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With the sons of Mordred, plotting the ultimate revenge…brother versus brother…there is no peace to be had in Camelot.

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When Janne is exposed as a Druidess, she and Braeden must find a way to expose the plot to take down Camelot while maintaining the ideals the majestic realm was built upon. Journey in Time. Chris Karlsen. Heroes Live Forever.

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Cynthia And Constantine [Beyond Camelot - Brother Knights - Book 1]

Scotland Lovers. Highlander's Captive. Hildie McQueen. Love in the Time of a Highland Laird. Beyond The Moors. We call it the Lusty Ladies Lunch Group. Other times we keep in touch via email.

During this particular season, Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis were competing. Two of the Lusties choose these guys as their favorites. After one particularly hot and heavy day of emailing after our constituents were served, of course I went home and wrote a small piece about a knight meeting his ladylove. The next day I sent it off to the Lusties and got requests for more.

Well one thing lead to another and I began to serialize a story about Bo and Constantine as knights in the Arthurian days. I named my hero Constantine and his lady was Cynthia, one of the Lusties. The story just evolved on a weekly basis with email scenes going back and forth until I had pages. I was fortunate enough to have the Wild Rose Press expressed interest in the novel and then publish it. The moral of this story is that you never know when or where inspiration is going to sneak up and bop you on the side of your head. In my case it was with a microphone on Fox-TV.

Turn off and unplug computers and other electronic devices. Kite Dominique Edde Inbunden. Kamal Jann av Dominique Edde.

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Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Dominique Edde's gripping novel tells the story of the doomed Jann family as they plot against one another for revenge and power.

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  6. Kamal Jann, a successful lawyer in New York City, has a troubled past unseen to most. When he was a boy in Syria, his uncle, the head of the Syrian CIA, had his parents killed, leaving Kamal orphaned at the age of twelve.

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