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And scared senseless. I've always wanted to leave.

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To move on. But with you It's different. I'm different.

That's exactly why we should stay together for at least a couple of days. Both of us have avoided commitment for all of our lives but we both want to stay. To try. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but maybe that means something. Maybe we mean something, together. It was a short, funny, intense, sexy, and sweet read. I really like this series and enjoy Diane's writing style and her characters. Even though they are novellas, you still get a good feel for these characters and you cannot help but like them. And that fact that the characters from the other books in the series make appearances just adds to the enjoyment.

But these can really all be read as stand alones so do not think you have to start from the beginning to read this one. Will be posted at Reviews by Tammy and Kim Aug 27, Shauni rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley , new-release , reading-romance-challenge , cont. I was on the fence because I wasn't thrilled with the heroine..

Well, Take Me is book four in that series and in my most humble opinion, Ms Alberts redeems herself.

Take Me (Take a Chance, #4) by Diane Alberts

In Take Me, we get the story of brother Mike no not a priest.. Mike Worth wrote the book on how to NOT have a relationship. He even has a stop light theory. Seriously, it's hysterical. Sure he's a serious guy. Loves his sisters and is a great teacher..

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A great coach, a great friend. But he saw how commitment destroyed his mother.. Ok her commitment and so not his father's.. He saw how Brianna was devastated when her first husband died and how Kiersten almost lost it when she caught her fiance before Garret boinking his secretary.

So he has grounds to be a bit leary but this man seriously takes it to an extreme.. Until, one night in a Vegas bar, his world is totally rocked. Morgan Collins has a plan.. As a professional dancer she knows her career life is short. And honestly, her dreams include dancing at this point in her life.

Not husband, babies and carpools. Her mother had been a prima ballerina and gave it all up for love.. Morgan knew it was the right choice for mom, but Morgan wants to live the dream before giving it up. So when she is alone in a Vegas bar and overhears this gorgeous man's stoplight theory she is on board with it.

Only one night a drunken debauchery is more than a one night stand.. Seriously, this is Vegas.. Waking up after a night of drunken fun and serious debauchery, when both are consenting adults should be no problem. Waking up with wedding rings.. I found this book interesting because while Mike was totally afraid of commitment, he got that there was something special about Morgan.

That they had listened to an inner need, while drunk, an maybe they should give it a chance.

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Now talking Morgan into it is a totally different story. Morgan wasn't bitter, wasn't angry and wasn't unreasonably gun shy, she just had her own plans.. So how could a hottie she met one night in a bar understand? I enjoyed this book.. It gave a nod to the fact that there is someone out there for everyone, you just have to be open to them when they show up.

AND it showed that the right person believes in your dreams and doesn't hamper them. Of course the shock and amazement that went through Morgan when she found out her hottie was a 7th grade history teacher was pretty funny. It was also fun to see Mike interact with his friends.. I liked that the men were teachers.. While, I haven't read the entire series I do think this one wrapped it all up nicely I suggest you take some time to enjoy it all.

Aug 18, Jillian Stein rated it really liked it Shelves: arc. Take Me is a fantastic addition and rivals the first book, Try Me, as my fave in the series. She lives in the spotlight and thrives on the stage. His views on love and relationships are exactly the same as hers. Surely one night between the sheets will be enough for both of them….. Never has been. He loves his job as a middle school history teacher and loves having new women to keep him occupied after hours.

From start to finish, this novella was hot and filled with passion and feeling. To have the smart and sexy Mike meet his match was just priceless! Morgan had him all tied up in knots from the moment they meet and is it so delicious! She really gave his game right back to him and it was so fun to watch how it played out. We know Mike from the pervious books, and as much as I love him, I knew although he may be constantly knocking the whole ball and chain thing, he truly was missing it. Morgan is strong, talented and determined.

She lives her life to make herself happy and even thought she is happy, you can tell that deep down she has a longing for more. Morgan and Mike were paired beautifully and the push and pull between them jumped off the pages. They have fantastic chemistry.

To see the entire family with spouses and kids was just wonderful! Such a treat! Thank you, Diane, for another fun, flirty, sexy and emotional read! Aug 26, Laylaw rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-review. Its short, sweet, and has a smoking cover but wow- is it jam backed for such a small book. This story is set if Las Vegas were Mike Worth lives. Mike does not do relationships, he believes in the Green, Yellow, Red light system.

When he is with a girl and its going well its all green lighted for Go. When she starts to want more, he starts to go into yellow zone and starts to brake. If it starts to become more than that- immediate brakes and red light means he is out of there So when he meets Morgan in a bar during his friends bachelor party he was thinking of nothing but a quick green light event. Little does Mike know that Morgan plays the game better than him. Morgan is career focused and only wants one time events and not relationships.

She has a goal to be a successful dancer, so when these two meet up and Mike refers to her as a stripper sparks fly and Morgan tries to get the last word in only to have Mike chasing her down. After She gives into Mike because, well, lets admit- he's hot and she wants it as bad as he does, she ends up kicking him to the curb right after..

For once, Mike can't believe he has been out played. When his fellow teacher friend reminds him of a casino re-opening that he is to attend. Then sure enough Mike see's that Morgan is one of the star dancers of the show. Mike can't help himself and goes after Morgan again and gets her to agree to another night with him. The next morning Mike and Morgan wake up both hung over and well I can't say because it would give it all away. But let's just say these two run warm, cold, and smoking hot throughout the book.

