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I completely and totally adored her! Ashley West introduces herself to Micky as head of a team working on a joint operation to uncover a human trafficking ring. She introduces herself as from ICE, U. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. She is quite taken with Micky's observational skills. Ashley and Micky get real personal, really fast.

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Micky finds herself very taken with Ashley. Two other people are really delicious characters in this story. Micky's interactions and dealings with both these ladies added some wonderful extra moments and complications. Things get rather strange and highly volatile as this story proceeds. I tip my hat to the author, J. Redmann, for completely flooring me with the finale. Hopefully, my admission will really encourage folks to stay the course.

Once again Thumbs up! My main reason for rating this 3 instead of anything higher was the funny little odd ball fact that I knew what was happening before it happened. Well, at least knew who the good guys were. Knew which were the bad. Watching someone I had grown to like through seven books make a fool of themselves in the eighth isn't fun. Dec 11, Ulla rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , thrillers , favourites , paperback. Call me a Micky Knight addict, I don't mind!! I liked this one very much but don't want to go into details - that could spoil it for those who haven't read it yet!!!

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And now I can't wait to read the next one! View 2 comments.

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  • Oct 28, Brenda Freeman rated it liked it. Knew the bad guys from the beginning. Still enjoy the Mickie character. Missed her friends in this one. Apr 12, Valerie rated it did not like it. FYI, if you read these last currently two books in the series you may feel depressed. And she does an excellent job on this front.

    Additionally she makes readers care about Micky and her friendships. Brutally, even. I guess there's an internal logic to the way its explained in the book, but I didn't buy it. Still, it was an enjoyable enough novel, with Micky creatively getting herself out of a sticky situation. What really brought me down though, was book 9, The Girl on the Edge of Summer.

    Here we find Micky back to struggling with her addiction to alcohol, disaffected from her friends and forcing herself through her days. No conversation, no closure to their failed relationship for Micky or for us readers. Perhaps its my fault for becoming so attached to the characters in this series but I think I would have been fine with Micky and Cordelia breaking up if it was handled better by the author.

    Instead it felt like the author was done the relationship, wanted to be unencumbered from it and plotted the quickest way to excise it from the storyline. If any more books come out in this series I will likely still read them, as it is truly quality writing. I'm really hoping that they will lead Micky to a better place, though. Almost oppressively so. In my opinion this series could benefit from a return to the light. Apr 08, Layla rated it really liked it. The Shoal of Time is the eighth book in the Micky Knight series, and it's probably been one of my favorites so far.

    That's saying something: Micky Knight herself is one of my favorites; I've been following her adventures since I was a baby gay and have a real affection for her. If you know what I mean. Most of this review will have to be under a cut for massive spoilers, but I will say this: The Shoal of Time makes a few interesting decisions that set it apart from the rest of the Micky Knight books. On the level of plot, the bad guys are relatively easy to spot. However, since Micky is going it alone for most of the book — she misses it. This is the other interesting decision I think Redmann makes; in a series that has a ton of well-loved and well-developed characters, most of the supporting cast is out to lunch in this one Cordelia, Alex, Joanne, Torbin, Andy.

    The bad guy s are painfully, painfully obvious, almost right from the get-go. And it is incredibly difficult to watch a character you love lie to herself over and over and over, as well as make incredibly bad choices.


    Because I know Micky knows better! For example, Micky never checks out the credentials of the so-called agents on the human trafficking case until it is way too late in the game. Bad decision making! And why she keeps on missing it in this book. Micky started out seven books ago as a lone wolf type with a bad drinking problem. Along the way, she picked up a partner, reconnected with her mom, and was in recovery re: her alcoholism.

    It's an interesting decision to make - while the book is still suspenseful, I feel like much of the tension I felt as a reader was actually over Micky's development rather than the plot's, which is true of most Micky Knight books, I think. Should you read this? But you should read the other seven books first. Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was super stoked to get my hands on this one, you all.

    Love is blind You spend the first part of book trying to figure what happened to Cordelia. The rest trying to figure out who the bad guys are and Micky seems to be wearing blinders.

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    Jan 12, Line rated it really liked it. It's a good book, but I missed the interaction with her friends from the last books. It's Micky on her own again in this one. I also found out the "bad guys" quite a long time before Micky. Mar 23, Gayer Than Fiction rated it it was amazing. Potential vague spoilers ahead. While all of the other books in the series kept me entertained and moved especially around the Hurricane Katrina events , this one legitimately made me cry in the end.

    I love strong, witty, sassy, imperfect characters, and does Micky ever qualify The Shoal of Time spells out a loneliness and vulnerability in Micky that was devastating to read. We all want to love and to be loved, and most of us screw up on that end at some point in time. In this book, the be Potential vague spoilers ahead. In this book, the betrayal that Micky has to experience is painful to read, and cut me to the core.

    The only complaint I had was the lack of Emma. I do hope to see her again in the next book.

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    I just recently discovered the book series and binge-read it over a period of maybe 10 or 12 days, and I honestly can't wait for the next book. Feb 10, Milkiways rated it liked it Shelves: Still good but not to the level of previous books in the series. Rating: 3. Jan 06, A. I really love this series, all 8 books!

