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Learn more about Teams. Drupal: Sub views? Ask Question. Recipe Group contains a node reference to the type Recipe. It's a 1 to many relationship. I've tried googling, but we are on a tight time line and would appreciate any assistance. Mike Mike 3 3 gold badges 11 11 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges. David Lanier David Lanier 48 4 4 bronze badges. Whatever you decide to do, I think Views attach will likely be your answer. CalebD CalebD 4, 18 18 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. My problem is that I need to list ALL recipe groups on a single page with the recipes under each group.

The group acts like a heading where as the recipes are like a list underneath. In order to facilitate that I created a view that lists the recipe groups out. My problem now is that I have no idea how to pull in the recipes that belong to the groups? Wow I am truly a wonder sometimes. Even after 1. Sharing the exact solution we used to do would not cut it though, since we used Drupal 5 and some custom code based formatting, which would not be up to today's standards.

So I recreated the whiteboard using the latest Acquia Drupal codebase instead, merely configuring some content types, permissions and a view. For this starter recipe I used Drupal core and Views only from the Acquia Drupal package, so you can also repeat with just these modules only. Initially, I've set up a "Whiteboard note" content type and set it to be published by default, but not show up on the front page. I've also turned on new revision tracking, so we know who changed what on whiteboard notes. Then I went to managing permissions and granted every authenticated user to create whiteboard notes and edit any of the existing whiteboard notes as well.

Drupal 7 Tutorial - How To Refresh Views With Flags (4/5)

This gives the whiteboard notes a wiki type of usefulness, where people can edit and add new notes as needed. While we were a bit concerned about spam, it did not happen at all, partly because we limited the feature to those registered for the site. Additionally you can also play with input formats using Markdown or some other module to add an easy to use input format for whiteboard notes. If you'd like to aggregate tweets tagged in a certain way or posted on your official event twitter account, you can reach back to my recipe of aggregating tweets with Feeds module.

While twitter is an often quick stream of chatter going away quickly if you are not paying attention, your event whiteboard can contain the most important highlighted information. We used it for example to spread information of a train accident which slowed down traffic at the last day of the event, when people wanted to catch flights back home.

New Feature #2. Media Library

Also, your own whiteboard can be used to make certain information sticky, people can go back and edit notes and include images or interactive maps. So now that we have a content type which everyone can edit, and history is kept for edits, let's build the display logic for it. The simplest way currently is probably to create a View for node listings, which has filters for published whiteboard notes. Fortunately, Puppet can help you tame Drupal and use the power of configuration management to bring your Drupal sites under control.

Firstly, the server where Drupal is running or where you plan to set up Drupal needs to be under Puppet control. If you are already confident with Puppet, all you need to do is add a node definition for the server to your Puppet manifests, and then add the recipes from this article.

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Download the latest release from the Drupal download page. At the moment that will be Drupal 6. Unless there is a specific reason such as custom modules to use Drupal 5. Copy the settings.

For each extra site you create, add a directory for it in sites. Fortunately, there is a superb automation tool available for Drupal called Drush the Dru pal sh ell.

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Drush makes automating Drupal with Puppet a breeze. For Drush you will need at least PHP 5. You can do this by having Puppet deploy a php. Once this is done, Puppet will update php.

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We can have Puppet create all these things for us, so each site can be configured in a minimal way:. Note that the cron resource automatically assigns the site cron job to a random time based on the name of the site. There are three resources defined here for each site.

Example tasks

First, an Apache vhost config file you could use Nginx config snippets instead. This virtual host redirects requests for www.

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It also points requests for example. Secondly, the manifest creates a cron job which will request the Drupal cron page for your site, once a day adjust this if you want the site updated more frequently. You should also back up your sites, of course, and you can have Puppet run Drush to generate a SQL dump of the site database which can go into your backups directory. For more useful things you can do with Drush, including keeping your Drupal core up to date, run drush on the command line.

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