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Here are a few for you to digest:. Weight Watchers uses a points system, whereby points are assigned to certain foods. People are given a total number to aim for each day.

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Foods high in nutrients and are more filling and have fewer points. This enables patients to exercise portion control and moderate the amount of food they are consuming.

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A possible downside is that these are often prepared foods. Some people consider it less clean and fresh eating. It has been shown to provide weight loss in the first six months; however, this effect can sometimes be reversed once patients increase their carbohydrate intake. It decreases triglyceride concentrations and increase HDL good cholesterol concentrations in some patients. With limiting the amount of grains as well as some fruits, there is a risk of micronutrient and vitamin deficiencies.

The TLC Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet is meant to help people cut down on high cholesterol foods, and fast foods and eat more fiber. The Mediterranean Diet is a very popular diet, although not specifically designed for weight loss; it puts fruits and vegetables high on the food pyramid, with lots of fish and seafood, nuts, and legumes.

There is little red meat and sweets, but you are definitely allowed wine and olive oil. The Lyon Diet Heart Study put this diet on the map as it found that there was a 73 percent reduction of coronary events for high-risk patients after 27 months with this diet and that it lowered blood pressure and cholesterol.

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But without exercise coupled with I think will be useless. Should balance diet coupled with regular exercise. I was wondering.. I suppose you would support it as a dietary supplements instead of snacking? Is is safe to say that all types of fish are a good source of protein.

I eat fish 4 days a week but mostly salmon and tilapia. I appreciated the article regarding a balance between protein, complex carbohydrates, and fats in a food plan. But no mention was made of protein powder, especially if a person is in a program of exercise that includes lifting weights.

Popular diets: how to digest it all

I use Whey Protein powder mixed with water and skim milk; one scoop delivers 26 grams of protein plus mgs of calcium, 1 gram of fiber, 3 grams of sugar and 1 gram of saturated fat. The article is very knowledgeable. Thanks for the information. Keep sharing.. However if you look closely, you will see that even a well rounded vegetarian meal is full of protein. Any doubts, look at an elephant!

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Sincerely, Roger Gietzen, MD. Proteins are necessary for the body but not to take excessively. The tips are good and need to be followed. Stay fit and healthy. I calculate you consumed about 95g of protein rather than the g you go on to recommend. Do you calculate it differently?

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How could you possibly calculate how much protein she ate when she provided no information on any amounts? Creel also recommends taking a daily probiotic for gut health.

She advises her clients to follow the rule, meaning a hour window of eating followed by a hour window of fasting. For example, if you finish dinner at p. This method allows your body to optimally digest your meal and convert from glucose metabolism to fat metabolism, using fat as fuel.

Highly processed foods are hard to digest.

Ultimately, she says, you should look at eating and digestion as a way to nourish your body and provide it with the fuel it needs. By Kelsey Ogletree January 09, Pin FB ellipsis More.

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