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Honoria framed Whitfield by giving a nearby witness the registration number of Whitfield's Rolls-Royce. After inviting Humbleby round to her house she was able to cut his hand with scissors and then convince him to let her apply iodine to the wound, which she had infected with pus seeping from her cat's ear. He died a few days later from blood infection.

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After witnessing Rivers being sacked, Honoria hit him with a sandbag and caved his skull in with the stone pineapple — it would have appeared suspicious as it was a decoration that only Gordon chose. Finally, she drugged Bridget's tea and took her into the woods, where the two of them were talking. Honoria then reveals a knife covered in Whitfield's fingerprints, and informs Bridget that she will kill her and leave the knife at the scene. The fingerprints on the knife, combined with the fact that Whitfield was seen in the woods earlier after receiving a phone call from Honoria, will provide enough evidence to convict him of murder, and he would be hanged.

Bridget reveals that she did not drink the drugged tea and fights with the older woman, who has the wiry, mad strength of the truly insane.

Luke arrives on the scene and saves Bridget. With the case over, Bridget and Luke decide to leave the village once and for all, to live their lives together as a married couple.

One must, however, reluctantly confess that neither of them is fully up to standard. Hercule Poirot in her new novel, but it must be confessed that his understudy, Luke Fitzwilliam, a retired policeman from the Mayang States is singularly lacking in 'little grey matter. Ashley concluded, "He Luke is less effective a detective than as a lover, which is not surprising since neither he nor the reader is provided with any clear clues pointing to the fantastically successful murderer.

The love interest scarcely compensates for the paucity of detection and the characters verge on caricature; nor is Fitzwilliam able to recapture vividly enough the circumstances of the earlier murders. William Blunt in The Observer of 4 June raised a question regarding Christie's abilities to write non-crime fiction, which demonstrates that her nom-de-plume identity of Mary Westmacott was not yet public knowledge: "I should hate to have to state on oath which I thought was Agatha Christie's best story, but I do think I can say that this is well up in the first six.

The humour and humanity of its detail raise a question which only one person can give an answer.

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Agatha Christie has grown accustomed to working her embroidery on a background of black. Could she, or could she not, leave death and detection out, and embroider as well on green? I believe she is one of the few detective novelists who could.

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If she would let herself try, just for fun. I believe it would be very good fun for other people, too. Punshon in The Guardian' s issue of 11 July said that, "Readers may miss the almost supernatural cunning of Poirot, but then if Luke also depended on the famous 'little grey cells' he would be merely another Poirot instead of having his own blundering, straightforward, yet finally effective methods. Punshon summed up by saying that the story, "must be counted as yet another proof of Mrs.

Christie's inexhaustible ingenuity. Mary Dell of the Daily Mirror , wrote on 8 June , "It'll keep you guessing will this latest book from the pen of one of the best thriller writers ever. An unnamed reviewer in the Toronto Daily Star of 2 December said, "An anemic thread of romance threatens to sever on occasion but the mystery is satisfying and full of suspense. Robert Barnard: "Archetypal Mayhem Parva story, with all the best ingredients: Cranford-style village with 'about six women to every man'; doctors, lawyers, retired colonels and antique dealers; suspicions of black magic; and, as optional extra ingredient, a memorably awful press lord.

And of course a generous allowance of sharp old spinsters. Shorter than most on detection, perhaps because the detection is, until the end, basically amateur. One of the classics. A adaptation, with the inclusion of Miss Marple played by Julia McKenzie , was included in the fourth season of Marple ; it deviated significantly from the novel by removing, adding, and changing characters, adding subplots, and changing the murderer's motives.

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Miss Marple meets Lavinia Pinkerton on the train and learns of her suspicions about the village deaths. Pinkerton is killed in a fall down a London station escalator while en route to Scotland Yard. Miss Marple meets ish police detective Luke Fitzwilliam played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the village, where he is dealing with a deceased relative's property, and they recognize one another's investigative inclinations and work together to solve the murders.

Gordon Whitfield and Giles Ellsworthy do not appear, and Honoria Waynflete played by Shirley Henderson is shown as a mentally disturbed much younger woman. All the instalments carried an illustration by "Prescott".

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