El Caballero De Harmental (Spanish Edition)

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Date of Birth. Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Year Please fill in a complete birthday Enter a valid birthday. He would walk the streets and ride the buses in Habana greeting everyone and discussing his philosophy of life, religion, politics and current events with everyone that crossed his path. He could regularly be found in the Paseo del Prado; the Avenida del Puerto; in a park near the "Plaza de Armas"; near the Church "Iglesia de Paula"; in the Parque Central, where he sometimes slept on one of the benches; in Muralla street; near Infanta and San Lazaro; and in the corner of 23 and 12 streets in El Vedado.

I also remember him walking along the central path of the "Quinta Avenida" Fifth Avenue in Miramar, where he usually was in the afternoons. He was a fluent and educated talker. Many still remember the times when they used to chat with him. He never begged or used bad language. He only accepted money from people he knew, who in turn would be given a gift, which could be a postcard colored by him, a pen or pencil decorated with strings of various colors, a pencil sharpener, or similar object.

He often would give change to those who gave him money. Although children were initially scared by his appearance, they soon lost their fright and chatted with him. Everyone, adults and children, spoke to him with utmost respect. The book by Dr. Calzadilla see below contains a wealth of information, some of it conflicting, obtained from interviews with El Caballero, his family and acquaintances. The book contains a photo copy of El Caballero's birth certificate and of the passenger entry list when he arrived in Cuba.

El Caballero Harmental

It also contains his medical diagnosis, results of laboratory and psychiatric tests and his autopsy report. From these documents we obtain the following facts:. His paternal grandparents were Bernabe Lopez and Manuela Rodriguez, both previously deceased. His maternal grandparents were Manuel Lledin and Francisca Mendez, both living at the time of his birth. His parents owned a small villa with vinyards where they produced wine and spirits.

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The book relates that he was baptized in the Parish of Salvador de Negueira. He started his primary schooling at age 7 in Negueira and completed half of his secondary education.

One report states that he had been the 4th of 8 children. Another reports that there had been 11 children in the marriage of which 2 had died and 7 emigrated to Cuba. There he was united with his uncle known as AG, a brother in law of his brother Benigno and his sister Inocencia, who had previously arrived in Cuba in He worked as a clerk at a flower shop, a tailor according to his sister Inocencia , a book store and a lawyer's office.

He studied and refined his mannerisms to get better employment and was able to get higher paying jobs working [as a restaurant waiter] in the hotels "Inglaterra", "Telegrafo", "Sevilla", "Manhattan", "Royal Palm", "Salon A" and "Saratoga". According to his cousin Julio, he could even speak some English. El Caballero relates that his son lived in Marianao and worked in radio, and that the mother and daughter had left Cuba.

What is still yet to be determined is the crime he was accused of and how long he was in prison. Neither "El Caballero" nor his family members discussed this point in any of their interviews, other than reiterating his innocence. Apparently none of the reporters in Cuba who wrote stories about "El Caballero" were able to find any record of his arrest and conviction. It is reported that in prison he learned the art of making pens from plumages the old calligraphy pens. It is stated by several sources that in prison he would give speeches in which he would present himself to other inmates as Pope, King or Caballero.

One of our readers sent the following alternate version: After accidentally killing a man, his mind was affected after he was hit in the back of the head, during or after the struggle that accompanied the killing. In this bodegon worked as a counter clerk a young Spaniard. One day there was a robbery.

The police investigated and found reason to accuse the young clerk of having participated in the robbery. The clerk was taken to jail and, unable to post bail, remained a prisoner.

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In his court appearance, he was defended by a public defender who was not very interested in his case. He was condemned, probably for "robbery with the use of force", which is how the Penal Code classified a robbery where there had been a window or door broken to gain entry.

Dr Beatriz Caballero Rodriguez | University of Strathclyde

He probably served no more than 2 or 3 years in prison. If this version of history is true, there is a double drama. First is the lack of defense of the modest worker. Second was the indefensible actions of the judicial system.

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No one has been able to precisely determine the crime that he was accused of or how long he remained in prison. When he started wandering the streets of La Habana, his family got together to see what could be done to help him. They decided that the best course of action would be to return him ot his native town to live with his parents. Whey they communicated this decision to El Caballero, he became deeply upset and threatened to jump off the ship and kill himself if they tried to ship him back to Spain. The family desisted in such efforts, but the net result was that "El Caballero" and his family became further estranged.

There are several other theories put forth as to why "El Caballero" lost his reason having nothing to do with his time in jail:. Once he stated to his biographer that he got his name from a French novel. The Chilean Girondins and Their Time. Other editions - View all Selected Writings of Andr? Selected Writings of Andr? Frances M. Bibliographic information. Series Editors General Introduction. Ivan Jaksic.