That Which Bites: The Julia Poe Vampire Chronicles

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Author Bio. Celis T. Rono studied English and Sociology. She is a voracious reader of American Literature and is a movie buff.

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This is her first novel. She is currently working on the sequel to That Which Bites. Celis lives in downtown Los Angeles. Followers via Bloglovin. Winner of Chasing Dragons! Christmas With Winners!!! In case of zombie apocalypse Hey, guys!

Julia Poe Vampire Chronicles Book Series:

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Blog Stats since May Noteworthy Blogs. Dear Author. The Book Pushers. July Must Haves 10 hours ago. My World Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell. And the last remaining group of humans is the survivors. Julia Poe was eight years old the day the skies turned gray. Somehow, through tears and keenly alert senses, Julia finds her way into an abandoned bomb shelter and begins her life of survival. Vampire factions have been using surviving humans as cattle.

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When a rescue attempt goes south, Julia finds herself challenged by a very powerful vampire. Her only friends have been out of contact for days; if anything has happened to them, her vendetta will know no end. Cornered and without any other options, Julia must decide quickly whether or not to accept an alliance with another very powerful vampire—one who is responsible for both turning humans into cattle and making her libido sizzle with a mind of its own.

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More appears to be going on between the vampire factions and the vampire council than Julia could have ever imagined.