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He comes to you, god with distinguished shapes! Hail to you! You shaped the earth; You assembled your flesh, You counted your members; [fingers and toes] You were unique, made his place, God who melted the double kingdom.

Papyrus of Ani; Egyptian Book of the Dead [Budge]

You had no father who engendered you when you were born into the existence, no mother who gave birth to you. Let us go, let us sing for Him hymns, He who created the gods, the men, and all the animals, Who created all the kingdoms, the river banks, and the very-green seas , singing on His behalf of creator of the kingdom! Let us go, let us sing for him hymns! He who brought the Nile outside its cave, Who makes turn green the fruit tree, Who creates the necessities of what goes out ceaselessly of him, on his behalf respectable Noun! Translation by A.

May you all allow my Soul to come forth in the day to see the Sundisk; 3. May you listen to me praying every day like the transfigured spirits whom you made so glorious; 4. And may you have me follow you both day and night as one of those you honor. Because I am one who has been true to God since first I was on earth. Let me satisfy Truth, truly, every day, for I have turned my back on evil in his presence, nor has there been occasion for it since my birth.

For surely I am one who is benevolent under God, wise and contented, who listens to the truth. Let me be among the crew in the bark of Osiris celebrating in the district of Peqer. For the Spirit of the hereditary prince, Sole Friend, royal deputy for the Two Lands, royal scribe, Horemheb the vindicated. Let us stand and give thanks to Thoth, the God of Knowledge, the measure which embodies correctness in the scales of justice. He rejects evil and welcomes the man who turns aside from unjust actions. He is the judge who weighs the words of men, Who calms the storm, Who gives peace, 4.

The official scribe who preserves the hidden texts, 6. He punishes the criminal, He welcomes the obedient man, 7. His arm is strong, the sage at the heart of the Ennead, the Union of Gods, 8. He who restores what was forgotten, He who advises the lost, 9. He who preserves in the moment, [before the opportunity is lost] He who watches over the hours of night, He whose words last for eternity. Praise to Thoth, the son of Amun-Re, the Moon beautiful in his rising, lord of bright appearings who illumines the gods. Hail to thee, Moon, Thoth, Bull of Heliopolis, who spreads out the seat of the gods, 3.

Let us praise Thoth, the exact plummet of the balance, from whom evil flees, who accepts him who avoids evil, 6. Murray Another verse transcription by the same translator, with another renumbering. Hail to thee, Thoth, the child of the Sun, the Moon who arises in beauty, 2. Lord of all brightness, the Light of the gods, all praises are thine and all worship. Bull of Hermopolis, spreading the seats of the gods in the height of the heavens. Judge of mankind, the laws of the gods are entrusted to him for enforcement, 5. Vanquishing crime as Vizier of the Lord he judges the good and the evil, 6.

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Obtaining the truth at the Weighing of Souls, he weighs every heart in the Balance; 7. Just and exact as the Scales of the Lord, confronting the deed and the doer, 8. Calling to mind the words and the deeds and the evil long past and forgotten, 9. Wickedness flees from the face of the Judge who admits all the righteous to favour. Time and Eternity wait on his Word and his Word abideth for ever.

O my twice-great master Thoth, the only [Lord], who has no equal, 2. You have made my heart walk upon your waters, 5. He who walks on your road will never stumble. O people living on this Earth, and those yet to be born, 7. Come, I will guide you on the road of life, 9. The road of the man who obeys God is straight, happy is he whose heart urges him to follow it! To walk on the road of God is to be filled with light, It is a monument raised by them on this Earth, that those who follow the paths of God, those who cling to the ways of God, spend all their lives in joy, gathering riches without equal.

Thoth, the God of knowledge, rewards every act according to its own merit. As you act so shall you be treated. To speak a good word is to build a monument. Happiness is to be found in observing righteousness. Maat The West beyond the horizon is the dwelling place for he who has not transgressed the law, happy is who reaches there!

Nobody can reach there unless their hearts have conformed exactly to the law. Down there there is no distinction between rich and poor, unless it is in the favour of he who is found to be righteous when weighted in the scales of justice before the master of eternity. Translated by C. Praise to you, the lord of the house!

