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After a few weeks, you get quite good at estimating the weight of things, and also you get a feeling for high calory food items and so, for example, will learn quickly to use a bit less fat for frying things, or using fat reduced yoghurt instead of Sahnejoghurt , that kind of thing. Cheese is a bit of a problem for me, because I don't like fat reduced cheese. It's just not tasty enough. So, for the moment, I have to be careful with big lumps of cheese But it doesn't have any "ideology" about what you should eat and what you shouldn't, and that's something I like very much about it.

For example: I love butter, and I'd for example never bake a cake with margerine or any of the idiotic "fat-reduced fats", but I use less butter than I used to e. One butter cookie is so much better than 5 fat reduced ply wood type weight watchers recipe cookies! You enter your weight as often as you like, daily or weekly or whatever and can see your progress on a curve.

You quickly learn that the curve goes up and down all the time, no matter how well you stick to your calories - but the overall trend goes downwards, and you learn that exceeding your allowance of calories for one or even a few days won't ruin your program altogether. You need such days from time to time, that's my experience.

There's a basic version which is free and with ads appearing at the bottom , or a pay version with many more functions and ad-free. For me, the basic version is clearly sufficient. What I really like: it's not a special diet, you can eat whatever you like or always liked - but you learn to take smaller portions, for example, and experience that the smaller portion makes you satt , too, and is enough to take you through until the next meal.

You can also enter acitvities walks, sport, chores like cleaning etc and get extra calories for them. So, once I had made up my mind to lose weight that's the real challenge, in my experience, making this decision wholeheartedly , it worked and still works very well for me. Comment hm — us: Thanks for worrying about me and your suggestions. No need to pity me. I had my good times and now the hard times are to come.

Avoid any further pneumonia; that might by your last one. Besides that I'm really fit! Which reminds me of.. Thanks for your additional info. I can hardly read the tiny letters of WhatsApp.. Comment Can't you enlarge the font size of WhatsApp? Comment Goldammer Wenn ich einmal dies im Griff habe, geht mir alles andere ganz flott. Zum Beispiel, ich liebe ich liebe das Gericht pad thai, ich habe aber leider festgestellt, dass die Nudeln.. Und wenn ich in diesem Zustand.. Auch zwei wirklich herzige Geschichten haben wir gelesen, die von guten Samariten handeln.

Goldammer:Ja, a nice experience war da spot on! Wenn ich einmal dies das erst mal im Griff habe, geht mir alles andere ganz flott. Zum Beispiel, ich liebe das Gericht pad thai, ich habe aber leider festgestellt, dass die Nudeln..

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Very interesting about this different understanding of body members and the necessity to describe to whom they belong! In my German understanding, it's somehow self evident that we are talking about the boy's mouth, and it is more important to say that the pacifier belongs to him. Eine neue Version von Firefox hat sich von selbst installiert Comment eclectus Your first sentence ended surprisingly.

If so, it was very well done! The computer does not work as it should anymore and that's not due to your own actions. Comment He-le-na Aber hast du wirklich ' up the garden path' gefunden? Oder stand es eher ' down the garden path' Was denken andere Schnecken dazu? Comment eclectus , you are clearly sometimes thinking too much about what might possibly possibly possibly cause a misunderstanding!

Ich frage mich, was er wohl noch vorhat. Vielleicht eine letzte Rede, oder irgendeine Abstimmung im Ausschuss. Es ist wirklich nicht zu fassen. Heute war er guter Laune, auch wenn wir uns z. Sorgen um eine abgebrochene Zahn und eine Abszess machen. Ein Freund von uns wurde diese Woche 96, und eine Freundin Auch kaum zu fassen. Du bist uns allen ein gutes Vorbild. Das Thomas-Feuer in Ventura Danach haben wir alle drei Strophen gesungen.

Hier bleibt es aber nach ein paar Tagen mit etwas Leichtregen nach wie vor eher trocken und soll auch mindestens 10 Tage weiterhin so bleiben. Versuchen wir nicht immer noch umsonst, den Weg vor dem Herren zu ebnen, zu bereiten? Sehnen wir nicht immer noch nach einem Emmanuel, einem Gott mit uns? Der Chor der St. Ergibt das etwa einen Sinn? Comment A semantic question today, addressed to our ENS. We had a dispute in our class on a sentence in a book. The facts are:. Crichton who wants to know whether Martin had sex with his daughter Jess.

Being convinced that they went to his Mr. Moreover I seem to remember that the genitive indicates an ownership. My question is: Was I too pettifogging to insist in my version or does the genitive represent a possessive pronoun? Comment pettifogging - what a lovely word! Thanks RenaRd! For me, "Jess's house" can also mean "the house where Jesse lives", it doesn't necessarily mean she owns the house.

Comment Ja, "Jess's house" kann bedeuten, "das Haus, in dem Jess wohnt". Is it only my personally preferred diction? Thanks, Robert -- US , for keeping us informed about the news on the fire front. TV in Germany rarely reports about it, we seem to prefer our own problems — the never ending GroKo-story, if you know what I mean. Comment I agree with Goldammer.. Also zum Umformulieren, ginge mein Frage an dich vielleicht so:. Wenn du noch ein Junge warst, RenaRd, hast du damals nie zu einem Schulfreund von der Wohnung deiner Eltern als 'meine Wohnung' gesprochen?

When you were a kid, didn't you ever refer to your parents' dwelling as 'my place' or 'my house'? Es gibt mir schon was zu denken da.. Habe ich denn damals selbst so etwas gesagt? Aber doch, wenn wir 'unter uns' waren Lieber: "My folks have a pool. Sehr interessantes Thema, RenaRd.. Comment Edith is the goddess of edits. Or maybe the patron saint? My memory is a bit vague. So it is right and just to invoke her name when making edits. Comment Exactly, Norbert, that's the background. I have no idea who discovered the goddess Edith, she was certainly around before the Crossover Chat.

I suspect the countingthreaders. I think the problem with the house thing is that in German, we don't often use exactly that phrase. We say:. And with this, I meant the place where the respective persons were at home. The house itself wasn't mentioned. RenaRd definitely has a point when he says that from the context it wasn't clear before that Jess lived with her father - so, "Jesse's house" would then really have been a bit misleading.

Comment I want to add a few correcturitos for the busy leftpondian snails - no claim to be complete. I also really liked your thoughtful words about Advent. I also wouldn't want to live "Christmas Joy" already now - but all the same I attended the "Ceremony of Carols" service which was held in our main church.

I really enjoyed the English lessons in the old biblical English. Isn't that beautiful imagery? Maybe especially for the poor Californians, at the moment - that thought just crossed my mind Comment Witzig!!! Habe schon lange wissen wollen.. Und was sind nun "countingthreaders"?? Sie sind sehr nett und einige von ihnen machen auch gelegentlich hier mit, wie auch umgekehrt. Comment - le, -lein, -chen: these diminutives are always Neutrum.

Dorle stands for Doris or Dora so female for sure. Der Dieter, die Ursula, das Dorle - the article is common in various South German dialects; in standard German you do not use it with a name because the name is distinctive enough. Comment My Dorle's real name was Dorothee, so yes, she was a girl and Dorle is a Swabian diminuitive and therefore neutrum. I'm by the way still in touch with her and she's still Dorle at 61 years of age. It has nothing to do with being small. We also used diminuitives for boys. There was a Kurtle and a Ernstle in my neighborhood, for example.

And hm--us, I truly liked what you wrote. It didn't come across as a moral sermon at all, but as a wise thought about the true meaning of Advent. Or something like that. Comment I love this grinning, snow-covered fir tree watching the children sledding! Comment Whoops!

Eighteen new postings since I closed my PC last night. I owe you some answers and will start here:. Why mention a house or flat? Here she mentioned the name of city to remind me where the neighbor had moved to. Comment Tja, diesen Unterschied zwischen Deutsch und Englisch wollte ich verdeutlichen in meinem Es gibt auch Varianten davon, z. Apart from mouth, tongue, eyes and gestures, this reads like a pretty good description of the Crossover Chat, doesn't it??