And the epilogue was wonderful. Amazing how people have ideas of what they want in life and how love can change everything. Great story Aug 21, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: arcs. A fun, light-hearted romance. A quick read and a fantastic series! This was not my favorite book of the four - I felt like everything just happened so quickly and then it was over. Mike is not a relationship kinda guy. He has a theory about dating. He even named his theory. Are you ready for it? Mike's Stoplight Theory -Compare your time with a woman to a stoplight. Talk, laugh, and have some fucking fun.

She danced because she was a dancer. Dancing was her life. The thing that made her happiest and most fulfilled. When they meet, sparks fly - not the lovey-dovey kind, the furious kind. They keep trying to one-up each other until the get so heated and competitive they end up in bed together. I'm definitely hoping that there will be more in this series. I really enjoy the setting in Vegas and the intertwining of all the families and people in the four tales we have had so far.

Sep 08, Liz at Fictional Candy rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , contemporary. Ok, I think this is the last book in the Take A Chance series, and it totally rocked! The epilogue alone was freaking fantastic, and then you get the story of Mike and Morgan.

This couple is something else, I tell ya! Mike is the guy we got to know a little bit in the last book, Play Me. He was a bit of a jerk, but in a playful way.

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Anyhow, you get to know him as the player. Mike is never going to get tied down with a woman. Right away I was excited to know he was going to get his ass and his heart handed to him in this book. Morgan is a dancer, but not a stripper! Unfortunately this is not a clarification Mike has before he opens his big mouth. Well, Morgan is also a bit of a firecracker, and a little stand-off turns into a drunken night of fun and that leads to… well, marriage. He stopped at the red light and leaned closer, his lids drifting shut.

She closed the rest of the distance between them, and he kissed her, his tongue playing with hers in seconds. As she clung to him and returned the kiss, she couldn't help thinking that if she needed help with anything, it would be learning how to keep him at arm's length.

Teach me how to keep my heart safe, before I lose it. There are so many fun sparring type situations in this book. Mike and Morgan definitely go head to head and its awesome. And then their make up sex, omg, its awesome too! I think they are probably my favorite couple in the series, they were just so much fun.

I mean, you see someone, your attracted, you bicker, you make up, you have some drinks, and then wake up the next morning and your married. So this series is really quick. But Diane Alberts really packs it in during those pages. Every book is filled with drama and some super hot sex. And I love how she makes these men so up front about being in love with the heroines. The men are persistent, and it just makes me want to cheer. Vegas is the perfect setting for the whole series, but this book especially. Aug 28, Jessica Figueroa rated it really liked it Shelves: arc. Morgan is a professional dancer who lives for her career.

She doesn't need a man to tie her down. She's up for one night stands but doesn't want to get caught in the guys trap of trying to stay with her. When Mike takes her seat in the bar they have a connection and just cant keep their eyes off of one another which leads them to hooking up. Morgan pretty much leaves leaves him before the night is through, normally Mike would give up a speech so the girl will leave. After she leaves Mikes just can't think straight without her and by chance they meet again.

After one night of celebrating they wake up with wedding rings and no clear memory of the night before. Morgan wants it annulled but Mike wants to play the part of married couple if only for one week. Get the perks of sleeping around with each other but at the end of the week they make promises of divorce. What could possibly go wrong? As a note for those of you who haven't read the previous Take A Chance Series that thankfully each book is its own. So you can read them in whichever order you like.

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Its the reason I took up this book for the tour other then the hot bod on the cover and the interesting description of the book. This was the first book I've read in this series and with how this book turned out I'll be taking a chance He he I couldn't help myself and checking out the other books. I loved this quick, sweet and steamy read.

It was fun and I enjoyed reading it. It only took me like 2 hours to get through the book. Once I started the book I just couldn't put it down. I loved the characters. I loved the connection between the Morgan and Mike. I loved that there was more then one point of views because I got to really see what they were thinking and how they were slowly changing and falling for one another. I loved that there was a back story reasoning as to why Mike felt the way he does about relationships and marriage rather than just being a playboy.

I see that a lot of times the playboy characters are just cocky and way too confident just because of their looks with no good reasoning behind that. Mike had a story so it was easy to understand why he felt the way he did about that topic. I thought this book was very well written. I also liked the ending of this book everything felt complete with no loose ends. Overall I enjoyed this book and recommend you lovely readers to check it out. Sep 06, Stephanie rated it really liked it. Book provided by publisher via NetGalley.

No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein are my own except as otherwise noted. Diane's books often appear light and fluffy but they are filled with emotional growth and super sexy hook ups. They do not lack a family orientation ie. This is an equal opportunity no-strings lovers book.

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But, when cupid strikes this couple could become more entangled than a can of silly string. The message bugs me on an intellectual, I've seen too many friends go through this and read too many books about it and seen umpteen movies where this is perpetrated. If you think you can change anyone other than yourself you are wrong.

Do they want to risk freedom for love. Both come from parents for whom marriage was a game changer. The mistake is in thinking that because one person in their past was a certain way all marriages are that way. I like the characters, they are a little different. I think they are a bit blind to reality and that was driving me a little nuts. This blindness is a common device that allows a writer to quickly build a dramatic romantic situation.

I would llike to say I don't know anyone who would be this blind, bit I probably can't. It is possibly one of the most common tropes in romance writing. I like that Diane has placed this dramatic set of siblings in Las Vegas -- not somewhere we usually think of as a family town. It may well be all kinds of family cuddly but that's not how it is perceived What happens in Vegas - remember? The book is the fourth in a series about siblings; but it stands just fine on its own. I have enjoyed the series for its heart, unapologetic sappy emotions, and searing sheet time. I can highly recommend it to someone wanting an emotional but not terribly taxing read.

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