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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! When Jack's cover is blown, he's tortured for information but manages to escape. Naked and disoriented, he stumbles into the woods near the rural Virginia vacation home of Professor Morgan Rains.

Since Morgan's husband was killed by a robber a year and a half ago, she's been going through the motions of living. As Jack and Morgan flee for their lives from the militia, he uses his Navy SEAL training to help them survive while the other two Rockfort agents search for them. Neither Jack nor Morgan felt they had a reason to live until they met each other. Thrown into a pressure cooker of danger and intrigue, they find themselves falling in love, although Jack can't admit his true feelings.

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When Morgan is captured, Jack and his associates risk their lives to stop the attack on the U. Capitol, thwart the moneyman who financed the deadly scheme, and rescue the woman whose life now means more to Jack than his own. Her books have been translated into twenty-two languages and optioned for film. She lives in Maryland, near Washington, D.

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She turned the tables in a brilliant stroke of genius. It's a page turner for sure. Reviewer Top Pick" - Night Owl Reviews "Tense and intriguing, the first of York's Rockfort Security books is an action-packed read that promises much for the series to come York is a master of the romantic suspense genre. The plot was engaging. In the heat of the night, anything goes. Boundaries are crossed and secret yearnings take shape. Creatures stalk the shadows, surrendering to their wildest needs—and satisfying hungers that take their victims beyond Read more Private operative and former Navy SEAL Jack Brandt barely escaped a disastrous undercover assignment, thanks to the most intriguing woman he's ever met.

When his enemies track him to her doorstep, he'll do anything to protect Morgan from the danger closing in on them both..

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Their dangerous assignment: to rescue a young woman forced into sexual slavery on a cruise ship of dark sensuality. As they fall under the spell of the steamy atmosphere, their own relationship heats to flash point. But what happens when she discovers her lover Hidden on a New Orleans plantation were secrets Gabriella Bodreaux was never supposed to uncover, either.

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