St Augustine was a very modern man, it seems The "normal" genitive construction would be:. Comment Leider scheint es, dass mein Kommentar missverstanden wird. Die Diskussion ging um den Unterschied zwischen einer deutschen und einer englischen Redewendung. Kennt Ihr "Book Bub"? Besonders gut ist, dass ich es kostenlos auf Kindle bekommen habe. Comment Sorry, Robert , for my 6-gear long line! I understood it now; I had understood the main thought before, but not your example with "meiner Omas Haus".

Comment Ein Sternchen vor etwas Geschriebenem bedeutet dasgleiche wie ein [sic] danach?? Das wusste ich auch nicht, Robert -- US. Ist das etwas Neues, was wir von Texting her haben? Comment Mist! Ich wurde unterbrochen und habe vergessen, den schon anfegangenen Beitrag zu kopieren. Vielleicht sagt uns das Robert. Comment I am confused.

I thought that in linguistics, a preceding asterisk marks a word that is reconstructed as opposed to recorded , encountered in etymologies that go back to IE roots, for example. Tut mir leid. Comment In der diachronen Linguistik bezeichnet das Sternchen ein rekonstruiertes Wort. Comment Thanks for the clarification. It is interesting that you mention that an asterisk is used to mark up an entire sentence , presumably by marking the first word of an ungrammatical sentence, e. Das Letztere verstehen ich auch nicht auf Englisch Offentsichlich liest ihr alle Dinge, die ich noch nie aufgegabelt habe..

Ich vermute ja doch? Ich meine, wirkt es auch im deutschen Ohr absichtlich anschaulich auf diese Weise? Comment Hallo, eclectus. Wenn ich historische Linguistik lese und sehe, wie sich ein Sprachelement durch die Jahrhunderte entwickelt hat, dann ist das diachron. Latin Deus originally used to address Jupiter , but later adopted as the name of God. Iranic daeva, daiva, diw , etc. Celtic e. Slavic div genitive divese ; "miracle". Diety, spanisches dios usw sind mir da freilich ganz deutlich..

Tiwaz ist irgendwie in etwa Gwiwas oder so geworden? Goldammer hat mich vor einem Jahr oder so auf das Buch The Unfolding of Language hingewiesen, was ich ganz irre interessant und aufhellend fand, aber ziemlich dicht? Comment The terms diachronic and synchronic are also used to describe dictionaries. The OED is an example of a diachronic dictionary. It includes English words in use from about AD ?

It tracks changes in meaning and spelling for individual words through time. Bilingual dictionaries on the other hand are usually synchronic dictionaries that provide a snapshot of two languages at a specific time. I think "durchwaten des Lehrstoffs" would be readily understood, although it is not a standard phrase. The commonly used verb is "durchackern", I'd say. Comment Interessant, Norbert.. Meinst du denn, so wie bei Merriam-Webster, die etymologischen Angaben, die man in eckigen Klammern findet und was ich mir schon seit ewig gerne anschaue?

Wenn ja, wo findet man so ein Vieh auf???? Comment The linguists here are in a better position to answer this, but to my knowledge tracking a change in meaning, e. I would consider Grimm's dictionary or WNT Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal diachronic dictionaries, as they track changes in meaning and spelling of words over time. Comment Entschuldigung, eclectus. Das indo-germanische Wort "Gott" stammt von einer anderedn Wurzel. Comment Thanks for insisting, eclectus.

I also didn't know about the terms diachronic and synchronic in this context and learned a lot about linguistics in here in the last few days! Comment Tja Goldammer.. Beharren ist eines was ich manchmal sehr gut tun kann;-. Und Robert, Bravo! Klasse war, durfte ich mit einigen anderen in die 6. Eines Tages hat mich Mr. My son studies to become a teacher at the moment, and to earn a bit of money, helps out in his old high school with after school clubs etc. Today, he took on the " Experimentier-Club " where fifth and sixth graders 10 to 11 years old learn about doing scientific experiments.

He let them build different types of paper planes and was then going to let them find out what kind of "scientific" experiment they could design e. How long do they stay in the air? Which ones do special things like flying in curves or doing a looping and then documenting those measurements. They can then make scientific statements about which type flies the longest distance, which ones stay in the air best etc. I bet this was great fun for everybody, and makes them understand better what scientific work means than many explanations.

I really liked that project! My son studies is studying to be come [beides geht] a teacher at the moment, and to earn a bit of money, helps helping out in his old high school with after school clubs etc. Comment Continuous form Thanks, Robert. Comment That is a wonderful project your son did there, Goldammer. Parents are only asked for their support bummer - after reading it all I would like to take part myself. My son already stated that we have a certain lack of analytical balances in our household.

For "jmnd. Is it a regional difference whether "up" or "down" is chosen? Comment I assume more or less everybody read or heard something about bitcoins in the recent past. I have no plans of investing in the bitcoin market and I'm not really interested in disussions whether there is a bubble or not. There is, however, one issue I would like to understand: When you search the internet you will find many articles describing that an incredible amount of energy is consumed for bitcoin mining.

Even after reading some articles on the net, I have no clue what all this is about. Can somebody Norbert seems to be a good candidate as he knows a lot about computer hard- and software and is no stranger to economics either explain in the simplest way possible what the energy is needed for?

Der BMW X3.

Comment He-le-na, I was looking for analytical balance if this is the right word for it - and yes, it is. In your son's case, they should at least have one at school, don't you think so? Unfortunately, my son is already "too old" for this Olympiad. Comment I'd like to ask you snails a cross-cultural question:. Yesterday, Mr Goldammer and I bought a Bosch impact drill as a Christmas present for Older Goldammerson who, as you know, left hotel Mama recently and moved in with his girlfriend.

We thought, a decent household needs a good impact drill, doesn't it, and it was really fun buying it - including a set of drills and bits for all purposes. Someone said to me: this is just so typically Swabian, buying such a thing as a Christmas present, and taking delight in buying it. Is she right? Would any of you, non-Swabians of both sides of the pond, consider giving someone an impact drill as a Christmas present, or is it really unthinkable outside Swabia? Comment Goldammer , this coming from a Franconian perspective: Two years ago a friend of mine turned 30 and we bought him a high-grade impact drill because he and his wife were about to start renovating his parents' house which we helped them move into a couple of weeks ago.

There are pictures of him unwrapping the gift and holding the drill up, proud as can be. It may not be the most sentimental gift there is, but why not? On christmas, though, I might add something a little more personal, like, I don't know, some handknitted oven mittens or something.

The couple I'm talking about is actually fun to buy gifts for because you can always get them something for the kitchen or tools, and she'll end up using the tools all the time because she's the crafty one, while he has total dominion over the kitchen. The latter is true for all couples in our group of friends; it's always the guys that do the cooking, which is a source for a lot of good-natured teasing among us.

Comment I generally love to give and receive practical gifts for everyday use. One very nice effect: whenever I use one of the things I have got from my sisters or other people, they come to my mind, and I think of them with friendly thoughts Comment ;-. Switzerland has different electric plugs, so, for my hairdryer I needed an adapter as later for my vacuum cleaner, when I moved to Basel, and several other household items.

One day before Christmas, for a reason I don't remember anymore, I told my friend: "There is nothing more bourgeois spiessig? In a book my mother had read before, I once found a receipt for a flat iron dated on the My mother was probably glad anyway, I don't know I was around But he already found a different way of measuring the relevant parameter without a balance as the results don't have to be exact. The planning of the experimental set-up seems to count as more important.

Practical gifts are something I like and I am not a Swabian. And a really good impact drill after moving to a new flat is something I would appreciate. My husband only likes a practical gift if it is something special for e. But even then such presents are "dangerous" as he usually knows exactly what features he would like the e. Comment virus: That's a nice anecdote I consider crypto-currency in its current form to be the equivalent of the Dutch tulip craze of the s, so I don't pay much attention.

