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Working hours were reduced via short-time working schemes, working time accounts, and variations in working time at the company level. As these measures had nothing to do with the labour market reforms in the years before the crisis, there is also no direct impact of these reforms on the employment miracle.

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Also wage moderation, which has been fuelled by these labour market reforms, had no positive impact on the overall labour market performance of Germany. Persistent Identifier of the first edition:. Social Media Mentions:.

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Download Statistics. Panel surveys of private households—primarily those of the Socio-Economic Panel SOEP —were already an integral and accepted part of the research landscape in the early s, because they, as opposed to cross-sectional surveys, allow the analysis of dynamic processes and hence form a better basis for explaining social processes and for legitimate interference in politics Hochmuth and Wagner , VII.

However, back then, no original company-related information in panel form was generally accessible to science.

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The compilation of the IAB Establishment Panel Survey 20 years ago constituted the first dataset representative of the whole economy for research activities regarding the demand side of the labour market. Since then, a great number of scientific studies with analyses based on data from the IAB Establishment Panel Survey have been published in the Journal for Labour Market Research and its predecessor Mitteilungen aus der Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung. The special issue at hand is published on the occasion of this anniversary.

It contains a total of ten refereed scientific articles about the conception and development of the IAB Establishment Panel Survey, and the quality of data and evaluation methods.

Seven of the ten articles were presented at a scientific conference at the IAB in October The first part of the double issue at hand comprises general articles regarding the development and structure of the dataset and its use, while the focus lies on changes and recent developments. The objective of the first article by Lutz Bellmann is, on the one hand, to investigate the reasons for the success of the IAB Establishment Panel Survey and the LIAB and, on the other hand, to consider the key topics of the studies using this data.

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Of course, these topics are subject to continuous change themselves; however, some questions have been included in the IAB Establishment Panel Survey from the beginning. The studies considered did not only investigate the questions themselves but also regarding employment, wage and productivity effects. Five years after the publication of the overview article by Fischer et al. It furthermore presents considerations regarding a possible switch to a computer-based survey mode.

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It presents four procedures: difference-in-differences estimator, matching procedures, causal effects in quantile regression analysis and approaches to determine discontinuities in regression estimates. It is examined whether operational associations for employment and location securing influence the production output significantly, which is true for at least part of the companies. The author shows the specific advantages and disadvantages of both data sources.

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Hence, the toolbox for empirical research with longitudinal datasets for companies in Germany should include both the IAB Establishment Panel Survey and the AFiD panel for an adequate examination of a wide range of questions. Richard Upward, Hans-Dieter Gerner and Lutz Bellmann examine in their contribution the connection between employment dynamics on the one side and recruitments and dismissals on the other side.

Although the number of recruitments and dismissals is significantly lower in Germany than in the USA, the connection between employment adjustment and recruitments and dismissals is to a great extent equal to the pattern of the USA and significantly different from that in France.

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The result is that dismissal costs are greater than recruitment costs and that the adjustment speed has increased when comparing the business cycles — and — This implies a decrease in adjustment costs. The authors show that in-company further training investments and an internal infrastructure have a positive effect on employment trajectories.

Works councils increase the employment stability in particular in periods of economic growth. All qualification groups benefit from a high level of regional human resources during upswings while a segregation regarding the qualification groups could be observed during downswings. The authors find both statistically and economically significant higher wage differences in owner-run companies.