Children of Liberty (The Bronze Horseman Trilogy)

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Red Leaves. Salvo had been in a bad mood since the day they left Napoli. This, among other things, soured him on his. He refused to stay with the girl he loved, but resented his family for his own choice. It was summer and Gina wished for a cloudless day. She stood at port on tiptoe and gaped at the sky, wishing for a view of what they had been sailing to for weeks: a city line across the wide open bay to show them the glimpse of a life that was just around the corner.

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Stretching up she squinted straight into the July fog, her palm in salute to focus her sights on what she had imagined was urban beauty: sprawling metropolis bustling, smokestacks billowing, ships to and fro, civilization. But she could see nothing beyond the thick slate mist and oppressive melancholy.

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Salvo did not come see. Like a sack he sat behind her on the main deck and smoked, his arm around his black-clad mother. Chloe is weeks away from starting a new life far away from home when she embarks on a great European adventure with her boyfriend and two best friends.

Leningrad the white nights of summer illuminate a city of fallen grandeur whose beautiful palaces speak of a different age. On the eve of giving birth to her third child, Didi Wood goes to the mall to escape the Texas heat and promptly gets kidnapped.

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On a New England college campus, the naked body of a beautiful student is found frozen in a bank of snow. Tully Makker is a tough young woman from the wrong side of the tracks and she is not always easy to like.

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