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On the back of the ticket, a note is written indicating a location called 'Sunrise Diner '. Frank asks Juliana to get ready to go to the police station with him, but Juliana refuses to go with him and insist that Frank go to work while she takes care of it alone. When Frank leaves, Juliana begins packing for her trip to Canon City by using the bus ticket of Trudy, she leaves her necklace for Frank. Suddenly, Doni greets her reminding her that they would have tea for this morning, but Juliana tries to excuse herself that she has an appointment, but not before Doni spots the film Juliana is carrying.

Tagomi remains adamant but fortunately an Nazi Officer tells him that they'll be willing to replace all of it if they send them the information of the proper pieces. Meanwhile, at the elevator, Kotomichi informs Tagomi of the disdain he spotted at the Nazi officer, Tagomi dismisses their different perception. Meanwhile, Joe Blake stops after his truck blows a tire but fortunately a Nazi police vehicle stops by and the officer helps him repairing it.

While finishing, ash begins raining down in their area, Joe wonders where's it coming from, the officer replies that it's one of the hospitals scheduled cremation of bodies of the terminally ill or disabled. Juliana arrives at a bus station, when she bumps into a Japanese soldier a man, claiming to know her, suddenly greet her and walk away. The man reveals to be a Resistance member and asks why Juliana is carrying the satchel he gave to Trudy, Juliana explains Trudy was killed.

The man asks for Juliana to hand the film over and continue Trudy's work, but Juliana refuses and that she'll do it despite the Resistance expecting Trudy not her. The man reluctantly accepts and tell her that she just waits and that her contact will come to her when it is safe, she asks the man what the film means, but he replies saying to not ask questions. When he boards the bus, Juliana is visibly uncomfortable as she sees the passengers inside are diverse and are 'equally seated all around'.

Both men conclude that once Hitler dies, war with Japan will be imminent.

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As Juliana makes her way to Canon City, a woman named Katie Owens sits beside her and have a conversation on their trip to the Pacific States; she talks how the Japanese are alright letting non-white Americans to roam around unlike the Nazis, who see them all as inferior. She also explains to Juliana about the Marshal in Canon City, a Nazi agent that hunts down the Enemies of the Reich and brutally kills them. On the other side, Joe Blake arrives at the checkpoint for entrance to Canon City, he stops to make a call but ends it when he notices Nazi soldiers doing an inspection of vehicles.

He looks inside the truck to inspect the contents, and find that there are just coffeemakers, so he searches under the truck and find a secret compartment where the film is hidden. Afterwards, he passes inspection and crosses the border to the Neutral zone. Frank Frink comes home and finds Juliana's necklace realizing she never returned home.

Each thought and stitch is dreamt and created in our Auckland studio.

Juliana awakens when the bus stops, she finds Katie Owens gone but she spots her leaving the bus with her belongings, she tries to go after her but the driver of the bus tells her that the bus will depart allowing Katie to escape with her bag. Juliana goes back to her seat and is thankful that the film is still safe with her.

John Smith once again inspects Warren with his torturer absent, Erich fetches him and Smith quickly asks why was Don Warren left unattended, he explains that Warren is unconscious but Smith reminds him that his orders are to keep flogging him until he confesses, the torturer is visibly shocked by this but does not hesitate and continues torturing Warren with no mercy. After being closed in , New Hollow was the subject of many such rumors.

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Some stated that time worked differently in the city, while others claimed consciousness interacted with the town in some bizarre way. In , a group of brave or stupid urban explorers trespassed the city's borders. Exploring various places, the adventurers found a strange diary in one of the many houses in the city. While the house seemed to be the same one described in the diary, the small book was found in a child's bedroom full of toys, old clothing, and a small library of children's books. Curiously, all the books were face out except one - "The Hag in the Hut" - which, when flipped over, revealed a haggard looking witch on its cover.

Additionally, and to the explorers' chagrin, they also reportedly found a pile of human bones living beneath the room's bed. After missing for a week, only 2 of the 5 trespassers came back from the town. Authorities took the individuals into custody, and the diary the individuals brought back with them was eventually given to researchers at Mistoric university, as few artifacts from the quarantined zones are available for research.

As for the remaining explorers, it was never discovered, or at least revealed, what became of them. Close to unraveling the mystery behind the Paul Bunyan murders, and revealing the bloody secret of one the red woman's travelling companions, Veve travels out into the woods again. Finding the shack she saw in her dreams, Veve dares sleep once more. Donald continues to explore the insane city of Willard, staring in awe at the architecture and atmosphere of the mad.

Perusing the contents of a hidden library, the killer realizes his eyes are not the only ones prying. A traveling vagabond stumbles upon a remote and lost town. As a man of the road, and connoisseur of unknown places, he stops in to visit with the locals. However, as he wanders through the quiet city, he discovers that the place is not at all what it seems. Loading Downloads. Follow Share.

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