Ape with white hair and pleasant form, with friendly nature, beloved of all men. He is of sehret-stone, he, even Djehuti, that he may illumine the earth with his beauty. That which upon his head is of red jasper and his phallus is of quartz. His love leaps on his eyebrows and he opens his mouth to bestow life. My house is happy since the entered it; 7.

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It prospers and is richly furnished, since my lord did tread it. Be happy, people of my quarter, and rejoice all my kindred. Behold, my lord it is that makes me, yes, my heart longs after God. O Djehuti, if you will be to me a champion, I will fear not for the eye. Prayer to Thoth for wisdom in the path of His service. Come to me, Thoth, O glorious sacred Ibis, god who loves Hermopolis. Scribe of letters to the Ennead, exalted in Heliopolis!

Come to me that you may give good counsel and make me wise in your affairs. Your calling is splendid above any other — it makes for greatness; 5. One discovers knowledge in it to form a distinguished man. I have seen the many men you favored, and they are high officials, seated on the Council of the Thirty, 7.

Strong and powerful because of what you do; and it is you who gave them wisdom. And it is you who give good counsel to him without a mother; fate and good fortune are in your hand. O come to me that you may give me wisdom! I am a devotee of your domain, Then they shall come bringing their children, offering them to your service.

The service of the Lord of Power is perfection, and happy he who is allowed to follow it. Come to me, Djehuti, thou lordly ibis-bird, thou Ntr for whom yearneth Hermopolis. Letter-writer of the Nine Ntr, great one in Unu. Come to me, that you may lead me, that you may make me cunning in your calling. Fairer is your calling than all callings, it makes men great. It is found that he who is cunning therein becomes a noble. Many deeds there are that you do for them and they are in the council of thirty.

They are strong and mighty though what you do. It is you who has cared for him that has no [care-taker]. Fate and the Harvest-goddess are with thee.

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Come to me and care for me. I am a servant of your house. Let me tell of your mighty works in whatsoever land I be. So will they come with their children in order to brand them for your office. A goodly calling, O strong deliverer, and happy is he that follows it. Come to me and give me counsel, Make me skillful in your calling; Better is your calling than all callings, It makes men great.

He who masters it is found fit to hold office, I have seen many whom you have helped; They are now among the Thirty, They are strong and rich through your help. You are he who offers counsel, Fate and Fortune are with you, Come to me and give me counsel, I am a servant of your house. Praise to Thoth, son of Amun-Re, the moon, beautiful in its rising, lord of bright appearings, who illumines the gods, 2.

Warlock 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Eldritch Might

He saith: Hail to thee, Thoth, Bull in Hermopolis, in the midst of Hesret, who openest the place of the gods, 4. Skilful in the boat of millions of years, patiently waiting for mankind, 7. Day dawns when He summons it in heaven; He is not forgetful of the report of yesterday; Outstretched of hands in the forepart of the ship of the pure of face; Who takes the log-book of the Morning Ship, rejoicing with the joy of the Evening Ship, at the feast of traversing heaven, Thou leadest the way to the place of the ship and thou art active against the fiend.

Thou cuttest off his head; thou destroyest his ba; body Thou takest his [body] to the fire, thou art the God who slaughtered him. Nothing is done that thou knowest not, in thy capacity of Great One, son of the Great One, who issued from her body, Protector of Harakhti, wise enterer into On; who maketh the place for the gods; who knoweth the mysteries and explaineth their words. Let us praise Thoth, the exact plummet in the midst of the balance, The vizier cousellor to the king who giveth judgment, who subdues clamour in peace; Scribe of the ma'at; the righteous who establisheth the book, of the righteous Learned within the Ennead; who recalls all that is forgotten; Wise for him who is in error; The remembrancer of the present moment and of infinity; Who proclaims the hours of the night; night watchman and timekeeper Whose words abide for ever.

Who enters into the Tei , and knows what is therein. They the gods shall write him down in the list [of acceptable souls]. Translated by H.

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He says: Praises to you, O moon, Djehuty, strong bull of Hermopolis, dwelling in its sacred precinct. One who clears the way for the gods, knows the religious mysteries, writes down the statements of the gods; Who distinguishes one report from another like it and evaluates each person; Skilled to guide the Bark of Millions of Years; courier for the Sunfolk. Who knows a man by his speech and measures the deed against the doer. Who attends on Re, ascends to the presence of the sole Lord to inform him of all that has happened — Each dawn he gives an accounting in the sky; and he does not neglect the events of yesterday.