However, the technology that facilitates crypto-currency transactions, called blockchain, is valuable in other contexts.

Careers: Jobs in product management

From what I understand, new bitcoins are created by performing some very difficult and time-consuming calculations. By design, the difficulty of this computation increases over time. In the beginning days of bitcoin, you could mine i. As computations became harder, miners first switched to GPUs the processors on graphics cards , then to FPGAs chips containing configurable hardware , and finally ASICs custom processors professionally designed just for this mining computation.

Mining now is almost exclusively in the hands of professional outfits, who install thousands of ASICs plus supporting circuitry in giant warehouses. You need lots of electrical power to run all these ASICs. That is the bulk of the op-ex operational expenditure of such a mining operation.

So the key to mining profitably is low cost per kWh. As I understand it, most professional mines are located in China these days, and in particular in Inner Mongolia, where the government provides cheap, subsidized electricity from coal-fired power plants. By dividing by the current annual number of bitcoin transactions, this then led to an estimate of kWh per bitcoin transaction. I have read at least one critical examination of those estimates that concluded that the numbers are order-of-magnitude accurate. Since there are no reliable statistics, this is about as accurate as such estimates can be.

My understanding is that the per-transaction number should decrease over time, even as the overall energy use for bitcoin continues to goes up. Note that there are other crypto-currencies besides bitcoin. To my knowledge, all of them rely on expensive computations that require lots of electricity to mine, but some are more power-efficient than bitcoin, and can still be mined on GPUs e.

A popular one of these myriad alternative crypto-currencies is Ethereum. Hence buying an impact drill would definitely not be my first choice, but in case of being needed it sounds to be a perfect gift :o. Comment Wow, thank you, Norbert, for this elaborated explanation! Interesting to read - and my conscience is clean since I didn't jump on this train is that colloquial? On the other hand, I wouldn't have done anyway because it scares me. He-le-na, if your son already found a possibility to measure what is desired without this kind of balance, he was already successful in one part of his scientific project.

RenaRd, nowadays times have changed: My son took my laptop where in my browser I still have a folder for him like for his boy scout activities, sports club etc. Couldn't be clearer It might be interesting to compare the energy used for bitcoin production to the energy used for gold production since gold is also a highly speculative "investment". On average, the production of an ounce of gold currently requires 8.

Harambee might want to double-check my math to make sure I am not off by a power of ten somewhere. Comment Thanks to Norbert for the explanations. My intuition is completely at a loss when I try to understand how difficult and time-consuming calculations can be converted into a bitcoin, but that's obviously as it is. Norbert, I did not double-check your calculations, because the message would not change significantly: Both mining techniques require a lot of energy.

While a lot of computational work is required to determine the primes, the result tally of prime numbers in the stated range itself is just a simple, fairly short number. Most cryptocurrencies use this principle of "proof of work", e. Comment Okay, I understand all that, but the whole concept is still foreign to me. Comment Well, it's similar to gold: The value of gold generally reflects how expensive it is to get the stuff out of the ground.

The value of bitcoin generally reflects how expensive it is to do the underlying computation. For practical purposes, there is little incentive to generate either commodity, There are some industrial uses for gold, but they are insignificant compared to total production. In other words, both mining activities are almost equally sensible in my view: nonsense. At least one can hope that no human lives are lost in bitcoin mining. Comment Yes, you are right. Gold is also a concept I never fully understood. Of course many people will say that gold is something physical you can see and touch whereas as bitcoin does not have such properties, However, I'm not sure how relevant that difference is.

Comment Masse of computer operations? My belief is that there are dozens of gnomes sitting in a room somewhere carving coins out of a wooden slices in a specified way at last that. Then the coins are measured in different ways weight, size, shape etc to make them unique. That would be good enough for me. Comment , this proves our close relationship to magpies I had to look for the latter, didn't know the word Aber was passiert damit, wenn mal Quantumrechnen in Gang kommt?

Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass die Schwierigkeit dieser Art Berechnungen noch eine lange Weile unbestimmbar bleiben werden.. Und dann kommt noch auch ins Spiel, vermute ich, wer bzw welche Konzerne Zugang zu solchen Quantumrechnern haben wird.. Nur eine winzige Feinheit;-. Comment Selbst-korrektur zu meiner Ich frage mich schon lange, wie und woher Bitcoins ihren Wert und Kostbarkeit bekommen, und nicht einfach vermehrt werden, und wer so etwas kontrolliert.. Comment Best I know, bitcoin is set up so that there is in fact a specific finite amount of coins that can be mined. While quantum computing can break some forms of encryption more easily than traditional computers, I am not sure that secure hashes which is what bitcoin is based on are at risk.

Wikipedia claims : "In contrast to the threat quantum computing poses to current public-key algorithms, most current symmetric cryptographic algorithms and hash functions are considered to be relatively secure against attacks by quantum computers". Comment Mir wurde gerade annonciert, dass in drei Stunden die Nachmittagsvorstellung von Star Wars von uns besucht wird;-. Gut gemacht! Comment Goldammerson was there already, eclectus , in the very first performance which started at 5 past midnight a few days ago booked months in advance , and he said it is an excellent film, much better than Episode 7.

I'm curious what you say. Correcturito: you can't use " annonciert " in that context, it's strictly limited to the advertising context. Comment I like annonciert in that context, exactly my 19th century usage! Sorry for having neglected y'all for a while. Now that we are in Budapest, things should be much quieter. Comment exactly my 19th century usage.

I didn't realize we have a time traveler in our midst :- Back then it probably was still Buda and Pest, instead of a unified city? Comment Hi, mbshu. Werdet ihr denn in Ungarn Weihnachten verbringen? Ist es dort so verschneit wie anscheinend in D? Oder ist der Schnee meist schon vorbei -- vielleicht war das eher vor ein paar Tagen. Comment No snow at all in my neck of the woods I must confess that this use has not at all been in my awareness.

So, eclectus , I apologize for an overhasty correcturito. Comment Buda, Pest and Old Buda were merged in Before that, people often referred to it as Pest-Buda or, in German, as Pesth-Ofen not a very attractive name, I'd think, but apparently they didnt mind in those days. No snow here - we had quite a bit of it the past two weekends when we had to drive significant distances within Germany, so I can do without snow right now Comment Oh, interessant.

Vielleicht eher nicht, wenn man schon ungarisch spricht. Anscheinend sind sie weder in Deutschland noch in Ungarn bekannt -- schade eigentlich. Norbert war skeptisch, wenn ich mich richtig erinnere, aber den Faden finde ich jetzt nicht mehr. Also hier wenigstens der Link. Toi toi toi. Comment Nee nee, Goldammer.. Nur begreife ich nicht, warum sie Princess Leah nicht beseitigt haben, da Carrie Fisher schon gestorb Comment The political situation in Hungary has been depressing for many years.

Being German and Polish, we are considered "good" foreigners that would work even if we did not speak Hungarian The government kindles hatred towards homeless people, and those who are in fear of losing their own lower middle-class status are very receptive to that: they are eager to demonstrate that they are not "some of them. And he offers an attractive storyline to the Hungarians: if your hopes after the wall came down did not materialise, it has nothing to do with what you did or failed to do, it is all the fault of the foreign enemies surrounding us.

Very sad, especially since he started in politics as a very bright young man -. Never heard of her. The description on Wikipedia sounds very Heidi-ish; not attractive for a city boy like me. Comment Another time traveller here: I myself probably wouldn't use "annoncieren" with the aforementioned meaning, but it nevertheless sounds quite normal to me. Hungary: mbshu's reports bring back some interesting memories. I've been in Hungary only once and that was not too long before the Hungarians opened the border for GDR citizens.

PDF Klimaklassifikation des Kontinents Asien (German Edition)

They lived in Miscolc, we had exchanged addresses, but we had not really established contact afterwards. Those were the times when email wasn't standard, so I had sent a letter in order to announce my visit. I never got a reply, but I went anyway, thinking that I would get through even if I could not meet them.

