Dear Mister President

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Mueller is but one cog in the large wheel of intelligence running against you. Yes, the same wheel that runs against Mr. Not because of anything you did yourselves, but because Russiagate conspirators in the media, the Democratic party and the intelligence community have created it. I may be a lot more sympathetic to Mr. Assange than you are, but as I said before, this has nothing to do with personal opinion. This is about a trap being set for you. And Mr. Assange is an important part of that trap. Without the empty allegations against Mr. Assange, Robert Mueller would have had to drop his probe much earlier, but in keeping the allegations alive by silencing Mr.

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Assange, Russiagate can live on, because the link between Russian hackers and WikiLeaks can be left hanging in the air. And that, Mr. President, will be bad news for you, whether you like it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not.

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They, too, will continue to haunt you, using Mr. Assange as their bait. You could pardon him, but that may be a step too far for you at this point. It might be better to simply allow him to go home to Australia. What would amuse me to no end is if you would personally nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize. That would piss off so many of your enemies it would be a sight to see. The biggest bird you can flip them all.

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This is very similar: whoever comes to you to suggest the harshest treatment of Julian Assange, will be the one s intent on coming after you too. One last thing, Mr. President : Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden are among the best, brightest and bravest people our world has to offer. We need people like them, and we need them badly. That way America will never be great again, guaranteed. And you, sir I know, more irony may be their -and our- best and even last hope.

You have the power to set free our best. Please use it wisely.

Dear Mr. President

We believe, Chairwoman McDaniel, that you are uniquely positioned to assist the party in achieving both ends. Please let us explain. We believe nothing will help accomplish the objective stated above and do more to assist Republican candidates then reminding the public that shining moment in American history earlier this year when President Trump delivered perhaps the greatest and most moving State of the Union address in modern history.

Landrith goes on to ask the RNC Chair to give some real play to these videos on social media.


I agree. The videos are very instructive about the nature of your opponents.

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The next day polls were showing overwhelming support for your speech. Not only was your State of the Union a great speech doing exactly what your critics demand that you do — lead and unify — but it is a stark reminder that what they are about is the opposite. When you do exactly as they demand — they still attack you. Which in turn says everything the American people need to know. About Authors Events Contact Submissions.

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