Who keeps the Night Bark healthy and makes the Day Bark peaceful, His arms unhindered in the prow of the Night Bark, Clear-seeing when he has taken the rope of the Day Bark, Rejoicing in the joy of the Night Bark during the celebration when it crosses the sky. O you whom Re favors as you compose the paeans to the gods.

May you sacrifice that Rebel-Serpent, cut his head off, annihilate his soul, and throw his body on the fire, for you are the god who slaughters him. There is nothing done without your knowing as the Exalted One, son of the Great Goddess, who came forth from her flesh; Protector of Horakhty, with entree to the lore of Heliopolis, who created the sphere of the gods, Who knows the sacred Mysteries, interpteter of their words.

Let us offer praise to Thoth, the plumbline which is true in the center of the balance, who drives off evil, receives the one who does not lean toward crime. Vizier who judges words, who quiets uproars into peace, scribe of records who protects the scrolls, Who punishes the guilty, accepts the one in chains, healthy of arm, wisest of the Ennead. Who brings back all forgotten things, helpful to one who has gone astray, Who recalls the fleeting moment, who reports on each hour of the darkness; Whose words will last forever- who has entree to the Underworld.

Knowing all those there, and who records them, each according to his name. Who knows the secrets, Who records their expression, Who distinguishes one speech from another, Who is judge of everyone. Keen-faced in the Ship-of-millions, Courier of mankind, Who knows a man by his utterance, Who makes the deed rise against the doer. Who makes safe the night-bark, Makes tranquil the day-bark, With arms outstretched in the bow of the ship. Who fells the fiend, Sunders western lightland. Let us give praise to Thoth, Straight plummet in the scales, Who repulses unrighteousness, Who accepts him who leans not on crime.

The Tjati prime minister or vizier Who settles cases, Who changes turmoil to peace; The scribe of the mat Who keeps the book, Who punishes crime, Who accepts the submissive! Who is sound of arm, Wise among the Ennead, Who relates what was forgotten. Counselor to him who errs, Who remembers the fleeting moment, Who reports the hour of night, Whose words endure forever, Who enters the Dwat the Netherworld , knows Those in it, And records them in the list. O you gods in Heaven, O you gods on Earth! You Southerners, Northerners, Westerners, Easterners, 3. Come and behold Thoth, how He shines forth in His crown 4.

Exalt in the hall of Geb over what He has done! He is the lord of kindliness, the leader of the entire multitude! Then follow a promise [of Thoth] that for all gods who will thus praise Him, Thoth will furnish their chapels and their altars in their temples, 9. He is to cause that he be loved and praised, and pleasant and protected with all people and that his enemies be overthrown. Translator unknown Spell: May you strike down my male and female enemies, dead and living. These are to be spoken by a man when he has offered to Thoth, — justifying a man against my enemies in the council of every god and every goddess!

For He is the chief of every god and every goddess, this being what the great council of gods has decreed for Him. Translated by Parkinson, and L.

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Rejoice in the Hall of Geb at what he has done! Praise him, extol him, give him hymns! Now every god and every goddess, who shall give praises to Thoth on this day -he shall found their seats, and their offices in their temples in the Island of Fire! Hail to you Thoth! I am the one who praises you, so may you give me house and property! May you establish me, create my livelihood, in the land of the living, as you have made them to live in the Island of Fire! May you give me love, favours, […], sweetness, protection, in the bodies, hearts, breasts of all mankind, all patricians, all folk, all sunfolk!

Spell: May you strike down my male and female enemies, dead and living. For he is the chief of every god and every goddess, this being what the great Company of gods has decreed for him. Ttranslation by Parkinson and L.


O Thoth, place me in Khmun, your city, where life is pleasant! You supply me what I need in bread and beer, you keep watch over my mouth when speaking. Would that I had Thoth behind me at the judgement day! You great palm tree, 60 cubits high, on which are fruits. Stones are in the fruits and water in the stones. You who bring water to a place far away, come, deliver me who is silent. Thoth, you sweet well for one who thirsts in the wilderness!