Actually, I never met them. The address I had was correct, but it was a student hostel and all students had left the hostel for the semester break. So, I had to do without the help of the students I wanted to meet. That was no problem although I did not speak any Hungarian. English was not of much help, but German helped sometimes. Miscolc itself wasn't the prettiest town in the world if I recall it correctly, but there were some interesting caves not too far away. Other places I visited were the Balaton I wasn't impressed , Budapest very nice and interesting city , Eger I accidentally ran into a chess event where the famous Polgar sisters gave a simultaneos exhibition, I spontaneously joined the event and managed to get a draw against Zsuzsa Polgar, I was interviewed and even mentioned in a local newspaper the next day :- , Tokaj I was close to missing the tiny train station after a gypsy woman hat tried hard to make me marry her under-age daughter - not a joke, that was a quite embarrassing situation and Sopron Here I went for a long walk to Lake Neusiedl and was monitored from a helicopter, I first thought that the helicopter had nothing to do with me but after some time I clearly had the feeling that they monitored me.

About 15 minutes later I was stopped by a plain-cloth whatever who wanted to see my passport. When he saw my West German passprt everything was okay and the helicopter disappeared. Only later I understood that they were probably looking for East Germans trying to cross the border to Austria and a few more places.

I worked in the computer industry in Silicon Valley. Specifically for companies making semiconductor devices, for most of my career. I worked anywhere from a person startup to a global player with 20, employees. That is the only industry I can speak to from first-hand experience, and I only worked in technical positions what is called an IC -- individual contributor , not in management.

There are a bunch of "canonical cases" most articles cycle through ad nauseam. To my knowledge none have been proven in court, which we could chalk up to corporations being able to afford expensive lawyers. I assume the linked article I only read the first few paragraphs goes through these as well. If so, please note: Tesla - automotive industry, not part of the computer industry. Uber - transportation industry, not part of the computer industry, and not in Silicon Valley either.

Kleiner-Perkins, Ellen Pao's former employer - financial services industry, not part of the computer industry. Are there some discrimination issues in the computer industry? Yes, because humans work there. Are they worse, compared to other industries? I doubt it. So what happens or happened in the computer industry? Age discrimination, for one; not that you could prove it. At some point older engineers simply learn to leave early jobs off their resume, so as to not give any hints regarding age.

Discrimination against females? I once had a boss who I strongly suspected of refusing to hire female engineers, but I would never be able to prove that. Harassment of females? I recall one case of inappropriate touching, in the s; inappropriate remarks e. I know at least one case of a Southeast Asian contemplating to sue a company that was run by, and mostly staffed by, South Asians for that reason. I heard a couple of comments from Asian engineers who felt they lost out in career advancement vs Caucasian engineers because of race, but as far as I was familiar with the circumstances, those decisions seemed justified to me.

Most underrepresented group in the computer industry: Hispanics, from what I could observe. For the past dozen years or so, the companies I know have stepped up their game and are running a very tight ship when it comes to any kind of inappropriate behavior in the workplace. As I said before, an allegation of misconduct can cost you your job, and thus likely your career.

There aren't many people stupid enough to risk that. Comment What a story, harambee! Or rather several great stories! The border guard in those days was not only after East Germans but also after Hungarian males who wanted to escape the draft. I was an AIESEC trainee in Budapest in ; on the train, as we were approaching Szombathely near the Austrian border, a very fat police officer in mufti checked the documents of all men in the respective age bracket thus including myself at that time , and my colleagues told me this was standard practice.

Hi snails, warm literally greetings from the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. I stopped working 5 weeks ago and have moved into "Freistellungsphase der Altersteilzeit". I hope to be able to participate a little bit more in the future than in the recent past. Comment That's excellent news, congratulations! If my own experience is anything to go by, you will thoroughly enjoy the freedom of being the master of your own time from now on. Comment At least in Germany, retired people never have time for anything Comment That's because tasks magically expand to take up the available time Comment Jesse Es scheint bei uns nur wenige Zwischenzeit zu geben, wo das Wetter perfekt ist..

There should be no Umlaut, but like this it is even better! I will add it to my vocabulary Comment Ach so! Rechtslastig finde ich nicht bei LEO. Comment Oh what a beautiful [interruption] morning, oh what [interruption] a beautiful day.. Where is the usage of sending nicely made greeting card gone, that I used to array on the window sill in former days? The times they are a-changing.. That rings a bell! Comment Happy birthday, RenaRd! Comment HB!!! Comment Hier ist es immer noch der Die Torte schmeckt super.

Danke, RenaRd. Stachelbeertorte war auch die Lieblingstorte meines Vaters. Comment I love today's Advent Calendar doorlet! Comment RenaRd Nicht dass ich damit ausflippen will.. Comment I believe, somewhere on Wikipedia there's a list of codes to enter for certain graphics I'm now going to pick up my new glasses at the optician. After a period of time where I wore my Swabian parsimony got me there some years ago cheap glasses - I never was really satisfied with them!

I decided that like with the matress or the shoes you have, daily life-quality means more than saving money. Mir ist es peinlich zu gestehen, dass ich mich schwer tue, Das Christkind so ganz richtig zu verstehen:- Robert Walser ist mir nicht bekannt. There is also the strange verse morality of the final dramolette, The Christ Child , whose focus is not the titular messiah but rather his confused, exasperated, wonderfully human parents.

When they are overwhelmed by visitors and Joseph is taken in by their enthusiasm, Mary grounds him and quickly, at that :. They doubt, they listen—and they begin to believe in their own destiny. Ist sowas ein lang etablierter Brauch bei euch zu dieser Jahrzeit? Oder ist diese Art von geistigem Adventskalender eher etwas Eigenartiges, da wir hier alle einigermassen "Kopfmenschen" sind?? Ich glaube, so ein Gebrauch gerade zu Weihnachten ist sei?? Ok beim Nachlesen, vielleicht ist das Schreiben nicht gerade Kauderwelsch, aber schon etwas zum Durch Wie kommt's denn, dass du diese kennst? Gibst es mal her!

Comment eclectus : The notes I copies one day in another thread but pasted it here for the first time just to have a try. Goldammer: Well done. Comment Ehm I was referring to the Leo Advent Calendar Maybe I should mention that eclectus is among the recipients of a "poetry advent calendar" made by members of my family. RenaRd : the latter. I tested the new glasses immediately on my way home: it was dark and it rained, and there was quite heavy traffic - quite a challenge for riding your bike in the city.

I was very satisfied, they are excellent in those conditions. Comment While I don't wear the Rolls-Royce of glasses, I have like Goldammer learned the hard way that going cheap is not the thing to do when it comes to glasses. Because of a nickel allergy I developed over the years, I have to stick to titanium frames these days. And I also need progressive lenses: One pair for infinite distance down to two feet for driving , and one pair for a viewing distance of two feet down to one foot for computer work and reading.

I retain one cheap pair with lenses based on an old prescription that I use when I do work around the yard, where it does not matter when the world appears slightly blurry. I would hate to destroy an expensive pair of glasses when a tree branch snaps back or something of that sort. After having some less than stellar experiences in the past, I now see an O. Comment Nickel allergy? Sounds like a certain type of pastors.

Comment No, Robert , that wasn't it. I think there's a special linguistic term for a word which is transferred into more contexts than it originally comes from, in order to stand in a generalized way for a special attribute of the original word. Another example would be "the mother of all Comment Zu -: Warum denn nicht einfach aus Plastik, wie wir normale Menschen? Oder stehst du auf den 'wire-rimmed' Look? Besonders eine Lesebrille kann man oft sogar in der Apotheke kaufen, nicht wahr?

Nicht, dass ich das bisher getan habe, ich verwende immer noch stur die Gummiarmmethode Meine Mutter musste einmal ihre gestohlene Brille in Italien ersetzen und hat vom Hotel einen teueren Designerladen empfohlen bekommen. Wir, d. Aber ich bin es leider nicht. Nobody noticed the pun not the mistake. A young woman ran out of money, but she was good in working.

