Backwoods Home Magazine #116 - Mar/Apr 2009

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Catalogue speak! Exclamation marks! The countdown to issue March continues at t minus 52 and counting. Photo Cover variant. Is the ape Seneca and his scattered but loyal followers of humans and apes enough to defeat the charismatic Shiva and her imposing ape army? The conflict has reached a bloody stalemate. But Shiva has a deadly secret that will end the war After all, the only good human is a dead human!

Comic sized magazine featuring news, reviews, release dates, and more for Now Comics. This issue: Ralph Snart Speaks! An interview conducted by creator and artist Marc Hansen.

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Plus, a special 2-page full color Ralph Snart story! Issue One; News Peek - the inside scoop at Now. Chuckwagon Charley's Tales back-up story. Stories by unknown.

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Art by Mike Arens and Tony Sgroi. Plus: 1-page filler "Firsts in the West" by August Lenox on the inside front cover!

Celebrating Traditional Canadian Science Fiction 'Fannish' Fandom

Photo cover of the famous singing cowboy. Big Medicine text article. The Trickster text story. The Bull That Stopped an Army text article. Photo cover. Photo on cover. In this issue: Exclusive Toy Products' Babylon 5! Also: Details inside for an exclusive Toy Biz figure. Everybody Get Ready To Shop!

The monsters are gone - it's Santa and the Elves' turn to wow us! The theme this issue is 'Toys for the Holidays,' of all kinds, for all kinds of folks, including you! The Q4 toys are hitting the shelves hard, so you need to hit the aisles just as hard. The Guide alone is worth the purchase price of the magazine! Includes the nation's 1 Hot Wheels Price Guide! Just the facts Cover to Cover!

Star Wars special issue: behind the scenes of The Phantom Menace. Apr Starburst is Britain's "premier magazine of sci-fi entertainment. Keanu Reeves cover. Special Preview: SF films of Moonraker cover.

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Trigger stars in "Trigger Finds a Refuge. Movie photo cover. Intro with six movie stills. Based on the Disney movie. Brent Spiner as Data cover. Created, written, and illustrated by Happy Nick Hardcastle. The Buffalo Hunt fact story, art by Joe Certa. The Battle for the Boats, script by Paul S. Newman, pencils by Joe Certa, inks by Mike Roy; Daniel takes a group of men to help protect a group of flatboats from the Miami Indians. Napoleon of the West; a brief account of Chief Joseph's battles with the army.

The Trap Thieves, script by Paul S. Newman, pencils by Mike Roy, inks by Mike Peppe; Zachariah and a trapper go after a gang that has been raiding beaver traps. Land of Giants, script by Paul S. Promotional ad for Gold Key Comics. Big Chief Roy Rogers text article. Roping fact page. Cover photo shows Frances Gifford, star of the Jungle Girl serial. Nyoka and the Blonde Bomber encounter the mysterious Hooded Serpent; a classic three-part Nyoka story from the Golden Age; A report on a movie serial retrospective held at the American Museum of the Moving Image, plus a reprint of a Nyoka serial lobby card.


Future is a slick magazine covering science, science fiction, and fantasy. There was a brief attempt to regularize the situation with an official quarterly, edited by Gordon van Toen and John Douglas. The last five certainly are. However, a problem. Supplements are usually less than the issue being supplemented, not more. Yet the other four supplements are also bigger than the parent issue.

Thus the supplement for 25 would actually be only 5 pages. That makes more sense. My theory, which is mine…. Details on content wanted! There were no issues for three months… then Henry Troup stepped in and just did a newsletter, elected to or not. Bob Webber got into the act as well. Dates as far back as when the club was formed. At least the first 55 issues were hectographed assorted ink colours, now fading badly. Still going strong. Then with co-editor C. Hackett — 21 — Nov. Then with co-editor T. Newcombe 22 — Dec.

Following with faneds unknown to me: 28 —? Then T. Then Hildegard Henderson as editor: 43 — Dec. In this issue he attempts to define two terms in fanspeak…and gets both wrong. The colour ditto, printed on blue or yellow paper, is sometimes difficult to read, but it is, well — colourful. Then Marc Gerin-Lajorie as editor : 50 — Jul. Then faneds unknown to me: 51 — Aug 52 — Sep 53 — Oct. Then Rick Walters as editor: 54 — Nov 55 — Dec. Then faneds unknown to me: 69 — Mar 70 — Apr. I think it needs news. Fannish, that is.

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  • Issue #116 of Backwoods Home Magazine. March/April, 2009!
  • Then faneds unknown to me: 87 — Sep 88 — Oct 89 — Nov 90 — Dec. Then faneds unknown to me: — Nov — Dec. Then Beulah Wadsworth as editor: — Dec. Then Dwight Williams as editor : — — Apr — Had a blue cover instead of the usual goldenrod. Then Sharon C. Fall as editor: — Sep — Should have been numbered to maintain sequence, but oh well….

    Detail to be added — 1 —? Hackett — 21 — Nov Then with co-editor T.

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