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One woman reported her pain felt like 'acid being poured on my skin,' while another described it as 'constant knife-like pain,'" the National Vulvodynia Foundation noted on its website. If someone already has vulvodynia , it makes sense that tight-fitting pants pressing on the genitals, and removing hair that protects the skin, could exacerbate it.

Though this particular study only focused on a small sample size of self-reported answers, it builds on previous research about what can increase the risk of vulvodynia. Wearing pants that are too tight on the regular can negatively affect your genitals in other ways too. What's more, while pubic hair removal is a personal choice, a study published in the journal Women's Health found that excessive pubic hair removal can not only increase the risk of vulvodynia, it can also make you more vulnerable to other viruses and bacteria.

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Tight Pants

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Jennifer Lopez Performs 'Tight Pants' Song With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

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Plus, anything with a Questlove cameo is instantly awesome. Blessed is the mind that came up with this bizarre idea. Fallon tapped one of the most famous moms in America to help him show the "evolution of mom dancing. The president got in on the action, too, causing a stir for surprised Late Night fans. Obama popped up on the show in , helping Fallon turn a broadcast of news about student loans into a smooth slow jam. Instead of dealing crystal meth, he deals -- you guessed it -- jokes.

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