Singing to the Dead

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In this Book. Additional Information. Singing for the Dead chronicles ethnic revival in Oaxaca, Mexico, where new forms of singing and writing in the local Mazatec indigenous language are producing powerful, transformative political effects. Paja Faudree argues for the inclusion of singing as a necessary component in the polarized debates about indigenous orality and literacy, and she considers how the coupling of literacy and song has allowed people from the region to create texts of enduring social resonance.

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She examines how local young people are learning to read and write in Mazatec as a result of the region's new Day of the Dead song contest. Faudree also studies how tourist interest in local psychedelic mushrooms has led to their commodification, producing both opportunities and challenges for songwriters and others who represent Mazatec culture.

She situates these revival movements within the contexts of Mexico and Latin America, as well as the broad, hemisphere-wide movement to create indigenous literatures.

Singing for the Dead provides a new way to think about the politics of ethnicity, the success of social movements, and the limits of national belonging. Table of Contents. Gary Pike had replaced Mr.

Singing to the Dead

Engemann in After regaining his voice Mr. Pike and Mr. Engemann formed a group called The Reunion. The Lettermen, with Mr. Butala as the only surviving founding member, continues to tour. Engemann died in James R.

Pike was born on Nov. Jim spent his boyhood years in Oklahoma and briefly in Beverly Hills, Calif. The family later moved to Idaho, where his father worked for a cattle rancher while continuing to perform.

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