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They go against what scripture teaches as how we are to pray. No one in the bible ever prayed such prayers.

In Defense of the Unspoken Prayer Request - Russell Moore

If we do not know what we are asking we pray as those who tempt God with meaningless words without understanding. It would be like a child who goes to their parent and says the following. The father says what is your request? The child again says just say yes.

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The same is when we seek God with prayers without knowledge. We seek Him in vain and we sin. Yes He knows all, but we are also responsible to approach our Lord in understanding and respect and in the manner given by example in scripture. And let's be honest here. We may be asking for something sinful for someone else. The fact that we may be a friend to the person and trust that person does not justify going against the way that the Lord has commanded us to pray.

The bible strongly warns against doing things our way. Psalm , EZE. May we not become like those of old who fell to condemnation of doing our own will instead of that of God. True faith praying needs to understand what we ask so we can say the Amen. There is a scripture that shows it to be wrong to say amen to that which we know not what we are say the amen to. It is in 1 Corinthians 14;. Else when thou shalt bless with the spirit, how shall he that occupieth the room of the unlearned say Amen at thy giving of thanks, seeing he understandeth not what thou sayest?

How Unspoken Prayer Requests Are Destroying The Church

While this is dealing directly with tongues it also has application to praying without understanding as well as saying amen to something that we have not understood. Saying amen is an acknowledgement that what has just been prayed is of God and God's will. It is putting our relationship on the line with God saying that I agree with this and God should do this.

Prayer is a serious thing and should be done with a great deal of concern and respect. Unspoken prayers violates any model given in scripture and so violates God's will for prayer. So what should we do if someone asks us to pray an unknown prayer?

Questions and Answers: Unspoken Prayers

If we love the Lord and love the person we should lovingly tell them that we cannot pray in faith without understanding what we are seeking God to do. If the request is too personal to share then they should find someone who they trust enough to share it with so that they can pray in faith.

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That does not mean that every detail needs to be shared. If someone needs healing say that. There is no need to say that the person is a homosexual needing saved, or that the person has aids and needs healed or other details.

What Does an “Unspoken Request” Really Mean?

We only need to have an understanding of the basic need. Again there is no need for exact details, but we do need too understand what the request is about so we can pray in faith.

It is impossible and we are commanded to pray in faith. To do anything less we sin and dishonor the Lord. I want to be mysterious and garner unwarranted sympathy. My request is not appropriate to share in a large group or in mixed company. I cannot put the pain in my heart into words. Free Bible Reading Tip Sheet! Bogged down reading the Bible?

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