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This pattern is worked in joined rnds, join with a sl st to first dc after each rnd. Start next rnd with 1ch does not count as a st throughout. Make two RR Using 3. Six sts RR Rnd 1: 2dc in each st to end, join with a sl st to first st. RR Rnd 2: 1dc, 2dc in next st to end, join with a sl st to first st. Six sts RR Fasten off. Four sts RR Fasten off. So, long story short, we moved into our house six years ago and after a year had a baby who will be five this month!

Crochet Applique Tutorials - Crochet Bee Tutorial

On a very tight budget, we renovated the house for three months and then stopped. Immediately the room feels uplifted and less heavy. The basic premise is that the body absorbs coloured light and different colours affect it in different ways.

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Before writing this column, I had no idea that babies born with jaundice undergo a process called. Simply put, they are treated with blue light which penetrates the skin, adding oxygen to cure the condition. Perhaps the soft blue tone of the living room reminds me of the summer sky in the bleak winter? This really got me thinking as colour is a key part of my work. Are creative people naturally drawn to a certain colour palette? I love all sorts of tones, it can change along with how I feel, but I will admit I have very girly favourites: pinks, pastels, greys and classic duck egg blue.

I have a wonderful felt colour chart and often it is the first point of inspiration for me. So, when you consider your next project, no matter how big or small, think about colour as your first point of call. I can feel a trip to the Hummingbird Bakery coming on! These sweet little kitties are simply purr-fect Calling all cat lovers! Hannah Cooper has designed this trio of sitting kitties just for you, in Petal, Snow and Mocha from your Crochet Club kit. They are worked in a continuous spiral, creating large rounded heads and bodies that look simply adorable!

As a result, amigurumi is now a huge hit all around the world and you can easily find how-to books, patterns and tutorials to try it yourself. We chat with some of the top crochet designers who are already head-over-heels for this fun technique. Mari-Liis Lille has a long-standing affection for this fun craft potential crafters and the Do you remember your first community grows every day.

For top designer and When it comes to selecting a yarn author Mari-Liis, it was a bunny, for her next character, Mari-Liis along with a little dragon. Also, if you spend internet! I love a couple of basic hands.

Little Bobby the bumble bee amigurumi pattern

Of course, being yarn lovers we can only send our appreciation for these fleecy, be-ewe-tiful animals. Make three RR Using 3. Six sts RR Rnd 1: 2dc in each st to end. RR Using 4mm hook and chosen yarn make a magic ring, work 8dc into ring, join with a sl st to first st. Eight sts RR Rnd 1: 2ch, tr2tog in next st, 1ch, tr3tog in next st to end, join with a sl st to second of first 2ch RR Rnd 2: sl st to next 1ch sp, 2ch, tr2tog, 1ch, tr3tog, 1ch in same 1ch sp, tr3tog, 1ch, tr3tog, 1ch in each 1ch sp to end, join with a sl st to second of first 2ch.

WHIMSICAL Mr. Bumbee/Toy/Decor/Crochet Pattern INSTRUCTIONS ONLY | eBay

Beauty gurus such as Liz Earle recommend using these to remove your cleanser and gently exfoliate at the same time, leaving you with baby soft skin. Why not take it a step further by gifting your makes in made-to measure-packaging decorated with paper embellishments or twine wraps? Download and print the template at topcrochetpatterns. Score along the dotted lines, then fold the side flaps around to the back, gluing one on top of the other. When dry, gently squeeze the sides inwards to open up the bottom then push in the curved flaps to close up.

Decorate as you like, then fold up a scrubby and push one end inside. Take care to then increase the number of doubles in Rnd 3 by one every other stitch so your crochet pad will flatten topcrochetpatterns. What do you enjoy most about this technique? We love your Wool Couture crochet kits — what inspired you to begin designing them? The Boston Harbour Scarf is the first pattern. I wrote and is where Wool Couture started. Not this one! This symphony of colour and textures will definitely grace any space. At the same time, it is sure to be a favourite with any baby lucky enough to have one hanging over their crib.

The colours and helical shape will be a great aid in teaching your little… Read more.

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  • Can you see this awesome spring shawl? To be honest it's one of most impressive among the shawl collection. The scalloped triangle shawl is one of the most popular shawl patterns so each crocheter has to make one at least once. The link to the pattern is below. As the summer is almost here, I have a very cool project for us. It's a breezy swim cover designed by Megmade with Love.

    This project is really easy, it's a one piece work, no increases or decreases. You will love it! It is a very nice and quick project, perfect for small gifts for your friends or relatives. Although the video is not in English, the pattern is easy to follow, especially if you turn on English subtitles. I know you… Read more.

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    A beautiful and neat project for the summer; Although it may be a little bit time consuming, it is very worthwhile. You can follow the pattern or detailed video tutorials divided into 3 parts. Don't forget to… Read more. This is a beautiful summer shawl, perfect for a midnight walk on the beach. Light summer hues will match most summer outfits, but you can use any yarn you want - just pick a hook size according to the yarn's requirements.

    If you are looking for great project for a gift for your mother, friend or just for yourself, you couldn't choose any better. Easy and quick it takes an hour to make and can be done in a colour to match any outfit. This beautiful jewelry can be make form yarn scraps, because you will… Read more. You can make it in any color and use them in the kiddos' room as well.

    I love amigurumi dolls - they are so cute and eye-catching that even non-crochet lovers do they even exist? I also like to have all my stuff in place, so all boxes and organizers are welcome at my place. Sally Doll has it all!

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