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If you overhear your child using bad language they may have picked up at school, words such as privilege , intersectionality , cisgender , heteronormativity , or ableism , wash their mouth out with soap fast!

For boys, use lye soap or original Lifebuoy, not any girly perfumey soaps. Thumbscrews can be useful for especially stubborn cases. Probably the most important single step you can take to fight political correctness is to homeschool your kids, so they are not exposed to the PC social engineering and brainwashing rampant in today's public and private schools alike. Since one particularly insidious PC social engineering tactic was to take phonics instruction out of schools and replace it with the " whole language " approach which is rooted in moral relativism , use phonics material exclusively.

You can find some good ones sold via mail order ads on your favorite AM talk radio station. Smoking is recommended for both genders so start your children on cigarettes early. Nicotine addiction by 8 or it's too late! Girls should smoke something ladylike like Virginia Slims.

Camel or Pall Mall no-filters for the boys. Pipes and cigars are good for boys too, but do not let girls smoke those or they'll turn into lesbians. Because we at rationalwiki pride ourselves on being echo-chamber-free skeptics who consider all points of view before committing to a stance, we will now let one of the master skeptics himself speak, George Carlin keep in mind that these speeches were given in the 80's. The nature of language is such that the meat-noises we like to call "words" are entirely subjective in nature and only ever have the meanings, definitions, and connotations that we as a culture and as individuals decide to ascribe to them.

As such, monitoring language is a poor way to combat bigotry. If a racist engages in hate speech in the form of a long rant and happens to use a word that African-Americans use quite affectionately amongst themselves , it's the speaker that's the problem, not the words she or he uses. Telling them not to use the n-word won't make them stop being a racist or even stop engaging in hate speech, the most effect it might have is enable them to disguise it better. Trying to combat bigotry by eliminating words commonly used by bigots would be like trying to combat the unabomber by shutting down the particular postal service he used: he'd just use a different one, and then you'd have to shut down that one, and then the next one he used, and so on and so forth until nobody was even able to send messages from one person to another anymore.

How valid is your reason for not liking it? Are you an achondroplasic who simply wants people to stop using the word "midget" in reference to a condition it does not dictionarily refer to, or are you disabled in some way and living in denial that there's anything wrong? Because when you take offense at something where none was given such as a creationist who takes offense at their high school teacher portraying evolution as a proven fact , that often means that you are a sensitive prude who needs to just grow thicker skin.

You will not truly grok the extent to which political correctness has ravaged society until you watch some of these old commercials from the s. You must see these commercials! The internet has also allowed us access to these glorious cartoons that were banned by the PC police! Jump to: navigation , search. For those of you in the mood, RationalWiki has a fun article about political correctness. I fucking hate those paki bastards!!

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Then again, racists may even call that politically correct. Retrieved on 3 July — via YouTube. Retrieved on 3 July Categories : Bronze-level articles Language Articles with funspace counterparts Censorship Political correctness Political terms Snarl words Social justice. Hidden category: Articles with unsourced statements. I'm just saying that constantly crapping on yourself doesn't fix anything. It's a perverse form of narcism. The more you hate on your own whiteness, the better person you are. Because this idea of being white automatically equals lame is getting out of hand. You know who I'm talking about, the kind of person who goes who goes away to some exclusive vacation spot and comes back and says, 'It was nice, but so many white people.

I know you're trying to demonstrate to minorities that you're a sympathetic ally by dumping on your own whiteness, but most minority folks could give a shit. It's so white Did you hear that Bernie Sanders said the word 'ghetto' last month and had to spend a whole week explaining that he didn't mean it in a good way.

Or a bad way. Or whatever way we're not allowed to mean it. The iPhone has Siri in it. They should have a one for white people called 'Sorry. The go to punch line is always the tight-ass, limp dick, Dockers-wearing, tiny penis, bland-food eating white guy. My belief system is frequently examined and changing as I learn new things and integrates some, and discards others. This is called dialectical thinking, and it is an integral part of being a mature functioning adult.

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You are free not only to disagree, but to mock and ridicule my beliefs, and I will certainly disagree with you, and mock and ridicule your more extreme points of view. This is called freedom of speech. This means:. I do urge you to reconsider and question your assumptions and beliefs, and to entertain the possibility that you could be wrong. Ask yourself if you are behaving like a sheep or a lemming, if you have drank the Kool-Aid , and if the opinions you hold are truly your own, or if you have just abdicated your free will and allowed your head to be filled with whatever is popular and trendy?

Which thoughts are yours vs. I was an undergraduate sitting in a psychology course, and the discussion somehow turned to political correctness. I expressed the opinion that it was the worst idea ever conceived. A young lady in the class threw an air punch at me and said POW. You want to do violence to me because I disagree with you. The contradictory hypocrisy was immediately evident among the PC crowd. Human services and academia have been so infiltrated by the cancer of political correctness.

I never realize how much it affected BHC until my first time working in the field, as a monitor at a halfway house for the severely and chronically mentally ill. The place oozed of PC. We were told never say that drives me crazy when frustrated, say that drives me to distraction. How idiotic. Stop trying to control thinking and behavior by controlling language. Stop trying to micromanage words. The patients in the house referred to themselves as crazy.

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Well they are consumers soft psychiatric services one brainwashed social worker replied when I brought this up. Why justify and buy into this insanity? This is a social fascism which wants to regulate free speech under the guide of showing respect and not giving offense. Political correctness is all consuming, like a virus or a cancer. It is a hungry monster that can never be filled up.

The more you feed it the stronger it gets, it can never be satisfied. Where did this come from? PC is rooted in Marxism. To be politically correct in the Soviet Union was to follow the party line, or predominant doctrines of the government.

