Extenuating Circumstances (Harry Stoner Mystery Book 8)

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Peeling away layers to the bone would reveal what had become of Lessing. It would lead Stoner into the underbelly of Cincinnati By acts of love Clients never tell the whole story. Detective Harry Stoner has seen better days. It's the middle of January and business is slower than a crawl. Curled up in his office with a paperback mystery, a little classical music on the radio, and a bottle of Scotch, Harry's ready to cut his losses and hibernate until spring. The only problem is that Harry's been living off Visa credit and Christmas cash, and the money faucet is beginning to run dry.

Enter Leon Tubin, an odd little man with worn trousers but a pocketful of cash. Mason Greenleaf - good teacher, good friend, fond lover - vanishes from his Mount Adams home one hot summer afternoon, leaving a haunting mystery behind him. For his fellow teachers, former students, and friends, his disappearance is inexplicable and tragic. For his lover, Cindy Dorn, it is a cruel blow that shakes the very foundations of her world.

Harry Stoner Mystery, #8: Extenuating Circumstances Audiobook by Jonathan Valin

She calls Harry Stoner for help. Soon after, Greenleaf turns up dead in a sleazy hotel. The police call it a suicide - Stoner believes there's more to the story.

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As Stoner delves into the apparent suicide, disturbing questions surface about Greenleaf's past, questions about his sexual life. Harry Stoner 11 books in series. The Lime Pit Publisher's Summary. First in the Harry Stoner series! Book 1. Add to basket failed. Please try again later. Add to Wish List failed.

The Music Lovers: A Harry Stoner Mystery

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Extenuating Circumstances

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Harry Stoner Mystery Series by Jonathan Valin

Ira Lessing has everything a man could wish for a pretty young wife, good friends, a successful business, Rothkos on the wall, and a reputation as a man who does good deeds for those not as fortunate as himself. When he disappears Harry Stoner is called in to investigate and before long it becomes clear that Ira and his reputation are both dead ducks.

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I have to say that his writing style is very gritty, and sometimes his ability to describe brutal events in great detail leaves you stunned, and wondering if it is really necessary to spell it out for the readership with such clarity. Extenuating Circumstances is a fast compelling read, but the subject matter which concerns the world of young male homosexual prostitutes and hustlers [called rent boys in the UK] might just be too dark for some readers. He was probably no more than forty, but he was definitely on his third or fourth lifetime.

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