So she took the bus to the suburbs and as she left the bus she instantly spotted an old man sitting on the porch of his house. She approached and asked him for a job. He looked her over and finally answered that the porch needed a painting. Only half an hour later it knocks at the door. Comment I wasn't aware that normal people use glasses with plastic frames, which makes people who prefer metal frames abnormal freaks, I guess :- I don't wear contacts, only glasses, for 16 hours of every day. So at least I want them to look reasonably stylish according to my preferences.

To maximize comfort and eye protection, I choose photochromic polycarbonate lenses with antiglare coating. In the computer industry, your most important bodily assets are brain, eyes, and hands, so it makes sense to take good care of those. Luckily I was able to leave the industry before I completely ruined my right wrist, but I do tend to lose all feeling in my right hand when holding things for a prolonged period of time such as a car's steering wheel , causing the nerves to get pinched off.

I am not aware of a concept of over-correction, and my very experienced O. My myopia is pretty exactly where it was when I was 20 i. Apparently it is the last item that makes it hard for optometrists to determine the optimal correction; one even had new lenses ground at their expense because I complained that things still looked fuzzy.

It didn't help, the problem was with their prescription. Comment On my way to bed. Will comment tomorrow, hopefully. Comment Correct, an on-ramp is an Auffahrt and an off-ramp is an Ausfahrt. Just like all roads lead to Rome, in Germany they all lead to Ausfahrt or so first-time visitors to Germany are led to believe An Ausfahrt can also be a driveway, in particular one between two houses or one used to exit an industrial park, in which case you might see a sign with the stern reminder "Ausfahrt freihalten!

Similarly, for a driveway that gives access to a lot, garage, etc: "Einfahrt freihalten! Or in combination: "Ein- und Ausfahrt Tag und Nacht freihalten! Danke, Norbert und eclectus. Comment Do American highways actually sport acceleration and deceleration lanes? Based on usage, I would say: no. Not sure whether those terms occur in any vehicle codes.

I will check the California one. The sign "Ausfahrt" is placed at the point where the off-ramp splits from the highway at the end of the deceleration lane. We apologize for any inconveniences. Comment Oje Access road, frontage road, service road sind m. Aber sie haben z. Oder doch nicht, eher Auf- und Aus-, auch wenn das eigentlich eine Mischung ist? Aber waruuhuum Gna gna gna Ich habe mehrere Notizen gemacht, aber vielleicht warte ich noch etwas ab, bevor ich weitergehe. Things could be worse.

For example, my local credit union refers to "divided checking" accounts instead of "dividend checking" accounts not only on their website but on their account statements as well. I already pointed it out to them, but it didn't help. As you note, highway terminology is a bit of a mess. I think it is close to impossible to find good translations for the various parts of a highway system, simply because highways are constructed to different standards in Germany versus the US interstate highway system and its states state highways.

That extends to other countries as well. I do not recall deceleration lanes on Danish highways, for example. Comment Und dann gibt's auch noch die Kriechspur.. Sagen wir crawl lane in den Staaten, ich denke schon..?? LEO ergibt climbing lane.. Comment hm--us, as I see it a junction is not a Anschlussstelle. If I'm not much mistaken "junction" means a place where two highways cross or or one highway ends up in another one. That would be a Autobahnkreuz when crossing or a Autobahndreieck, most people just say "Kreuz" and "Dreieck".

As the Australians happen to have December 24th already I guess it's not to early to wish happy Christmas to all of you. Comment When I was working in Munich some 25 years ago, my colleagues would ask me if I knew Bavarian music groups like the Naabtal Duo. I used to respond, "No, only the Inntal Dreieck! Aber vielleicht war ich nur von den vielen Fahrbahnen verwirrt. Nicht jedermanns Geschmack, und der Text ist abschreckend mittelalterlich, aber trotzdem cool. Finde ich. Es gibt auch ein vermeintlich deutsches Weihnachtslied aus dem Das erinnert mich vage an etwas, aber meine Internetsuche findet nur Schubert und 'Am Brunnen vor dem Tore', hmpf.

Hindenlang gewesen sein. Entschuldigung, wohl wieder mal zu viele Details, aber wo es in letzter Zeit so ruhig hier ist Senioren wie uns geeignet ist. Comment Guten Morgen, Goldammer. Vielleicht bin ich da mit dem Neuen Eintrag zu weit aus dem Fenster gelehnt, aber ich wollte nicht im entscheidenden Moment versagen drop the ball. Comment I was referring to a knitting project where I have to secure loose ends of wool, so it was indeed wool.

By the way, I rarely use Garn to describe knitting yarn. I say Wolle as a kind of generalized term, even if it is not or only partially real wool. I don't have the time to contribute to the new entry at the moment, but I'll try to when I have the time! Auf- und Abfahrten: mir sind eigentlich immer junctions oder intersections untergekommen, teilweise sogar nach links abbiegend in USA. Wie ist es dort mit "Geisterfahrern" und wie werden sie genannt? Comment A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all! Ecki und ich wir haben uns schon gewundert, dass er nicht in Erfurt bei Miller Anderson war!

P Gert!!!!!!!! Wir haben uns immer darauf gefreut, Gert bei Konzerten zu treffen und zuletzt an Holger's Geburtstag. We miss you :- ". Ingrid kondoliert mit "R. Peace to you and your family. Wer dieses Highlight trotzdem verpasst haben sollte, dem bieten wir eine Kopie unseres dieses Mal Mitschnittes an Oktober Nur fast komplett deshalb, weil der Gig an dem damaligen Abend insgesamt 92 Minuten dauerte. Das war die damalige komplette Setlist:. He is working out the details. Eigentlich unbezahlbare Momente gemastert im B-Village-Studio!

Lasst uns also noch ein wenig Zeit. God willing. Lisa and I worked very hard this weekend up in Blanco. I pray that this vison of mine will be recieved and loved by the Texans! I feel very positive about everything. Lots of work and many hours are being put into this project but it is coming along nicely and my cheesecake recipe will be on the menu! I think Rich is pleased. He is letting me be creative with recipes and painting and decorating and he is handling all of the business side and having the final say on everything which is great!

Started recording again and writing. I will make another fucking great rock album! Konstanz zahlt sich halt aus! Alter Wein Ihr wisst schon! Maybe a historic performance! Hinweis: vor dem Aktivieren des Videos bitte unseren Musikplayer obenstehend abschalten! Auf ewige Freundschaft! Im Namen aller Deiner Fans und Freunde. All your fans and friends from Germany and whole Europe congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts. It is nice to know you, to admire and to love your music. To an eternal friendship!

We wish you health, joy, passion, fun and peace. We are often in thought by you and we thank you for this many wonderful moments which soooooo enrich our life! Enjoy your birthday with Lisa, Bailey and your friends! In the name of all your fans and friends. Hier das bisher offiziell Bekannte von DPA 9. Die Polizei sucht nach einem Komplizen. Zustand ist weiter kritisch: Giffords ist weiter in kritischem Zustand.

Der Fernsehsender CNN berichtete, sie sei operiert worden. Der gesamte US-Staat sei traurig. Zuvor hatte die Demokratin Mandate in Arizona inne. The identity of the 9-year-old tragically killed in this morning's deadly rampage is Christina Taylor Greene. Family says she was vibrant, excited about life, and she was the "best daughter in the world.

Greene attended Mesa Verde Elementary School. She was the only girl on the CDO baseball team - she loved the sport, as well as horseback riding and swimming. The Pima County Sheriff's Office has released the identities of the six people killed in this morning's tragic shooting. Church of Christ. The suspect is being interviewed at PCSO headquarters currently, and will be transported to jail later this evening, deputies say.

