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Like, I love fashion and hairstyles, despite the sexist undercurrent that women must enhance their features and men are enough as-is. So, perhaps a bra is a fashion item? As in, the style is to have smooth curves versus raw silhouettes? Or maybe a training bra is truly for training someone to wear a bra comfortably before they fully develop.

If mother and daughter are interested in training bras, I recommend starting with sports bras. Old Navy has a comfy and colorful line for girls. Lots of athletic tops are made to be worn with them, and my daughter thought wearing one was cool and empowering, with an emphasis on athleticism not appearance. I appreciate your suggestion of starting with sport bras.

My problem with sports bras is that when I got my first bra it was a training bra with wide straps and a racer back — like a sports bra. I was 9 and the first girl in my class to war one an early developer. He teased me ruthlessly about it and I was so embarrassed and denied it was a bra. My self-consciousness about my larger-than-average breasts continued through middle school, high school and I have only recently thanks to nursing become comfortable with them. They can be a really wonderful thing, but I think comfort and support is the way to go. I woke up this morning with my sternum screaming in pain because I did not have on a supportive enough night bra and the weight of my hanging breasts was too much for my chest muscles to hold up.

My daughters were required to wear white shirts as part of their daily school uniform.

I had them wear tank-tops under their shirts until they moved into bras because the shirts could be seen through, especially as the year progressed and the shirts became worn and thin. She was completely unaware and I appreciated her innocence, but I was concerned at how aware others were of her. Having said all of that, my girls were excited to wear bras. I see nothing wrong with teaching my daughter when the time is right about dressing modestly which nobody else has to agree with so as to avoid unwanted attention and also because it is what I believe God requires of me as a Christian.

Personally, I developed very early and was in a B cup by the time I was 10 so I needed a bra because I felt more comfortable and supported when doing so. So while I want my daughter to appreciate her God-given body, I also want her to be aware that she does not live in a vaccuum or on an island where she is the only inhabitant.

With my daughter, we started reading and talking by the time she was 7 or 8. We talked about all the different reasons girls and women wear bras for support, for coverage, for comfort, for shape right alongside talks about how her breasts would change. I let her know that if she ever felt ready for one that we could go shopping to find something that she felt comfortable in. Also… the American Girl books are fantastic. They really helped her get ahead of what changes her body would go through. She is 13 now and we just wrapped the latest round of bra shopping — underwire, cups, and real support!

My size A skills were inadequate for her needs in the lingerie department, but luckily there were professionals available! I think at the end of the day we just have to be willing to make this part fun for them.

I really appreciate this discussion. I am the breastfeeding mother of a 21 month old girl and stepmother to two teenage girls. It would be nice if we would stop telling women and girls that they are responsible for how comfortable other people are with their body.

Well said. Enough is enough. SO liberating and way more comfortable. I would prefer you wore one in public. In the case of a girl who is developing, I like the idea of helping her prevent unwanted stares and looks at her chest. I also had terrible body awareness as a tween and needed a wardrobe that accommodated that. This is exactly how I would handle it as well, Lee. The training bra phase was short-lived for me, but looking back, I appreciated that I had the chance to get used a bra at that younger age, since as an adult I have to wear one for my own comfort every day before any considerations of modesty.

Is there a single area of parenting boys in which modesty is even considered as a justification? I have four boys and one girl, three are over the age of 20 and two are much younger…the answer is no. Even when two of my sons developed breast buds in middle school, no one cared or said a thing. They went away as puberty marched on. No one was concerned about them wearing mesh basketball shorts or going topless while playing outside. Literally nothing is considered an issue of modesty for boys.

We have to teach our sons that only they are responsible for their actions and teach our daughters that they are only responsible for theirs, and that they are specifically NOT responsible for the comfort and actions of boys and men. Health and safety, yes. Modest or ladylike, no. I agree with Liss. It never comes up. And when I see men lecturing on modesty I want to scream. I have a grown nephew who writes a blog and did a recent post on modesty and I had to keep taking deep breaths to try and get through it.

Actually, this has come up at our elementary-middle school in relation to boys wearing athletic lycra leggings without underwear, which became a wardrobe thing for awhile. The bonus with the rash guards is less to sunscreen and more time swimming! When I finally got one — glory of glories! As a late bloomer, I felt terribly self conscious about my lack of a bra or need for it , and I think often about the relationship between puberty and female self consciousness.