It is closed to him with words to say, it is open to him who is silent. The silent one comes and finds the well. The passionate one comes and You are hidden from him. You supply me what I need in bread and beer, 3. You who bring water to a place far away, It is closed to him with words to say, Translator unknown Alternate translations Prayer to Thoth Thoth, thou, sweet well for someone who suffers thirst in the desert.

He is closed for him who speaks and he is open for him who is silent. If the silent one comes, then he finds the well, when the hot one comes , then thou art hidden. Prayer to Thoth O Thoth, convey me to Khmun, Your town where life is pleasing; Supply my needs of bread and beer, And guard my mouth in speaking! You great dum-palm of sixty cubits, On which there are nuts; There are kernels in the nuts, There is water in the kernels. You who bring water from afar, Come, rescue me, the silent; O Thoth, you well that is sweet To a man who thirsts in the desert! It is sealed to him who finds words, It is open to the silent; Comes the silent, he finds the well, To the heated man you are [hidden].

Thou suppliest what I need in bread and beer and thou keepest watch over my mouth when I speak. Would that I had Thoth behind me tomorrow! Come to me when I enter before the Lords of Maat the judges in the hereafter And so shall I come forth justified. Thou great dom palm, sixty cubits high, whereon are fruits; Stones are in the fruits and water is in the stones. The tiefling—the warlock—smiled and stood to embrace her patron and her beloved. The warlock gazed up and smiled. Magic blazed in her eyes and crackled in the air around her being. Just that I will be having tea with a friend.

You are a warlock. You are a conduit for the power of a being of god-like power. You may use this incredible gift for good or for evil. Other warlock patrons exist, shrouded by time and space. Warlocks are a spellcasting class, like a wizard or cleric, but they follow completely different rules. While other casters have the Spellcasting feature, warlocks instead possess the gift of Pact Magic.

This means that you have precious few spell slots, but your spells are always cast at the highest possible level, and you regain your spell slots on a short rest instead of a long rest. Because of their unusual spellcasting style, warlocks have a lot of moving parts. Because of their supernatural pact, the warlock class automatically gives you roleplaying opportunities. Read Erin M. However, there are certain basics of how to effectively play a warlock that every player should know. This guide will cover the basics of eldritch magic, walking you through the first 5 levels of playing a warlock.

While superficially similar to other spellcasters like sorcerers and bards, warlocks have a completely different method of casting spells, and also have unique choices in the form of Eldritch Invocations. Because of this innate customizability, the warlock is a highly flexible class that can take on just about any role in an adventuring party, depending on their choice of patron, pact, and invocations.

Warlock 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Eldritch Might

Your first role-defining choice is your Otherworldly Patron hereafter referred to as a subclass ; this decision will start to carve out a thematic and mechanical niche for your character. You could specialize in Offense by choosing spells and invocations that empower your damage-dealing spells, and relying upon your allies to protect you when you run out of juice.

You could also choose to take on a Defense role, hampering enemies with control spells and keeping yourself safe with warding magic. The role of Tank is an odd one for a spellcasting class, but you can make decisions that will make you a warrior formidable enough to draw fire from your more vulnerable allies. Finally, Support is also an unusual role for a warlock, but you can choose a patron and spells that allow you to buff and heal your allies instead of raining woe upon your enemies.

This should help make choosing a patron a less daunting task. Offensive warlocks channel all of their power into destructive spells and deadly weapons, leaving little consideration for their own safety. Warlocks who make a pact with the Fiend gain spells that reinforce this archetype, as well as the powerful Hurl through Hell capstone at 14th level. Warlocks who specialize in Defense prefer to ward themselves from harm while controlling the battlefield with spells that manipulate the elements, create illusions, or rend space itself.

A Tank stands up to mighty enemies and uses their own threatening demeanor to draw attention away from their more vulnerable allies. Such warriors tend to wear thick armor and boast mighty defensive capabilities—both traits that few warlocks possess. Only warlocks blessed with the power of the Hexblade possess the ability to wear medium armor and shields, and their fearsome one-on-one combat abilities make them high-value targets on the battlefield. Warlocks blessed by a pact with a Celestial possess magic similar to that of a cleric, granting them formidable healing and restorative abilities.

