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This book had me in tears pretty much from beginning to end. Identical twins. One dies and the other pretends to be them because they don't want them to be dead and the only person who knows is a blind man. The village is going When I go to a library with no plan of what I want to read I just go to the teenage section and pick out a book that I'm drawn to - sounds weird but that's how it is. The village is going to be underwater soon though so can the surviving twin get through and over her twin's death enough to move on.

I have to admit when I read this book I hated the ending. Both twins loved the same guy Colin, and Colin always loved the twin who survived but they didn't know that at the time. I thought she was completely betraying Grace - the dead twin. But then I talked to a friend who has a twin, and she said that if she died and her sister was still alive she'd want her sister to be happy, no matter what. I still don't really like the ending of this book, but I understand it better now! I'd recommend this book to anyone. It's sad, but it's fantastic! I do find it hard to believe that a novel as eerie and moving as this, about the flooding of a tiny, beloved village in Derbyshire to make way for a modern dam and reservoir, and about the mature grief felt by young Madeleine after the loss of her twin sister, should be missed out on by the majority of adults simply because it is labelled as 'young adult'.

The fate of the valley and the changing definitions of land ownership interests me most and makes the novel stand out. In contrast, the parts I do find it hard to believe that a novel as eerie and moving as this, about the flooding of a tiny, beloved village in Derbyshire to make way for a modern dam and reservoir, and about the mature grief felt by young Madeleine after the loss of her twin sister, should be missed out on by the majority of adults simply because it is labelled as 'young adult'.

However, possibly the saddest thing of all is how quickly the feudal way of life is forgotten after the valley is flooded; witness the unceremonious death of the past, and the murderers who got away with it, the novel seems to sigh. Jul 30, Georgina Ball rated it liked it. Initially this book confused the hell out of me. I had no idea when or where this was set, and was expecting it to be set in modern times by the cover but it wasn't.

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Once I got over the intial confusion the book was quite book. It followed several different people, all from the same village in a valley, which made it interesting as you got various people's point of view. It made you feel part of the story. The things which happened were lossely based on real events and it's quite interesting rea Initially this book confused the hell out of me. The things which happened were lossely based on real events and it's quite interesting really. The plot was OK, a little dull and I expected a bit more from the blurb. I can't say it was evoked emotions of any kind in any part of the book which was a little disappointing.

An OK book but not one that I'll probably remember reading in a couple of weeks. May 03, Dani rated it really liked it Shelves: uk. This was such an unbelievably sad book. Oh my word. Never having been a twin, I can't know how realistic their relationship was, but it certainly came across well. Doherty's 'writing voice' is the sort that I would normally write off as a Script of Things not Deep never having read any books by her before , but what she's pulled off in this book is something special.

She's got loss, love and village life all rolled into one spectacular story. So why only four stars, if I'm having trouble thinking This was such an unbelievably sad book. So why only four stars, if I'm having trouble thinking of something negative to say about it? Well, it's not really my type of thing. It was good, I'm glad I read it, but Jul 24, Elisha rated it it was amazing. I remember I took this book out of the library when I was in year six at primary school, and re read it about 7 times throughout the year! I can't entirely remember the plot but I do remember that it was an incredible book that moved me to tears, and that I enjoyed very much!

It was a good book, set in England in about a pair of twins and one of them dies. Then the Government forces them to move out of their valley. The story was about grief, memories, and moving on. I liked it. Sep 23, Stone Rouffignac rated it it was amazing. I was completely taken aback by this book — it was not what I expected.

I had anticipated a Young Adult novel featuring identical twin girls, with all the opportunities for confusion that could bring. Instead, I found myself reading an historical novel, but set in what is, for me, the recent past, because it was around the time of my own birth. That fact alone caught my attention as I realised I could be the contemporary of the young children in the story. Nor was the book really about twins.

Ins I was completely taken aback by this book — it was not what I expected. Instead it was about one twin and her interaction with all the other inhabitants of the valley, and of a way of life about to be lost forever. And it was so sad. Towards the end there were happy moments too.

Happiness and sadness intertwined.

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But the truth of it is that the amount of love you feel for someone and the impact they have on you as a person, is in no way relative to the amount of time you have known them. Watching them — from the outside. The once familiar elements of their life reduced to nothing more than occasional mentions in conversations and faces changing in photographs….. They exist to you now as nothing more than living proof that something can still hurt you … with no contact at all. And now…. I am lost…. And nothing means anything anymore. And if I cannot be in your life, then at least let me live in your heart.

And when the light has long since gone …. I will be there in the darkness holding what remains, quite simply because I cannot let go. How can you? This naturally builds a level of trust between the two of you.

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And of course, when someone trusts you they are more open and willing to make themselves vulnerable to your advances. In order to create this interest, you must first take special care with your appearance. Making a great first impression comes across in what you wear, in how you present yourself, and in how you move your body. Those people who come across as being confident will naturally grab the attention of those around them. With this in mind, move your body with purpose, use open body language, and smile sincerely. Be inviting and draw the other person into your world.