I Refuse To Be Politically Correct

It was about obedience, groupthink, marching in lockstep, and not questioning what you are told. This is intended to prevent dissension, and maximize efficiency, and keep the ruling political party firmly entrenched in power. This type of thinking has infiltrated Western nations, first as a social trend, though of late, aspects of it are being codified into law. Early in my career, I worked with the severely and chronically mentally ill. We supervised about 8 to 12 people there with severe mentally illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

They were frequently suicidal; some could not maintain even minimal personal hygiene. They were largely disabled and 24 hour. They are a vulnerable population very prone to criminal victimization. A patient was being targeted and groomed by a convicted rapist. We were having a meeting to discuss the best way to deal with this situation.

He was a sexual predator who saw her as an easy target. I referred to him as a scumbag. A supervisor barked at me, and told me that my words were offensive. I was told that I needed to learn to value all. I was written up about it, it was mentioned again in a review a few months later. Value all? I will not value a convicted rapist, a violent sexual predator that victimizes the weakest members of our society, and contributes nothing to society but only takes. The supervisor who was so outraged by my words was a woman. I thought I was protecting this woman and sticking up for her. He was a predator and scavenger.

That makes you a scumbag. I thought it was my job to keep her safe. But this supervisor was more worried about my use of the word scumbag rather than protecting someone weak. Besides, she had the right to choose who she had a relationship with, and people change, even rapists, and he deserved another chance. Rapists need love too. This is a departure from reality. This supervisor needed the full contents of the med cabinet to bring her back to reality. Libs defend criminals and indulge criminals. They excuse the most heinous behaviors, forget their victims, and make criminals into these poor victims of the criminal justice system, and are so outraged if they are held accountable for their actions.

This is referred to as permission to proceed. When law enforcement and or society do not stop an offender early in their criminal career, they tend to continue and escalate their criminal behavior. Many of the offenders I have spoken to who are older, a little wiser, and getting out of the criminal life have said I wish someone had stopped me when I was I would have a very different life right now.

I would have a good job and be a good father. They are filled with regret. You cannot give offenders permission to proceed, both for their own good and for the protection of their victims. We have a severely fucked up legal system. Right is wrong, wrong is right. Too many Americans have lost their way, and their moral compass is spinning. American men are being turned into pussies. Effeminized men are discouraged from acting like men. It is bad to refer to yourself as a man if you are an adult male. You are supposed to refer to yourself as a person. You are no longer supposed to say sex or gender.

If you are not a transsexual you are referred to as cis-gendered. Men are villianified. There is something wrong with traditional male values, and heterosexuality. I have heard terms like heteronormative- that to promote heterosexuality, love between a man and woman, and procreation of the species is inherently wrong and narrow minded. To call someone homophobic because they find homosexual behavior revolting is to label them as hateful or fearful of homosexuals. This term prevents dissension and argument by making a broad sweeping generalization and assumption.

I prefer to drive a Toyota. I would not consider owning another type of vehicle. That is my preference. That does not mean I hate or fear other cars. Basically these are men who do not embrace stereotypical male characteristics of competition, dominance and strength, or projecting authority confidence and courage. They are weak mentally and physically, whiny, sniveling, and entitled. They have no motivation, initiative or ambition; they wear pink and other pastel colors, and skinny jeans. The ideal traditional male values include finding humor in that which is crude and graphic, acting decisive, forceful, assertive, confrontational, competitive, insistent, and strong, but protective of the weak, and compassionate toward all.

When people decry "political correctness," what are they really railing against?

When the left talks about toxic masculinity, they are referring to the very worst male behaviors. There is another word for this. These bad behaviors are found in both genders and all races. Some people hurt others, in whatever way they can, with a casual indifference, or sadistic pleasure. Most people grow up, grow out of these behaviors, learn to treat people better, and feel a good amount of shame and remorse when they recall their past behaviors. What about toxic femininity? There is such a thing. In my town I saw an ad for a discussion on toxic whiteness.

Imagine the outrage if there had been a discussion on toxic blackness. Bad behavior is human and transcends race and gender. Male privilege is another catchphrase. I am all for it. Where do I go to get mine? How do I sign up for this? I am not trying to be the victim or feel sorry for myself but I do not feel too privileged.

Life is hard; life is a struggle at times. It is not easy making an honest living. I am in debt with student loans, and I have to work very hard every day to maintain my life; there are so many obstacles and barriers to success. I am much more predisposed to heart disease than women, and have a shorter lifespan, and there is fucking hair growing everywhere on me except my head. So if there is a place where I can get my Male Privilege, some government office where I need to fill out some forms, please tell me. Male privilege is a real thing, but not the way the hand wringing whiners on the left say.

It is a privilege to be a man, and I am proud to be a man. There is also Female privilege. If you are a man or a woman, embrace it and all of the advantages it entails. Delight in who you are. If you feel confused about who you are there is psychotherapy find a good psychotherapist who listens, not a social justice warrior with an agenda to push and medication that can be used before things are taken to an extreme. The epidemic proportions of transgenderism is a psychosocial trend which many youth, trying to find their identity, are embracing.

It is sick. Gender re-assignment surgery aka mutilation is also irreversible. Choose carefully. Those who have gender dysphoric disorder suffer terribly. The answer is not to dress in the clothing of the opposite sex. The answer is not to have yourself surgically mutilated.

VICE Canada has a Newsletter.

The answer is psychotherapy, medication, and working on acceptance of oneself. Here is a little thing which drives me crazy. Creamy aftershaves. Oh no, it stings and burns my sensitive face.