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While the exact size of the investment has not been made public, Murray said the funds will enable the publisher to bolster its newsroom staff and invest in new technology and markets. The funds will also allow Fortune to bolster business divisions such as the Fortune Knowledge Group, a creative services division that had been folded into Time Inc. Fortune also plans to expand its lucrative events business, which it has begun to treat more like a memberships business, with customers paying big fees for a mixture of editorial content, marketing services, access to events and networking services.

Though he declined to offer many specifics, Murray said that Fortune aims to launch multiple paid offerings, at both consumer and professional price points, within the next year. Fortune has experimented with paywalls in the past, but it was unable to investigate them seriously over the past several years.

Some of these plans, such as moves into new markets in Asia, are more recent ideas. All of them are meant to further modernize an year-old brand that still draws substantial revenue from its print product. Sign up for The Ledger , a weekly newsletter on the intersection of technology and finance. All Rights Reserved. Fortune may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes. Market data provided by Interactive Data. All rights reserved.

Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions. EU Data Subject Requests. And poor people. And I like the video. Hello, Warrior! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about fortune cookies! We appreciate your comment! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Thanks for letting us know you liked the fortune cookie video, Elle and Michelle!

We're happy to hear that! Hello, Wonder Friend Class! Some people believe that fortune cookies can predict the future, and some people believe that they can't. We're sorry your fortune didn't come true! Thanks so much for visiting Wonderopolis today! I wish fortune cookies could tell the future, then I could get one that says "You will get a billion dollars taxes payed. Thank you for leaving us this super comment today! Dear Wonderopolis, Cool wonder!


No fortune cookies can't predict the future. They are printed with random statements on them. I think tomorrow's wonder is about bugs. Thanks for sharing what you think about fortune cookies predicting the future, Paige! We can always count on you to share awesome comments with us I don't think fortune cookies are going to tell about the future because I had one and it didn't come true.

I have a question how many bones does a person have in their body? Hi, Taylor! It has some COOL activity links in it about bones! Everyone knows it's just a coincidence if you get a fortune and it happens! I actually like the cookies! My classmate thinks that when they started making them there was no fortune and they tasted bad so then they put a fortune inside of it so people would buy the cookie!

Cool, right?! Your classmate's thinking about the history of fortune cookies is cool, Mak! I really liked this wonder. It reminded me of the wonder Which foods bring good luck?. It was the first wonder I checked out on my iPod touch. I really find your website fun! I was wondering if you could do a wonder on time differences. That really confused me today at school. I was just sitting there talking about that topic and I really and truly did not know what it was!! Hello, Food Allergy Girl! Guess what? There ARE a few past Wonders about time differences!

Thank you for sharing your comments with everyone in Wonderopolis! We really appreciate hearing your views about fortune cookies! I was part of Mrs. Barthelmes' class, and I thought it was very helpful when you made a link to the other website. I really enjoyed the wonder of the day. Thank you very much! Hello, Abrianna! Thanks so much for letting us know you are in Mrs. Thank you for suggesting it!

You're right, Eric! We can't wait to visit Wonderopolis again in the morning to find out! Hi wonderopolis, I loved this video!

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Hey Wonderopolis! Thanks VERY much about the videos of wolves. I really enjoyed them! I love this website so much! I think I might explode!!!! I didn't know that fortune cookies didn't come from China. It was really interesting to know what people thought about where fortune cookies came from and who invented them.

Do you think you can do a wonder on the Galapagos Islands? No, fortune cookies are a joke. Fortune cookies are gross and really a joke. Those fortunes are not real. Yes, because I had like three fortunes and they came true. I have a Wonder. How many veins do people have? I don't really think that fortune cookies tell the future because one said that I would rise above all others and I didn't, but if other people think that they do tell the future, I respect that.

Hi wonderopolis, when I get a fortune cookie, they are about love, which is so weird and I just can't believe it can tell the future. I think so, I don't know. Hello, "Lazy Weird n Koool! We think you might know one of our Wonder Friends, Aleia! Hi, Kimberly! That's a really awesome question! Some people believe fortune cookies tell the future, but some people don't. If someone happens to get a fortune inside his or her fortune cookie, and that fortune just happens to come true, then that person probably believes that fortune cookies CAN tell the future!

It sounds like you are a super lucky person! Dear wonderopolis, this was a funny video. I think fortune cookies. I love cookies. I loved the wonder. Thanks for leaving us such a nice comment, Kaitlyn! We like hearing that you thought the video for today's Wonder was funny and that you like fortune cookies we do, too! Barthelmes' 4th graders like the interesting info you shared and have a couple of wonders.