Eye contact is absolutely paramount when courting a potential mate. Good eye contact can help you to draw this other person into your world. Moreover, it helps create intrigue and interest. But what to do? How to use our eyes specifically with this purpose in mind? To begin with, make sure that your gaze is gentle and kind. Your eye contact must be steady but playful at the same time. You must look at the other person with respect and admiration.

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This will show the other person that you are intrigued and interested in them. During silences, observe them for a couple of seconds longer than you would normally in a typical social situation, then reluctantly and slowly pull your eyes away. This will make the other person feel as though you have a deep-seated interest in what they are saying. Finally, make your eyes look inviting and enticing throughout your conversation.

To do this you will need to practice expanding the size of your pupils. Eyes with a larger pupil size always look more inviting and warm. Just think for a moment about all the cartoon characters you love and the strength of their personality that comes through their eyes. When characters are shown with larger pupils they naturally look more friendly, warm and inviting.

The same is true of real life. Our pupils expand naturally when we are thinking loving thoughts, or simply about things that make us feel comfortable and secure. On the other hand, our pupils constrict whenever we are concerned, worried , stressed or afraid. To expand your pupils and make your eyes more inviting, make sure to think about the other person in loving ways. Focus on their beauty and on all the things you love about them.

This will help expand your pupils and make your eyes more alluring. As a result, the other person will feel more comfortable in your presence. Touching the other person gently, subtly, innocently, and at times accidentally throughout your interaction helps create a physical bond between the two of you. However, be very careful how you touch the person and where you touch them. The key is not to make the other person feel uncomfortable. Even a slight graze of your hips against theirs while sitting or standing side-by-side can create instant sparks and attraction.

The purpose here is of course to establish an early physical connection that you can work on building over time in more direct and less subtle ways. However, a word of warning. You need to first build a deeper bond and connection with this person using your eyes and body language as a medium to make that happen.

The question here is, how can you create a deep passionate desire and interest through the words you speak? In general, people are attracted to people who appear confident and self-assured. People are also intrigued by those who come across as being passionate and who live with a definitive purpose in life.

All you need is just to appear busy and in demand. Optimism is also another big factor that generates attraction. People who are upbeat about their life, health, family and careers are inspiring to be around. We want to be around them because they make us feel better about ourselves and about our own life problems. With this in mind, throughout your interaction with this other person you must essentially tick all the above-mentioned boxes.

By checking all these boxes you will naturally come across as being more attractive and appealing.

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This will subsequently help you to instil a deeper desire within the person you are interacting with. Not at all. The key is to subtly hint at how busy you are, or to briefly mention your passions. And that, of course, begins with very careful observation. In order to take your conversation with this other person to another level, you need to be very observant.

For instance, hand fidgeting could signify that they are feeling nervous or maybe somewhat impatient. If their hips are facing toward you, this shows that they are interested and involved in the conversation. Along the same lines, their facial expressions can give away subtle signals about their thoughts and feelings. This includes eye movements, how often they blink their eyes, and pupil constriction and dilation. If for instance their pupils are dilated, then this is a positive sign that they are fascinated and interested in the conversation.

If on the other hand their pupils are constricted and their eye movement is erratic, then that clearly indicates that they are feeling somewhat uncomfortable with your presence.


Getting into all the details of these subtle signs goes well beyond the purpose of this article. It is, however, something we will discuss at another time. For now I would highly recommend you visit The Science of People website, which delves into these topics in great depth and detail.

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Specifically, listen and identify topics that interest the other person, topics that you have in common, and even things you disagree with. Listen also to the intricate details of their life and circumstances. These are the nuggets of gold you need to move your conversation forward to ever deeper levels.

And this is of course all about how you talk and come across throughout your interaction with this other person. The purpose is to make the other person feel as though you are already a couple. This is of course exactly how couples who have been together for many years tend to talk. The key is to have fun with this process. Be lighthearted and joke around with the other person. At the very least it draws them into your world and gets them thinking about how life would be with you by their side.

That by itself is enough to start generating deep desire and passion. However, to truly make someone fall deeply and madly in love with you, you need to understand their love strategy. So by this stage you have hopefully created a deep emotional bond and connection with the other person. If you played your cards right, they are probably starting to develop some strong feelings for you. This imprint is built upon how they responded to parental love and affection, to environmental circumstances, to sensory stimuli, peer influence , and to the experience of pain and pleasure.

A love strategy, in essence, unlocks a set of patterned responses and expectations that reveal how we tend to feel deep love and affection. Unlocking this unique imprint and then putting it to practice is, of course, the key to making a person fall in love with you. But how exactly do we do this? Well it all starts with being very observant. You must identify what specifically needs to happen for a person to feel love and affection in the first place.

However, what does this mean exactly?