Macht endlich Schluss mit diesem Waffenwahnsinn!!! David Slutes via Facebook: "My sincere apologies to you folks who came out to our show tonight in Tempe. The days events were just too insurmountable. We will make it up to you The map that was criticized as an incitement to violence? Und die spielen an den beiden kommenden Wochenenden. Allerdings leider nicht in unseren Breiten. Thanks again to all my friends and fans in Germany.. As we all know, change is something we can either go with the flow or fight so let's go with the flow!

I am in the slow process of moving out to Texas to live in Blanco and open up a european style cafe. The name is being decieded at this moment so excuse me for the wait!

Right now I am here in Tucson watching my lovely daughter blossom into a young adult. Soon Bailey will be on her way to graduating from high school here in Tucson this May and is applying for some colleges back east and in Colorado. When she gets herself situated in her next big move, then I will be moving out to Texas to check things out. Baby steps! I plan on making a new album this year but again expect some changes in my music and the people I will play with.

It is inevitable and healthy. The future is truly in God's hands so I am praying allot and know that God laughs at plans. Have a great holiday season and know that I love you all in my special way! Danke nochmals zu all meinen Freunden und Fans in Deutschland Ich bin gesegnet! Da der Name ist in diesem Moment noch nicht entschieden ist, bitte ich um Entschuldigung wegen der Wartezeit!

Das Baby entwickelt sich! Es ist unvermeidlich und heilend. Kommt danach gut in das besagte Jahr hinein. Und jetzt gibt es sogar ein neues Album von ihm, mit dem wohl die wenigsten gerechnet haben, auch wenn er mal eine Platte namens "All That May Do My Rhyme" aufgenommen hatte. Es dauerte auch nicht lange und Jon machte einen ersten "Inspektionsrundgang" durch den Club.

Wohlwissend, dass neben mir auch noch Julia Vetter von der Band "Fan The Fire" unter den Besuchern weilen wird, entdeckte er uns auch gleich. Jon weihte mich auch gleich ein, dass Roky maximal Minuten spielen wird. Was er allerdings mit seiner Band in den vorausgesagten 75 Minuten bot, war schlichtweg berauschend - psychedelic eben! Er ist der eigentliche Bandleader! Dann ist Schluss, auch wenn es die Fangemeinde nicht so recht wahrhaben will. Roky gab sich lieber dem Schlaf der Gerechten hin! Julia und ich tingeln mit Jon noch 'ne ganze Weile durch den Club, bevor es an das erneute Abschiednehmen geht.

Ist schon ein toller Typ, dieser Jon Sanchez! Februar ab 1. Man kann also Jon Sanchez nach dem 7. Bereits jetzt schon kann man auf der Seite des Rockpalast Roky im Interview erleben. Mehr Fotos von mir gib es hier! We'll see! Zum einen gibt es die 45 Minuten, die 3Sat am 7. Dezember sendete. Klar erkennbar, dass da noch die ersten 8 Songs des Sets fehlen s.

News vom Februar 0. Wer also Interesse an einer Kopie hat, der schreibe uns kurz eine Mail bitte Postanschrift nicht vergessen. House of Mercy radio December 4th Tourmanagment : Go Ahead Tours Hanstorf. Bruce Halper via Facebook: " Thanks for coming to the Casa Maria benefit last night and supporting people in need and bringing food and love! Thanks to the musicians who participated, too! God Sham God.. Well, how was the tour to Germany and beyond?

The 17 hour trip home from Frankfurt to Houston to Tuscon was painfull but hey, i am home and it's sunny outside! Also playing a bit lower volume by turing my amp around and now blowing everyone away.. I did apologise.. I think so but we have no shows right now. I think pretty good.. I like playing the smaller towns.. Berlin is the exception.. Plus we are playing dec. The Hut cuz of Finnie one of 3 owners who is the coolest guy around.. I like playing free shows at Gudalupe's Casa Maria.. Will you make another Luminarios album?

And what do the people expect from you musically and are you delivering this? First off, me and Pres. Edgar Heckann from Blue Rose get along really well.. He and I have a good relationship. No contracts.. We are family really. I think Edgar wants me to record a heavier record next time and I am going to deliver just that. In the last 3 years since i have been dating Lisa Novak and writing and singing with her, I have been allot more conscious about singing and learning to write different kind of songs and i think we have done that Lisa is a great singer who does the majority of harmonizing with me now.

I am very proud of our singing together plus Ken's harmonies really make the band sound different and special.. Singing this well was never a priority before in the Luminarios especially during the Mike Davis era when were very loud. As far as what the fans want.. I know a few people miss the old days of being really loud but that is life.

I am almost 53 and my musical priorities have changed but I will return with another blistering rock album.. I love him.. In the 15 years of touring Germany, have you become more succesful? No, not really. Like all business' there have been ups and downs and I think I have held steady with the German fans.

I feel like I have weathered some tough times. What makes your relationship between the German fans and you so special? They accept me for who I am and they like my songs and guitar playing. In my music, i share my soul with them and they seem to enjoy my spirit. I am deeply honored to my fans. I made it home safely tonight.

Rich and I talked about how sweet the birthday party and being at your home was on Sunday. Thank you for everything you do!

Country Ranking

Jon is still somewhere in Europe! It is hard to believe we were all together for breakfast and now 12 hours later back in Houston We will miss you and Marion and everyone's love! George schreibt via Facebook kurz und knapp: " I feel the same way about you and Marion as you guys feel for us Lisa too! We love you and honored to be a part of your lives too. Your birthday s were amazing and I hope to remember it forever. Tell frau marion to start making some more potato salad! We love you and will miss you dearly. I recieved some invites and I think for May might be the time before European world cup.

After 15 hours of travel. It was a great moment. I had fun hanging out with you and your family too. Stay in touch! Thanks for a great time and the potato salad! We miss you guys already! I was glad to get to share your special birthday with you! It was a great tour Thanks to everyone who sent me photos from the shows! Jon und seine Freundin Claire sind inzwischen nach Holland weitergereist und werden gemeinsam mit ihrer Band namens "Paraguay" welch interessante Namensparallele 5 Konzerte bei unseren Nachbarn bestreiten.

Rich Hopkins im "N. Blues" aus dem Album 'Ka-Ju-Tah'. Mag sein, dass der eine oder andere es als cool empfindet, seinem Hero so nah zu sein. Und insbesondere Ken merkt man das auch da oder dort an. Jon seine Freundin Claire weilt ab heute an seiner Seite; warum? Geburtstag begeht. Ja, lieber Dirck! Nobody is perfect! Auch Du nicht! Eigentlich 'ne Zumutung! Die zweite Zugabe war gesichert!

Wenn man allerdings nicht seperieren kann, wo man denn was gelesen hat, dann wird's schwierig! Eine Schande!!! Playtime: Min. Ok, damit mussten und konnten letztlich alle gut leben. Dem war letztlich auch so s. Und das ist auf geniale Art und Weise voll gelungen! Alle sind auf wunderbare Weise ausgezeichnet drauf, ausgeglichen und vor Spielfreude strotzend. Da jedoch hatte er schlechte Karten und die Rechnung ohne das -trotz mangelnder Masse- fantastische Publikum gemacht.

Dieser letzte Song ist so genial und auf Initiative von Thomas L. Und schlug selbst den Song vor. Den die Band dann im Tourbus!!! Auch Lisa selbst!!! Sie schlug z. Blues" vor. Many many other Tourimpressions here! Denn es kommt nicht so oft vor, dass uns eine lokale Zeitung ohne Aufforderung direkt Fotos von einem Gig schickt.

Tausend Dank an Christoph! Rich Hopkins brachte den "Briloner Rockpalast" zum Beben. Eine wahre Sensation erlebten am Mittwoch, Jegliche andere Nutzung ist kostenpflichtig. Was letzteres betrifft, so kann man da schon Zweifel hegen. Ja, der Reihe nach. Auch Thomas wirkte locker und entspannt.

