. The hunting party wonders about the passing group, then hears a familiar, much-missed sound. The fore starboard hog fails, and the ship goes down. Krosp is relieved that they've gained some distance, but Violetta is concerned about the lack of terrain hindering the hounds.

The reindeer clank is also concerned. Agatha, Krosp, Agatha's Wasp eater , Violetta, schweincopters, reindeer clank. Agatha and company made good distance in the air, and are moving as fast as they can on the ground. But the hunters are gaining. Tweedle tells Seffie that Violetta would know they have to get to Blackridge Gap, so that's where they're headed.

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Ishtvan arrives and confirms the destination. Reindeer Clank , schweincopters, Agatha, sparkhounds, Violetta, Krosp. The reinder clank leaps gracefully as the broken hog is cut free. The road thru the pass is visible, but the baying of the sparkhound pack is making Krosp very nervous. If I show up with you, she won't like me, either—". Tweedle takes his favorite short cut, and manages to trap Agatha between himself and the gate. Violetta, reindeer clanks, schweincopters, sparkhounds, Agatha, Agatha's Wasp eater , Krosp, Tweedle.

Agatha finds her way barred by a gate. She keeps on going anyway. Violetta and Tweedle are not happy about it. Agatha pronounces that they're going through the gate -- revealing that she knows more about the goose sleigh grandmother's old party sleigh than Tweedle does. Agatha, Violetta, Krosp, Wulfenbach Sentinel clanks.

The three wonder what changes have been made in the time they were gone, and who would need a gate in the wilderness. Large clanks appear and give them a hint. Tweedle , Ishtvan , sparkhounds. Ishtvan is convinced that Agatha is lost—that Wulfenbach has her. Tweedle is not, and rides off to recapture her. Wulfenbach, Mechanicsburg, Hell, Wulfenbach Sentinels. Agatha announces herself to the clanks, and is rewarded with a recorded message from Gil.

Tweedle sweeps in before the message can finish. Doctor with four eyes, Bohrlaikha a clank , Gil.

News of Agatha's arrival reaches Gil, who hasn't been sleeping lately, and it shows. Wulfenbach Sentinels , schweincopters, reindeer clank, Agatha, Violetta, Krosp's posterior, Agatha's Wasp eater , Tweedle, sparkhounds. The Wulfenbach clanks fire what appears to be an immobilizing blob at Agatha, who is pushed out of the way by Violetta.

They fire regular bullets at Tweedle and the sparkhounds. Agatha's schweincopter clanks charge and butt into the Wulfenbach clanks, knocking them over. Wulfenbach Sentinels , schweincopters, Agatha, Violetta, Tweedle, sparkhounds. While the guardian clanks fight off the schweincopters, Agatha checks on Violetta. Violetta wants Agatha to run; Tweedle wants Agatha alive. Wulfenbach Sentinels , sparkhounds, Agatha, Reindeer Clank. Agatha, Wulfenbach Sentinel , Tweedle.

A Wulfenbach Sentinel manages to catch Agatha in sticky goop, but Tweedle comes to her rescue—not noticing the sticky goop. Tweedle, Agatha, Wulfenbach Sentinel. As Tweedle starts to extract Agatha from her gooey trap, one of the clanks makes a last-ditch effort to complete its duty. Tweedle is hurt. Krosp wants Agatha to kill him, but she won't.

Violetta reports more clanks coming, and they have to go. Agatha means to leave Tweedle for Gil, but has forgotten about the goop. More clanks attack as Agatha is cleaning the goo off. Before they can decide what to do, Seffie appears and takes action. Seffie convinces Violetta to lead the Wulfenbach Sentinels off while she gets Agatha away.

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I'm told that's not a compliment. Wulfenbach Sentinels , Seffie, Krosp, Agatha. A dozen clanks surround them. Seffie is adamant that Agatha not fall into Gil's hands, but Krosp sees no way to escape. Much worse— "And it's all because of you! Surrounded and out of tricks, Seffie and Agatha get help from an unexpected quarter.

They ride into a hidden cave and he drops her off, calling out to the general.

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Dimo expresses some surprise. Gil , Mechanicsburg , the general.

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Dimo starts telling Agatha what's going on -- starting with why he's a general now. Vell, hy got used to beink de schmot guy. Dimo tells Agatha about Mechanicsburg. Agatha hugs Adam and asks after Lilith—who has taken charge of the nursery. Wooster shows up. I was sure Lilith had explained all that.

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