I like what the ladies at beautyredefined. For me, not wearing a bra made me self conscious. For others, it might have the opposite effect. With my own daughter, I think giving her the option so she feels comfortable is the most important thing. In my opinion, wearing a bra should always be optional. Without it I would get back pain!

And my breasts would sag! And the shape would change presumably for the negative! My midwife suggested going bra-less as much as possible while breastfeeding. I completely avoided plugged ducts and mastitis. I leaked, sure, but no more than anyone in a bra. Four years later, I still only wear bras occasionally.

Women Test Different Sports Bras

Almost never in the winter, when clothes are heavier. No one has ever accused me of indecency. And I have no back or nipple pain. Yes—I wear an underwire bra when I go to fancy event. I wear a supportive bra for sports. My swimsuit has support. Basically, I wear a bra if I feel like I want to. It must be mentioned: A bra is not necessarily more modest than going without. Bra straps hanging out can be seen as less modest than not wearing one.

Bras with lacy edges and bows show through all kinds of fabrics, and too-tight straps and bands create visible bra lines. These things are all fine! But are they modest? It depends on your point of view. Modesty is in the eye of the beholder. The thing is, though, its this comfortable because the muscles supporting the breasts are used to doing the work. If you grow up in bras all the time and never let the muscles develop, then, yeah, they need the help. Did it make some people uncomfortable? Probably, in fact. But yknow what? That was, and remains, not my problem. Thanks for featuring this delightful dilemma!

You need to understand that my mother gave birth to and breast fed eleven babies. The idea that a woman would choose to not breast-feed, was intolerable to her. She loved nursing. I must admit that I loved nursing my babies also, and was very disappointed when I was not physically able to nurse my last baby. The big change happened after I was married and gone and my younger sisters insisted that Jennie wear a bra. She had not breast-fed for many years. She tried going modern and appeasing her young daughters by wearing a bra on occasion, but it was not comfortable either physically or mentally.

Hurray for Bra Burners!!! I love that Grandma Jenny went braless. This post and comments were very thought provoking, especially as the mom of a ten year old girl with buds and a 14 year old son who brings his friends over. My daughter has to wear an undershirt or a sports bra.

Is this fair? I can talk to the boys about their behavior towards my daughter, and I do. Training my girls to dress appropriately and my boys to be respectful as well as their friends is all part of the plan. Growing up in an oversexed culture and b. Do not understand what they may be communicating to others with their attire. I ask that my son wear a belt so that his backside and underwear are not visible to the world, and in the same vein, my daughter wears a bra or undershirt so that her goods are not available to the greater public.

Laura G. My oldest daughter is utterly gorgeous and started attracting attention from strangers around age She takes what power she does have to minimize those situations by choosing to dress fairly conservatively, including a bra. She might not realize that anyone can see them. My mom got me Jockey crop tops that did nothing, and were so ugly. I even cut one up so I could wear it with a sleeveless top.

Best Rated in Women's Sports Bras & Helpful Customer Reviews -

There are better options for girls now- the double layer type of tank is perfect this age, and there are so many styles of sports bras and bralettes. But why indeed? Whose comfort is being considered? It should come down to the girl- whatever makes her feel comfortable with her body that day. Comfort is key for a first bra!

I needed a bra when my mother bought me a sport bra. It was uncomfortable up near my neck and showed above my shirt, which I found embarrassing. Looking back, I assume my mother was buying them and bringing them home to me without any input from me to save me any embarrassment at the store, but not only did I hate them and hardly ever wear them, it made it even more difficult when I got older and had to shop for myself. In my opinion, the reader who wrote to you did the right thing to include the daughter in the shopping, at the very least.

I can only assume because I removed my contacts and my bra at the same time before bed…haha! The study, which looked at the top 25 shows on broadcast television among viewers age , found that underage female characters have a higher percentage of sexual scenes compared to adult characters. Interestingly, as the Daily News noted, the study did not deign to discuss sexual scenes involving young men, nor did it really make a big fuss about degrees or realism of sexual activity shown on screen. So the tepid teen kisses on, say, ABC Family or the condom-using sex on realistic shows are given the same general category as the glamorous back-of-limo scenes on the CW.

None of these findings are shocking—in fact, they square with what we observe on TV.

