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Savannah Fare You Well Lyrics by Jimmy Buffett

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  • Fare thee well, Francis Allen 1958-2017.
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  • Savannah Fare You Well Lyrics - Jimmy Buffett!
  • Connect Today There is something in the wind tonight Some kind of change of weather Somewhere some devil's mixing fire and ice Together I got a feeling that the dark side of the moon Is one the rise Black as a crow's feather Now I could stay another day or two But what's the use of stalling Deep in the winter even holdout leaves Start fallin' Lately every night above the declarations Of our love I hear the road callin' It's such a fragile magic A puff of wind can break the spell And all the golden threads are frail As spider webs Savannah fare you well In a vision I had yesterday It rained so hard that I drowned While I waited for a hurricane to die down The raging water rolling over me Was wild as a heart That love cannot tie down.

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