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Laut Chef Gisbert Kemmerling, der gestand, voll auf diese Mucke zu stehen, waren sogar 90 Besucher in der kleinen Kneipe. Und auch sonst war immer Grinsen, Experimentieren bei diversen breaks usw. Was soll man da noch sagen? Die Band on Tour! Das ist ja ein sehr interessantes Kennzeichen L-HS Wer kann helfen??? Und dem ist letztlich auch so! Toll instrumentiert vor allem der straighte Basston, der den Song praktisch wie ein roter Faden durchzieht, wird von Ken genial umgesetzt , brilliant gespielt. Klitzekleine bandinterne Tensions sind on Stage sowieso weggeblasen.

Alle Achtung! So dass selbiges mehrfach nachjustiert werden musste. One of my favorite cities. Cool guy. Thank you Ina and Julia. I just had some Vietnamese food and medicine from Marion and am feeling better. Too bad the pic didn't come out, Holger. Lots of tattoos! Thanks for trying. Thanks for bringing all the medication. I appreciate it very much and it's helping. You are a great friend! Hier die Playlist der Sendung:. To short - but great. Gisela: 6 von 6 Points. Wenzel: 4,5 von 6 Points. Damit war es knapp und keine weitere Zugabe mehr zu erwirken. Aber ein sehr guter Auftritt, von mir und Christine mit 5 einhalb bewertet.

Ein unbekanntes girlie nicht 5 oder 6 wie in der Bluesgarage tanzte sogar ganz selbstvergessen bei den Zugaben. Er improvisierte an der red guitar meisterhaft mit ganz neuen Varianten. Sehr lobenswert!! Die gut 70 Besucher in unserem kleinen Neuenkirchen waren begeistert. Support macht Folksinger Hucky Peters aus Bremen! Infos u. Tickets: Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns!!! Playtime: 95 Min. Dabei fing gestern doch alles bestens an.

Birthday zu gratulieren. Trotzdem war innerhalb des Bandtrosses nicht alles so "clean" wie zu Beginn der Tour. Beide ziemlich heftig! Und die schien wirklich nicht ohne zu sein. Nein, nein! Ob Ihr es glaubt oder nicht: Es zeitigte Wirkung! Die war bisher auf dieser Tour ohne Ausnahme immer von Lisa gezupft worden. Die Band wirkte nach dem Break wirklich wie ausgewechselt. Oh ja, es "rollte" wieder! I got to kick it w Herman Rarebell's replacement in Hanover last night The drummer from The Scorpions. They're apparently based in Hannover and are embarking on a 3. Besoders der 2. Set ging richtig in die Beine Freue mich schon auf die Tour !!!

Ihr macht einen wirklich sooooooo tollen Job! Ihr wart Spitze! Walter: Set Set Werner: Set Jon feiert heute seinen Enjoy it, dear Jon, by your fans and friends in Germany and maybe a little bit on the road! If you had told me I'd be turning 44 in Hamburg, I wouldn't have believed it.

Much love to all my old and new friends! Lots of love to you all, and forgive the spelling! Let me tell you, that was a birthday to remember. Again, my deepest thanks! Beginn des Gigs , wieder 2 Sets mit kurzer Pause. Ende ist kurz vor 23 Uhr, rauf auf die Bahn, durch den Regen wieder nach Berlin, see you again on Sunday.

Playtime: - Min. Rich hat ein gradiosen gig gespielt! P, liebe Katja! Beide Songs mit der semi-akustischen Gitarre beginnend, entwickeln diese durch den Wechsel an die "Elektrische" eine solche Eigendynamik, dass das Haus erzittert - ja erbebt. Da bedarf es keines "Like A Hurricane"! Und was Jon Sanchez nunmehr an seiner Elektrischen abliefert, potenziert das Ganze noch um ein Erhebliches. Nur hier in Germany! Die Band zeigte an diesem Abend soviel musikalischen Teamgeist wie selten zuvor! Die Chemie stimmt!

Sounds and looks great. I like this city. Sweet sweet rider action mit Indian dinner to boot. I sure hope the election surprises us w a hard left turn. Fingers crossed. That was an very special and emotional gig. Thanks for this very great performance! George Duron: I'm glad you enjoyed it, Holger. In my opinion, the best show by far of the whole tour.

Very interesting persons! So recht war wohl den Siegenern oder zumindest zweien davon nach dem Gig dann doch nicht zum Feiern zumute! Wobei die Band auch in "Mitleidenschaft" gezogen wurde. Die Band besonders Lisa wasn't amused!!! Lisa darf man mit Fug und Recht als den ausgleichenden Pol zwischen diesen 4 Rock'n Rollern bezeichnen.

Danke, dass Ihr alle da wart! You're sooooo very fantastic! Every new motivation on every night! You make Germany feel like home when you are at a show! Das gebe ich gern an Euch alle weiter. Many thanks! Jesus, sind die aktuell!!! Aus derStandard. Ebensee - Gleich und gleich gesellt sich gern. Benannt ist das Album nach dem Studio, in dem die beiden die Platte einspielten, produzierten und sich alle Aufgaben brav halbe-halbe teilten.

Weniger bekannt und aus Texas stammt Lisa Novak. Ein Hoch der Liebe. Was die Besucher-"Meute" anbetrifft, so legt Frankfurt mal wieder ja leider wieder einen Negativrekord hin. Was ist da nur los? Wir hoffen allerdings nicht, dass die Falschmeldung aus dem letzten Blue Rose-Katalog dazu beigetragen hat. Eigentlich wirklich schade, denn das ist eine tolle Lokation! Thomas P. Rich hat einen grandiosen Gig hingelegt und einen very special Guest on Stage!

Aber wie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eigentlich schade! George Duron on Facebook: "Wynn joined us for our encore. Neil Young song. Video forthcoming. I'm a big Dream Syndicate fan. It was pretty cool. One of my all-time favorite albums is 'Days of Wine and Roses'. Thomas nicht Thomas P. Und so rockte Rich mit seinen tollen Lumiarios u. Atemberaubend gut. Ich bin immer noch von dem begeistert, was Rich, Lisa und die Jungs gestern im Sinkkasten geleistet haben.

Eine Schande ist, dass sich bei Diese Musiker haben soviel mehr verdient. Es waren ca. Rich hat es sehr gefallen und der Sound war great. Damit war der Gig nach Minuten beendet Ein paar Bilder hab ich auch noch Trotzallem ist der Franziskaner jede Reise wert. Tolle Leute Manch einer erinnerte sich daran, dass Rich vor 12 Jahren schon mal in Bad Saulgau auftrat Das war ja so erstaunlich Das nennt man wahre Fanclubtreue! Oder einfach als lockere Session befreundeter Musiker; immer handelt es sich dabei um ein klares Rich Hopkins-Ding, im Gegensatz zu seinen anderen Projekten wie Sidewinders, Sand Rubies, Underbelly, Woodcocks undundund.

Calexico bis Neil Young, mit dem wir ihn nicht vergleichen wollen, alles da. Alles und viel mehr: Rich Hopkins-Style eben, inklusive seine besten Soli ever. Ihr werdets nicht bereuen. Aus einem Guss. Turn it around! Und auch der 5. Gig auf dieser Tour kann mit gutem Recht zu den Gelungenen gerechnet werden.

Der Sound stimmte, die Band war mehr als gut drauf und so spielfreudig, dass es nur so krachte! Einen kleinen Wermutstropfen gab es dennoch. Denn bereits nach 60 Minuten beendete er den Hauptteil des Konzertes. Es hatte den Anschein, dass man ein zweigeteiltes Set spielen wolle. Da aber hatte er die Rechnung ohne seine Fans gemacht. Rich's fans are the best! This is the first hotel with a computer so wanted to say hi and thanks to everyone who is following us on this time!

Danke Euch treuen Seelen We're a so fantastic family! Many many Tourimpressions here! Hier nochmal der Artikel zum besseren Nachlesen aus dem Net:. Foto: Andreas Sommer. Leider kein Paraguay und kein Steve Wynn, aber trotzdem sehr gut. Wie Thomas schreibt Rich ist immer ein Ticket wert. Ganz lieben Dank an Markus Member !!! Klar anfangs verhaltener Die Setlist, die sich so langsam in Minuten-Dimensionen bewegt:. Danke auch an Soundguy Jan Support: Fan The Fire 30 min.

