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That is a fairly good speed, but it will fluctuate and be affected by peak times throughout the day. Also, bits of the connection are shared with other people i. With a fibre optic leased line, the speeds are incredible — packages are available delivering 10Gbps. Yes, you did read that correctly, 10Gbps. As leased lines are uncontended symmetrical lines, you can even define how much speed you require from a leased line to suit your personal business requirements, meeting both your requirements for capacity and budget.

As an example, if you run a printing business, you may need to upload large graphic design work files to cloud storage for clients to review. Standard broadband services are usually asymmetrical, meaning the upload speed is nowhere near as fast as the download speed.

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You will be waiting around for large chunks of the day whilst your work is uploaded. However, with a fibre optic leased line, you can choose your dedicated upload speed to supercharge these transfers and allow you to get on with the important stuff. Below is a screen shot of what a leased line speed test result looks like.

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Impressive, right? Fibre optic leased lines are usually described in two parts, a line speed and a bearer speed. The number before the slash is the line speed and the number after is the bearer. The line speed is what you experience when you use the connection. The bearer is the maximum speed that the line can go to. This means that in the future if your needs change for example, your business grows and your current line speed is lower than the bearer speed, you should be able to upgrade your bandwidth and pay just a bit more per month.

On this, you can upload and download at 20Mbps megabits per second. From here, you can upgrade in increments all the way up to Mbps, given you reassurance that your connection can change with the needs of your business. The most common bearer sizes are Mbps and 1Gbps, with 10Gbps also being available. The benefits of a leased line can easily be summed up in the following statement:. This is not only frustrating, but can slow you down and make you less efficient. With the world becoming an ever more connected place and more and more businesses relying on a stable, secure connection to run their business, a leased line could provide a way to future proof your business.

Your colleagues will be able to work seamlessly together on a presentation and save it to the cloud. At the end of the day, if you think your business could benefit from a leased line the positives outweigh the negatives. However, buying into a leased line is an investment, but one which will make your more efficient, productive, faster and future proof your business connectivity. Quite often a business will purchase a speed which, on the face of it, looks slower than traditional broadband services.

The speed you get can be affected by factors such as how far you are from the exchange. It also uses a shared local network, meaning that speeds can fluctuate throughout the day as other people also use their broadband service. A fibre optic leased line gives you a guaranteed speed — the speed you buy is the speed you get. Secondly, broadband usually has slower upload speeds than download. The maximum upload speed of a superfast fibre broadband service is 20Mbps.

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This can also be affected by distance from the exchange and how busy the network is. On the other hand, a fibre optic leased line with a download speed of 50Mbps will also have an upload speed of 50Mbps, massively useful whenever you want to take part in VoIP calls, video conferences or sync files with an online server. Finally, whilst a total outage on your broadband circuit may take more than a day to resolve, fibre optic leased lines are usually targeted to be fixed within hours.

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You really need to view the installation of your fibre optic leased line as project. There are various queries to handle, appointments for surveys of your premises to be present for and engineer visits to be aware of.

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You need your chosen provider to have a team dedicated to managing installations whilst, keeping a close eye on how things are progressing and clearly communicating updates to you as soon as they have them. Where is the support team based, and what hours do they work? How will you raise issues to them?

Whilst a provider will not necessarily help you setup all the computers, switches and wireless access points in your office network, will they at least hold a handover call to help you plug your gateway or main switch into the termination equipment on site and ensure that your connection is up and working?

Fibre optic services are extremely reliable. However, five hours will feel like an awfully long time if your whole business has gone offline. Ask whether there is a broadband backup included, and if you consider your connection as business critical ask whether they will even provide a second fibre optic leased line through a different route into the building. Another option could be to have a backhaul supplier to help make downtime even less likely. The most basic way is that if your primary circuit goes down, you manually plug your equipment into the backup line.

However, a much better solution is for the provider to ensure that this happens automatically, with a box on site handling the shift to the backup service within seconds of it detecting that your main circuit is down. Ensure you know what type of service you are buying. However, it will give your chosen provider very little visibility of your circuit, potentially slowing down support resolution times if you have an issue. Alternatively, they may provide a managed router as part of the circuit, which will provide them with some visibility of your circuit that they can remotely monitor.

They may even be able to set up some quality of service rules for you, allowing you to prioritise traffic that you think is important. Once you have accepted a quote and completed the order form, a range of activities happen in the background to get a fibre optic leased line to your property. As part of the installation, you will have a site survey where an engineer plans how to get a fibre optic cable from the exchange to your premises. As part of this they need to work out how much work is involved in getting the last bit of cable into your premises and to your chosen termination point.

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Changing your mind later on in the process where you want this termination point to be will cause delays and additional cost. Your landlord may insist on legal paperwork being drawn up eg a wayleave which can also slow the process and incur additional cost. A provider has no way of knowing what this may be when you place the order, although often they can give you a good but not guaranteed indication of whether any will apply to your installation.

The good news is that whenever an Excess Construction Charge applies to an order, you will have 30 days to decide whether to accept and pay the charges, or cancel the order without penalty. Leased line installation times can vary and depend on several factors, such as what local infrastructure is already in place.

For example, if a road needs to be dug up to install a new duct, applications to implement road closures or restrictions need to be made to the local council.

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These leased line orders may take many months to complete. Occasionally, most of the infrastructure is in place, including available fibre optic cable into the building. These orders can complete within a few weeks. One way that you can assist getting your circuit provisioned is to work with your provider to provide quick turnaround times for any queries they send to you as often the order is placed on hold until you answer.

If the lead times cause you issues, you should ask your provider if they can provide any interim connectivity to your site e. FTTC broadband until your main service goes live. Choosing the best internet plan is an easy process. In the above post, we have highlighted everything that there is to know to make an informed decision. Choosing Interior Designer for Your PropertyIntroduction Interior design is described by many individuals as an art that has 2 sides, one innovative, and the other a more technical one.

Renting Vs Buying a House. Which One is Better? Introduction One of the most common discussions about real estate in family and friends' parties is the eternal debate between buying and renting a house. Is it more interesting to buy or rent a principal residence? Such questions are: what Everything you need to know for High Speed Rail Singapore EditionIntroductionI think we can all agree that transport connectivity between Singapore and Malaysia has affected a lot of us. The highly anticipated high-speed rail from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is set Whether you are investing by yourself or buying Developers have responded promptly to meet For quite a long time, it has been a more reliable and rapid transit system spanning Compare the best fibre boardband deals in singapore.

For non-techies: Router Vs. Which kind of user are you? Low users- Those are individuals who use the internet for basics like shopping, reading emails and paying bills. For this category, you can purchase no frills and economic bouquet. Medium users- They are those who use the internet daily but are not avid movie fanatics or downloading music songs. For them a broadband plan with a modest download limit is adequate. However, this comes at an additional cost.

High users- They are internet-depriving users who love the net and spend a lot of time posting status and uploading videos and photos to a social media site, streaming movies, and downloading music albums. Fibre Broadband Review. Factors to consider when comparing internet plans.

Broadband speed Singapore has one of the fastest broadband speeds globally with rates ranging from 2Mbps to 2Gbps or 2, Mbps. Monthly cost Focus on your needs when it comes to broadband comparison, at times the cheapest broadband is not the best. Contract period Always factor in your budget-range when looking for the best internet plan , almost all providers in Singapore tend to offer contract lengths of 12 to months. Choose a contract period that will not hurt your pocket Data Limits Most providers in Singapore allow users to cap the amount of data consumed albeit with additional charges if you exceed your limit. admin