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Certain events are highlighted and personalities who have influenced Bocuse are described.

Especially Fernand Point is mentioned, he writes about him:. Fernand Point was my pygmalion, the example to follow, in the kitchen as in life.

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He was a giant in every way. A generous and talented man, one of us, a great worker.

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All those who were allowed to work with him became excellent professionals. Point has played his part like no other in turning Bocuse into what he finally became, the most famous chef in the world.

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Cooks go through a school like some artists do, and they also have a sponsor, a mentor. During the German occupation Bocuse joins the Resistance and gets injured, one bullet barely misses the heart. In an American field hospital he fights for his life, later he jokingly quotes this time as saying that there is a lot of American blood flowing through his veins.

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The book is full of interesting anecdotes and stories, besides, it is brilliant with innumerable photos, partly taken by Bocuse himself, partly of historical nature, the abundance of the pictorial material alone is reason enough to get hold of the work. Name required.

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One of the longest-serving judges of his era, Chief Justice Lamer played an instrumental role in developing Canada's new culture of rights under the Charter. In this first-ever collection of essays about Chief Justice Lamer, academics, former clerks, and members of the judiciary examine his legacy of Charter interpretation and the protection of Canadians' rights.

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Explore Chief Justice Lamer's lengthy career, his personal conception of the law, and why he is recognized today as one of Canada's most influential judges. Essays cover:. Livraison rapide. Par Adam M.

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