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How are the cookies actually made and how do they get the fortune in there? Way to go! Great website! I love to come here and see what the question of the day is. Wonderopolis is a great educational website, hope you guys continue to have good success. This website is awesome, keep it up! Please don't respond, I'll get scared. Thanks for letting us know you liked the video today, Wonder Friend X! I rated this wonder of the day 3 stars. I did this because it wasn't that cool, almost everybody knows that fortune cookies don't tell the future. Thanks for sharing why you rated this Wonder with "3 stars," Callie!

I like cookies. Do you think by any chance that you can do one on wolves? I think that will be interesting. Thanks for checking out today's Wonder, Ashley! Thank you wonderopolis for giving us this information!!!!! We like how you worded your explanation of whether fortune cookies can predict the future or not, Wonder Friend LaLa! Thanks for sharing your comment with everyone in Wonderopolis today! Thanks Wonderopolis for this awesome video! This is 1 reason I love Chinese food because you get fortune cookies even though the fortunes come true. We really like fortune cookies, too, Madalynn! You get a sweet treat at the end of a yummy meal AND something to think about!

They are food for your stomach AND for your brain We are sorry to hear that you don't like fortune cookies, Morgan. What was the best fortune you got in a cookie? Thanks so much for sharing what you think about fortune cookies, Christina! We appreciate your comment today! Happy Tuesday, Kamryn! Thanks so much for hanging out in Wonderopolis today and sharing your comment with us! Our class enjoyed learning about fortune cookies today.

We enjoy learning about why they are made. We learned that fortune cookies are not in China. Why are fortune cookies labeled, "Made in China? LOTS of foods and products that had their beginnings in America or other countries are manufactured in China! It's just a cool coincidence that some of the yummy fortune cookies served at Chinese restaurants throughout America were actually manufactured in China even though they were invented by a Japanese-American man in California!

Dear Wonderopolis, Thanks for the video. It was really cool. I wonder why the invisible vase vanished when the kid ate his fortune cookie. I didn't know that fortune cookies weren't made by the Chinese. Sincerely, Steven. Hello, Steven! We're glad you thought the video for this Wonder was cool and that you learned a new, interesting fact about fortune cookies! Hey, Wonder Friends! Before you submit your comment, please remember:. Comments are subject to approval and may not be published if they are not appropriate for the Wonder discussion.

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We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook. Who invented the fortune cookie? How many fortune cookies are produced every year? Wonder What's Next? Try It Out Ready for a glimpse into your future? We predict you will have tons of fun with family and friends trying one or more of these fun fortune cookie activities: As you learned in today's Wonder of the Day, fortune cookies have more than just predictions about the future.

Many contain advice or funny sayings. Is it good advice?

Can Fortune Cookies Predict the Future?

Well, you'll just have to decide for yourself. It's always best to consider the source of any advice you get.

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A random, anonymous fortune cookie doesn't know you, so its advice may or may not apply to you. Of course, there are some universal sayings that might apply to everyone. If you're curious about what types of advice you might get from a fortune cookie, have fun reading through these fortune cookie sayings online! Do you have predictions of your own about the future? Do you have good advice that others need to hear? Maybe you should start writing down the things that come you're your mind, so you can share them with others. If you start collecting your thoughts on little slips of paper, you're going to need some place to put them.

Do you think you can make a special box for your fortunes with a few sheets of paper? Click over to learn how to make your own origami fortune cookie box! Have you ever had a friend who needed some help? Perhaps he or she needs some good advice. Maybe you see their actions and can predict where those actions will lead them. But you might be a little hesitant to offer unsolicited advice. How might you be able to get your thoughts across to them in a non-confrontational way? Why not put them in a fortune cookie? Jump online to learn how to bake your own fortune cookies!

Invite your friend to a Chinese meal and serve your homemade fortune cookie as dessert. Then be prepared to discuss the prediction or advice you slipped into your cookie!

Did you get it? Test your knowledge. Wonder Words dessert almond debate exotic fortune predict distinctly chopsticks immigrant familiar foresight randomly coincidence sesame lo mein potstickers origami Take the Wonder Word Challenge. Join the Discussion. Ninja May 15, I really like the video's not just this one but all of them. Wonderopolis May 15, Ninja May 22, Wonderopolis May 23, Ninja Jun 5, Wonderopolis Jun 5,