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I even asked my father, who had by this time returned to Shanghai, to give me lessons on harmony and composition. When I would go to the island to perform for the soldiers, I would sit on a big rock pressing against the banner tossing in the howling winds, while doing my harmony exercises. In passionate pursuit of music, I left the Army Culture and Arts Group in the fall of , and passed the entrance examinations to the Shanghai Conservatory, an institution I had long admired. At that time, the music school was located in Shanghai's southeast suburb of Caohejing.

The exquisite hall, the elegant music rooms, the bridges, flowing water, the people, typified the Jiangnan style. My entire day consisted of dashing, in "small running steps," in a line through the three points piano room, classroom, and library , I was afloat amidst an ocean of knowledge.

I even attended a class by the Russian expert Arzamanov. He was very young, with dense brows, and superb piano skills. I was deeply moved by the sweeping grandeur and delicate narrative! How beautiful is music! How beautiful is life!

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After , one day a bolt of lightning out of the blue shattered the calm at the music conservatory. My family and myself, all were pummeled by the storm. First, my father Chen Gexin, a senior composer who, because he loved his country, and wanted to served his country, had hurled himself back into the embrace of his fatherland; without rhyme or reason, he was pegged with a "Rightist" hat, and suffered much in his middle age; then I was censured as being "seriously rightist", and sent to labor in the countryside Reality may be a source of much vexation, but ideals give hope.

At that time, I gave my whole heart to music, seeking a path to the spirit of humanity from within.

Later life

At the tenth national day in , I was still a student of the composition department. This main thread running through this composition tells of Zu Yingtai's pursuit of her own happiness and her struggle against the feudal tradition. I remember that when I wrote the piece I had tears in my eyes, and wringing in my heart, I felt that I shared the fate of the female protagonist, that we breathed together. In this "metamorphosis into butterflies ," I still sing to pure love, and place my ideals in its safekeeping.

I hear that the butterflies that flutter before Liang Shanbo's grave in Zhejiang are not colored butterflies, but black butterflies; hence, this is a kind of black romanticism, a tragic romanticism. In after I graduated with excellent grades, I stayed to teach at my alma mater. But the emerging dance halls were frozen by the winds of "class struggle" in This was yet another taste of modern music in post-liberation China. How was I to know that music would collide with politics!

Yao Wenyuan had fanned the vicious waves of "Censure of Debussy. At that time, I was deeply agitated by the unfairness of the situation -- by the unfairness of my own fate, and even more that of modern music in China! But, when I was at Dabie Mountain, and had to share a small bamboo bed with a crippled and sickly old red guard, and when in spite of the logs I cut, and the rice I culled and cooked every day, I failed to feel warm or full, I then experienced, for the first time, that my foot had stepped from the ivory tower and fallen onto the icy cold shell of the earth, and then I knew what it meant to truly live; and then I understood that music should not belong to higher society, it should reside among the people!

People are the loftiest purpose of music. The "unprecedented" ten years of Cultural Revolution had befallen. But even at this time, that which gave me the greatest consolation was still music -- whenever I would lose hope, I would secretly listen to the slow movement in Marg's ma ge 's symphony, it was as if it were consoling me saying: "My child, do not grieve, all this will pass, it is we who are the boundless ones Apart from the "Eight Songs", the Chinese music arena in the early 70s was a wasteland -- at that time we were not allowed to perform foreign violin pieces, and the "Butterfly Lovers" was a minefield for criticism lit.

The violinists implored me to write pieces for them, and I surreptitiously took up my pen, and began writing in secret lit. These works literally flew without feathers, and permeated all of China; the people's acceptance is my greatest consolation!

The Walt Whitman Archive

When maestro Isaac Stern visited China in , he paid a special visit to my home. When he heard these compositions, he applauded and exclaimed: "Bravo! Very nice! Not a few foreign orchestras and musicians are now performing my pieces The Chinese people, with the fire of hatred, have put to death the "Gang of Four," and with the embers of hope, set aflame the artists' shattered hearts.

We all harbored feelings of having "grown ten years younger," sprinting forward in our journey through life and art. Turning to Big Ford lit. Second, the less well-known leaders of a dissident movement are identified and given severe jail sentences. Generally, the government targets a relatively small number of organizers who are crucial in coordinating a movement and who are then charged with endangering state security or revealing official secrets. Thirdly, the government attempts to address the grievances of possible supporters of the movement.

This is intended to isolate the leadership of the movement, and prevent disconnected protests from combining into a general organized protest that can threaten the Communist hold on power.

Early life

Chinese Communist Party leaders assert there are already elements of democracy; they dubbed the term "Chinese socialist democracy" for what they describe as a participatory representative government. For example, in a November 23, interview, the Chinese ambassador to Egypt , Liu Xiaoming, said:. I think what we are practicing today is Chinese socialist democracy, which is represented by the National People's Congress and a broad participation of the Chinese people.

In fact, in today's China, the political participation at the grassroots level is much higher than any western country you can name of. We have grassroots level democracy demonstrated by village election. The turnout is 99 percent, i. Many pro-democracy supporters noted that China has successfully overcome many of the challenges to democracy in China faced during the transition from a communist to a capitalist economy, so there is no longer a need for prolonged political repression.

They claim that pro-democracy forces would not necessarily stall economic growth after the transition, as the Communist Party states, and more importantly that the presence of democracy would help to check wasteful corruption and might achieve a more even distribution of wealth. Within China, most protest activity now is expressed in single-issue demonstrations, which are tolerated to a degree by the government.

Some of the ideas of the movement have been incorporated in the Chinese liberal faction who tend to agree with neoconservatives that stability is important, but argue that political liberalization is essential to maintain stability.

Missing Lei Feng – China Channel

In contrast to democracy movement activists, most members of the liberal faction do not overtly call for the overthrow of the Communist Party nor do they deny the possibility of reform from within the Party. As a result, members of the liberal faction are generally enjoying more official tolerance than persons who identify themselves as members of the democracy movement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Democratic movement. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Linnaeus , Hunting in early autumn, Sweden.

Play media. Version International Union for Conservation of Nature. Retrieved 16 August Accessed 3 May Wildsgk Arkive. Archived from the original on Retrieved Science News.

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Journal of Comparative Psychology. Vertebrate Zoology. Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. Retrieved 27 June The Cosmology of the Ancient Balts.

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