Und so wurden eben aus 70 Minuten ein klein wenig mehr als 90 Minuten. Denn fest steht: mehr Sendeminuten als 70 wird es im TV nicht geben! Und hier kommen schon mal -sozusagen mehr als uptodate- die ersten beiden Sendetermine:. Dezember - 2. WDR: 6. Februar - 0. George Duron schrieb on Facebook: "I guess the highlight so far is playing on Rockpalast, the German tv music show that's been around since ' Bowie n T Rex I believe were some of the first performers?

I need to do double check when they did it, but pretty much most of the big names of the last 35 years. I think it airs on Dec 6. I assume there's streamy interwebby action for it. Rocking here. You can see a song from the Rock Palast t. Miss you. Have some cards for you from friends. See you in a couple of weeks. Go Sand Rubies!!!! Ihr wart umwerfend, Guys!!! Ein riesen Kompliment!!! Und das Publikum war keinen Deut schlechter: tolle, euphorische Stimmung nicht nur von Reihe 1 ausgehend!!! Irgendjemand hatte sie vertauscht und war damit "durchgebrannt". Weitere Tourimpressionen gibt es hier!

Blues geht ja in der Bonner Harmonie immer. Das neue Material machte sich in diesem Umfeld aber gar nicht so schlecht. Gerade letzteres war bei diesem Konzert der Fall, so dass immer wieder gespielte Rich Gassen-Hauer wie z. Insgesamt sahen wir an diesem Tag einen gut gelaunten Rich, der mit einer Portion Selbstironie sein musikalisches Schicksal akzeptiert hatte. Der Mann ist immer noch mit sich im Reinen. So muss das sein! Playtime: 92 Min. First Band:. Was wiederum beweist, dass es auch an einem solchen Tag was geht und dass alles andere nur faule Ausreden sind!

Allerdings ohne Insassen! Ja, wie denn - was denn? Als erstes kam allerdings das Luminarios-Neumitglied zumindest was Europa betrifft ganz aufgeregt auf mich zu. So, nun aber angepackt. Um Wobei die Liste der angespielten Songs schon fast der Anzahl eines abendlichen Sets gleicht. Und unter Beachtung dieses Aspektes geschieht ab Darauf folgen 4 Songs aus dem neuesten Machwerk, die nur "unterbrochen" werden von einem Song von "Loveland". Weitere Tourimpressionen hier! The system works! Und am Try not to get any more fat and stupid while I'm gone. Opening Gig:.

Und dann noch 4 Wochen umgeben von 4 Rock'n Rollern. Sie braucht unser aller Beistand. Hier ein paar Fotos davon:. Wenn wir uns richtig erinnern, wurde es bereits zum ersten Mal verwendet und es gab sogar auch ein Mousepad davon. Blue Rose Records schien die Verwendung des aktuellen Album-Covers wohl zu "anonym" und so setzt man auf das bekanntere und anziehendere Poster. Eine gute Wahl! Ob Lisa auch zugegen war, wissen wir noch nicht. Deshalb tut jeder Tag einer solchen Tournee weh, der nicht mit einem Gig untersetzt ist.

Irgendwie ist das alles etwas unlogisch und kaum nachvollziehbar, oder? Passender geht es eigentlich nicht. Am Ende sind wir noch neun. Drei haben es nicht geschafft. Weg von den Flutlichtern der US-Grenzpatrouillen. Niemand erwidert etwas. Auf einem errichteten die ersten Konquistadoren eine Kirche, die zum Mittelpunkt El Albertos wurde. Um 20 Uhr sind wir mit Poncho an der Kirchenmauer verabredet. Er kommt mit zwei weiteren Schleppern.

Alle drei sind dunkel gekleidet und maskiert. Sie tragen Sombreros. Keiner nennt seinen vollen Namen. Warum die Masken? Nach einer Dreiviertelstunde redet Poncho immer noch, ohne Punkt und Komma. Dann wird die mexikanische Flagge ausgebreitet. Drei mal, aus ganzer Kehle. Als man sich schon fragt, was das Ganze soll, heulen Sirenen los und ein Wagen kommt mit Blaulicht angerast. Anfang der achtziger Jahre begann das langsame Sterben El Albertos.

El Alberto wurde ein typischer Auswandererort. In jeder Familie gab es mindestens einen, der in den USA arbeitete. Dort verdient man heute im Durchschnitt acht Mal mehr als in Mexiko, wo die einst so stolzen Bauern immer mehr verarmen. Es gibt heute keine Gemeinde mehr in Mexiko, die nicht von Abwanderung betroffen ist.

Von dort fuhr er nach Nuevo Laredo an der Grenze. Sie waren nun gezwungen, sich Schleppern, den sogenannten Coyoten, auszuliefern. Deren Krieg gegen den Staat und untereinander hat in den vergangenen vier Jahren 18 Menschen das Leben gekostet. Die Banden wissen mittlerweile auch, dass manche Frauen ihr Geld in der Vagina verstecken. Als wir in El Alberto einen der Dorfvorsteher nach seiner Familie fragen, beginnt er zu weinen und bringt kein Wort mehr heraus.

Die Geldtransfers wurden zur wichtigsten Einnahmequelle des Dorfes. Zeitweilig lebten 70 Prozent seiner Bewohner im Norden. Es verhinderte jedoch nicht, dass El Alberto langsam ausstarb. Nur Kinder und Greise waren noch da. Wir finden uns in den Ruinen eines Stalls wieder. Poncho sondiert die Lage. Niemand zu sehen. Man verinnerlicht, dass man nicht gewollt ist, dass man unsichtbar bleiben muss. Auf einmal explodiert vor uns eine Blendgranate.

Auf der anderen Seite geht es einen Ziegenpfad hinauf in die Berge. Aber Poncho winkt ab: Die Nachtwanderung sei harmlos. Rund 80 Dorfbewohner sind an der Nachtwanderung beteiligt. Dass sich jede Nacht so viele Helfer finden, hat mit einer alten indigenen Tradition zu tun, die in El Alberto wiederbelebt wurde: das obligatorische Ehrenamt. Weigert er sich, verliert er seinen Grundbesitz. Dann treibt er uns weiter. Dann stoppen zwei Pick-ups.

Ihr seid ausgeliefert. El Otro Lado - the real life. Konzerttechnisch zugange waren an diesem Abend gleich 3 Bands. Ab sofort bei BRR bestellbar - Auslieferung dann ab etwa December, 30 Rezension 1. Newest Update:. Was haltet Ihr von unserem gemeinsamen Traum? Newest Tour-Update. Male statt. Das Poster wurde von Reid Wilson entworfen. A very good friend. Zeitraster im Song Zustandsbeschreibung. October, 22 Very interesting Compilation.

Ab heute offiziell bei Blue Rose Records orderbar:. September, 23 Betcha Gotcha Now! Revolution Part 2 instrumental. Erholung pur! July, 15 Farewell Show Videos. Nunmehr bald offiziell. Bis bald mal wieder. Ferment 2. Love Is A Muse 3. Cardboard Box 4. Guajira 5. World On Fire 6. El Otro Lado 7. Rainy Day Woman 8. San Felipe Blues 9. Mumbly Peg!!! I Can Wait 2. Drop The Anchor 3. Paper Thin Line 4. Cigarette 5. Never 6. Misery 7. Satellite Radio 8. Doesn't Anyone Believe 9. We Don't Do That Anymore Goodbye Bad, Crazy Sun Blood On Your Hand Witchdoctor E1 Sarah's Not Sober E2 What She Said.

May, 13 Unreleased Video-Material. RICH's Experience. Die kennt man doch! Die Woche der Superlative. Lucky RICH. New Pics via Facebook:. David Slutes.