    Not so secretly hoping there is going to be a 9th, maby even a 10th book. Micky is a real person, with actual flaws and sometimes she makes bad decisions, but I am rooting for her all the way. But it was never a really good couple communication, hello? I could very much understand that Micky, heartbroken as she was, never could see the bad guys I really love this series, all 8 books! I could very much understand that Micky, heartbroken as she was, never could see the bad guys even though they were really bad disguised. The book was more about Micky, who needed to feel wanted, desired, and come to the understanding that, even though she made some bad decisions and boy, did Cordelia made some too if you ask me!

    Probably not.. If there is even going to be a next book..? Feb 05, Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: lgbt , mystery. Despite being totally engrossed as usual in the story, I was, at first, annoyed that Micky was trusting a woman I could clearly see should not be trusted. She wasn't in a good head space - most of us have been there.

    That was my major gripe, but upon reflection, totally works. I am a bit disappointed that Redmann appears to have set this up to be the last Despite being totally engrossed as usual in the story, I was, at first, annoyed that Micky was trusting a woman I could clearly see should not be trusted. I am a bit disappointed that Redmann appears to have set this up to be the last book. I certainly hope that's not the case, as I thoroughly enjoy reading about Micky's adventures, but the ending very well could be the end of the series.

    Or not. It's left open, but could work either way. Jul 04, Regina rated it liked it. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but I don't know if it's me, but all the characters seem to get more and more jaded as the series progresses. It's the eighth book, and I just feel so tired for Mickey. She needs to leave Cordelia already. My gosh Cordelia. Never have I rooted for a couple to get together as they did in the first book, and then strongly want them to break up as the series progresses, LOL.

    I don't know, I'm as conflicted about their relationship as they are, they ar I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but I don't know if it's me, but all the characters seem to get more and more jaded as the series progresses. I don't know, I'm as conflicted about their relationship as they are, they are prefect for each other but they shouldn't be together officially or something Dec 28, Elaine Burnes rated it liked it Shelves: lesbian , mystery , fiction.

    I'm conflicted on how or whether to rate this at all. There's no way to review without spoiling, but the opening phrase sums it up To those who were "nagging, begging, pleading" for a "certain plot element," I'd like to have a word with you. And BSB, please hire a proofreader. When a key word in a key clue changes abruptly, well, that's just stupid.

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    • Apr 03, Martha Miller rated it it was amazing. I usually mark books as very good because if they aren't I put them down. Life is too short and there's a lot of good books out there. This is the 8th in the Micky Knight series and one of the best. Again New Orleans is in some state of destruction and restoration. Although I read book 7 [Ill Will] in which Cordelia is fighting cancer, I was still surprised when Micky was sleeping with new women.

      Jul 11, Julie M rated it it was amazing. I love the entire Micky Knight series. I read the entire series in 3 days. Micky is flawed but a sincere and honest character. She knows her flaws. She can't see what's in front of her in this book. We can but we didn't just lose the true love of our life. My heart broke when I found she wasn't with Cordelia. For years, Ackerman housed his enormous cache of books, movie stills, posters, paintings, movie props, masks and assorted memorabilia in his room home in Los Feliz.

      He dubbed the house the Ackermansion. The jam-packed repository included everything from a Dracula cape worn by Lugosi to Mr. Spock's pointy ears and from Lon Chaney Sr. That's when he stopped at a drugstore on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Western Avenue in Hollywood and bought his first copy of the science-fiction magazine Amazing Stories. Ackerman was helplessly hooked. By his late teens, he had mastered Esperanto, the invented international language. In , he founded the Boys Scientifiction Club.

      In , he joined a group of other young fans in launching the Time Traveler, which is considered the first fan magazine devoted exclusively to science fiction and for which Ackerman was "contributing editor. MacArthur in San Pedro.

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      After the war, he worked as a literary agent. His agency represented scores of science-fiction writers, including L. Ron Hubbard, Isaac Asimov, A. Gold, Ray Cummings and Hugo Gernsback.

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      In , Ackerman coined the term that would become part of the popular lexicon -- a term said to make some fans cringe. After a couple from Texas showed up on his doorstep in asking to view the collection, Ackerman began opening up his home for regular, informal tours on Saturdays. Over the years, thousands of people made the pilgrimage to the Ackermansion.

      Among the collection's other highlights: the ring worn by Lugosi in "Dracula," the giant-winged pterodactyl that swooped down for Fay Wray in "King Kong," Lon Chaney's cape from "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Metropolis" director Fritz Lang's monocle. The affable Ackerman would escort his visitors through the priceless warren of books, posters and memorabilia, settling into a chair in each room and answering questions.

      Acula, Weaver Wright and Claire Voyant. He also wrote what has been reported to be the first lesbian science-fiction story ever published, "World of Loneliness. Famous Monsters of Filmland ceased publication in , but returned a decade later with Ray Ferry as publisher and Ackerman as editor. Ackerman, however, reportedly had a falling out with Ferry and left the magazine. admin