They also possess unique powers that can call down retributive wrath upon enemies who would dare attack them, making them a less appealing target in combat, despite their low defenses. Combat is a careful balancing act for you. You only have one spell slot at 1st level, so you need to use it at the proper moment. If you plan on casting a spell like hex , that moment could be as soon as possible, and then you fall back on your plentiful cantrips to deal damage.

Just like sorcerers and bards, you learn new spells as you level up, and can cast any of your spells known with your limited spell slots. This differentiates you from spellcasting classes like wizards and druids, who have access to a wide array of spells, but must prepare a small selection of them whenever they complete a long rest. You also have access to a wide selection of cantrips—especially if you forge a Pact of the Tome at 3rd level—that you can cast at-will without expending spell slots.

Use these like a fighter would use a sword or crossbow, and save those powerful leveled spells to make them really count! To alleviate some of the anxiety of choosing spells, a selection of sample spell lists and invocations have been provided below. These sample lists are based on your preferred role in the party, and can easily be changed to fit your personal vision for your character. You can and should tailor these lists of spells to not just your personal preference, but also to the sort of challenges you are facing in your own campaign.

At 1st level , you forge a pact with an Otherworldly Patron. This choice will help determine your role and grant you additional powers throughout the campaign. At 2nd level , you can amplify your arcane power with Eldritch Invocations. These invocations support your role in the party, and are discussed below. You also gain your second spell slot, marking a massive increase in your flexibility. At 3rd level , you refine the pact you sealed with your patron by choosing a Pact Boon, selecting from Pact of the Blade, Pact of the Chain, or Pact of the Tome.

Which boon you should choose is largely dependent on your party role, and is discussed below. At 4th level , you gain an Ability Score Improvement or a feat! At 5th level , you gain access to 3rd-level spells. Warlocks may have limited spell slots, but they possess invocations that empower their cantrips to ludicrous strength, and automatically cast their spells at the highest available power level.

This is always useful to warlocks who specialize in destructive magic. Warlocks who make a pact with the Fiend or the Hexblade are best suited to Offense. Celestial warlocks also have potent offensive capabilities. Your choice of patron grants you additional spells, many of which are crucial to your offensive capabilities.

At 1st level , you learn two cantrips from the warlock spell list. You should choose at least two offensive cantrips so that you always have an at-will attack to fall back on. Eldritch blast is a must-have for any warlock, and green-flame blade is a good pick for a melee-focused warlock. Otherwise, consider a more close-range spell, like poison spray or thunderclap. Also at 1st level , you learn two 1st-level spells from the warlock spell list.

Hex is a must-have spell, thanks to its long duration. Note that you can change the target of your hex at any time after its current target has died, so long as you maintain concentration. This means that your hex can last between combat encounters, especially when cast at higher levels. Armor of Agathys is a strong choice, as it grants you increased survivability and additional damage; it also scales well with level. At 2nd level , you learn a new 1st-level spell. You also get to choose two Eldritch Invocations. Agonizing Blast is a must-have, as it increases your damage output severely.

At 3rd level , you gain the ability to learn 2nd-level spells from the warlock spell list. Also, all of your spell slots become 2nd-level spell slots. You learn one new spell, like shatter or shadow blade. You also gain a Pact Boon. Pact of the Blade is excellent for Hexblade warlocks or any warlock that wants to fight in close quarters.

Pact of the Tome serves warlocks that prefer to fight from afar; it grants you three cantrips from any spell list. Pact of the Chain grants you a powerful familiar, which you can use to help you explore dangerous areas, and even aid in combat! All of these boons are useful to the Offense role in different ways, especially since they unlock specific Eldritch Invocations later on, but Pact of the Blade is the most purely offensive in nature. Since you can choose one of the invocations you know and replace it with another available invocation whenever you level up, you can gain access to boon-specific invocations at this level, like Aspect of the Moon, Book of Ancient Secrets, Gift of the Ever-Living Ones, Improved Pact Weapon, or Voice of the Chain Master.

At 4th level, you gain an Ability Score Increase, or a feat! If you want to improve your chances of dealing greater damage, you should put both points into Charisma. If you want a feat to help improve your damage output, consider the Lucky, Spell Sniper, or War Caster feats. State Convention has continued apace. We know that many of you are still experiencing difficulties Our commitment to Fraternity calls us to take with completing registration on the website, and the higher road.

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