Combating The Sexualization of Girls…The Right Way

The Vampire Diaries or reality show about teens i. There are no cop or spy or hospital-staff dramas with teen protagonists in them. And high school shows tend to focus on the social aspect of school, not the debate team or Chem class. But does it follow that the teens who are on TV should not be seen as sexual at all?

This brings us to our second anti-sexualization movement, a movement whose origins and goals are entirely different. It was started during Wold War II to replace Major League Baseball, which was cancelled since most of the batters were off fighting the war. But even though the players had a peak of thousand people attending their games , it still ended in '54 as interest in girls playing ball declined to nearly nothing after the men came home.

It wasn't until that women could run marathons and not just watch their brothers and boyfriends jog past them in the sidelines, and it took up until for a woman to run more than meters in the Olympics, because science thought her body couldn't handle more. Women were simply not invited, encouraged, or allowed to play, so when the sports bra finally came about, it was a direct result of the playing field being evened out a little more for their participation. But that didn't happen on it's own — keep in mind women have been trying to elbow their way into sports for decades without much leeway.

One thing in particular was attributed to that change, and that was Title IX. Title IX was the landmark legislation in that prohibited any kind of sex discrimination in schools that received federal funding. The wild thing was, supporters of the bill had no idea that the couple-page-statute would spur on generations of women to sweat, bulk, race, and bring home medals. In fact, congresswoman Edith Green, the co-sponsor of the bill, made sure to stifle any vocal support so as not to encourage anyone to peer too closely at the legislation and realize its full scope.

Because if you lobby, people will ask questions about this bill, and they will find out what it would really do," Green was quoted as saying. So slipped in without much commotion, there was one sentence in particular that was scheduled to make history:. Those handful of words would soon dynamite open doors for girls sitting on bleachers at sports meets, wishing they were on the other side of the chain-link fence — but many had no idea.

When the bill came onto the Congress floor, sports were mentioned only once during the senate talk of what Title IX would enforce, and it ended with male Senators chuckling over the idea of girls playing on college football fields. While legislatures might not have realized it at the time, the line was going to mandate equal opportunity in sports for girls, and it was going to completely change the game. Lawson from Champion shares. Thinking women would faint on the spot if they ran the full length of the gym, it made sense why they only comprised two percent of college athletes, and only seven percent of high school ones.

The primary sports for girls at that time were cheerleading and square-dancing of all things. Those that ventured outside of dosey-doe-ing were trivialized, and girls' teams had to wear their gym uniforms in lieu of jerseys, and raise their own money through bake sales, car washes, and pocket change. But it didn't end there. Vivian Stringer, who was a coach at the historically black college Cheney State in , used her own money to recruit players and had to drive her team to their games in an old prison bus.

Margaret Murphy, who was a member on the Cornell women's hockey team — an Ivy League school — changed in a shoebox sized locker room with metal folding chairs, with an "equipment room" that was just a cabinet in the back. Then there was Marge Snyder , who played on an Illinois high school tennis team that held a streak of for three whole years.

Her team was permitted to continue competing on the conditions they didn't publicize their accomplishments and paid for their own equipment and uniforms.

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There was no such thing as athletic scholarships for females, and in nearly 13 thousand high schools had boys' baseball teams, but less than schools held girls' softball teams. There was no such thing as girl athletes; the concept didn't exist. But Title IX changed all of that.

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And as more women hit the courts, a lacy underwire bra was no longer going to cut it as they tore across fields and trained for mile- marathons. They needed equipment to keep their breasts down. And that's exactly what the sports bra was. The thing with the sports bra was that it wasn't just manufactured so boobs wouldn't swing all over the place while racing down pitches. Wearing the wrong bra actually hurt , resulting in everything from chafing, to digging, to your chest aching from the force.

And since equipment didn't exist yet to solve those problems, women had to MacGyver their own solutions with their regular, day-to-day brassieres. For Dr. Lawson, she remembers doing things like pulling her bra straps together in the middle with athletic tape to create a crude racerback, or putting tape underneath her straps and band to slow down chafing.

The History Of The Sports Bra Is Surprisingly Feminist

Lisa Lindahl, one of the creators of the original sports bra , was an avid jogger, and her trials and tribulations while running down roads were the reason she came up with the invention. Suffice it to say, it wasn't easy. But a solution was just around the corner.

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