Songs of Sadness, Songs of Love

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What song do you pop on when you want to listen to a song about sadness? Vote your favorite to the top of this list and share your thoughts in the comments section. Hallelujah Leonard Cohen. Hurt Johnny Cash. Eleanor Rigby The Beatles. With or Without You U2.

Stay with Me Sam Smith. Taylor Swift made waves in the music industry over the weekend when she wrote an open letter calling out the sale of her masters to music manager Scooter. Update: A representative for Ariana Grande tells Refinery29 that the singer's alleged deleted Instastory is fake. The original story continues below. It's no surprise that a show like Euphoria on HBO has such a killer soundtrack. The high school-centric drama experiments with taboo plot lines at the.

Few things are as necessary as immediate mood-boosters, and songs are the easiest pick-me-ups around. Brace yourself for a heat wave and some bops: The summer of is upon us, and the jams are already thick. We don't know which track will take the Song. While this song from U2's album, The Joshua Tree is not necessarily new or original, Scala and Kolacny Brothers, a Belgian women's choir, sing it in a way that really hits a chord.

There's nothing like a choir to make an emotion resonate. This song taps into the heartbroken parts of ourselves as we deal with the inevitable loss and failure of a relationship. Here's a song for when you're in the mood to remember a time when things were just "too little, too late. A song about what depression feels like. The second song by Regina Spektor on this list.

The 65 Best Breakup Songs

Yes, this is the second song by The Fray , but they have so many excellent melancholy songs I had to add another to the list. Enya's voice is the epitome of wistfulness. A lot of Enya's work would make it on this list. In fact, Enya could have her own list. But in lieu of that, I have added this song to the list. A song that taps into human struggles, when we fight for ourselves, when others help us fight, and when others give up on us in that fight. You will feel it.

A song that recognizes the human tendency to take things for granted, including, but limited to, periods of life, seasons, and significant others. It's hard to pick just one song from Sam Smith to put on this list, because most of his music would fit here. This song channels ache, loneliness, and the yearning for human connection. And, of course, there's a subtle, but beautiful, choir in the background.

The bittersweet aspects of forever and always in romantic love This song is about the consuming and blinding nature of love, and reflecting upon that love once time has passed. There's something catchy, but also haunting, about this song. Maybe it's because of all the lonely people. We remember loved ones, but we also remember those who influenced the world and captured our interest.

Unfortunately, too many of them lived such tragic lives. There is something so beautiful, powerful, and sad about this song, and about goodbyes. This song captured everything that it was supposed to capture, and one does not need to know Italian to feel the emotional impact of this song. It also poetically brings together the highs and lows of love and sex with Biblical ties and parallels. The songs on this list have videos using the original singer of the song, but even though Leonard Cohen wrote the song, I do not find his version to be the most melancholy or emotional.

There are many excellent versions of this song, and many that will bring on the feels, but I included a video that has John Cale's version of the song, Kate Voegele's version, and Jeff Buckley's version, because I liked those versions the most. Phil Spector once showed up at his door at 4 a. Love that almost was, but wasn't, is always sad. Dreams that almost were, but weren't, pull at our hearts. Listen and feel. Parting is always difficult, especially when it is not only a parting, but a dissolution of a union. The sadness and difficulty in this dissolution is expressed through this song, which is about helping a friend through a melancholy divorce.

There's something both sad and beautiful about this song, and listening to it brings out the melancholy. In order to leave people on a sad note, both the television shows Grey's Anatomy and Castle have used it in their season finales season six finale of Grey's Anatomy and in the season finale of Castle.

25 Saddest Songs Ever

This is one of my favorites from this list. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. It's a little bit more upbeat than the songs on this list though.

i think i still love you. ~ sad chill music mix 2019

However, I do think that the associations that we make with music also add to the feelings of certain music so I can see why the movie Stand By Me would have made the song more sad. Thank you so much for your message and song suggestion and I wish you a wonderful day! Ben E. King - Stand by Me has to be here! It's the saddest song ever made! Thank you for your message and the song suggestion. I will keep it in mind for when I update the hub. Thanks again! Thank you for your message and the song suggestions.

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Of the 2 songs I think "See You Again" is a closer fit for the hub and will keep it in mind for when I update the hub. Thank you for your message. I listened to both of the songs and I agree that the songs you included were melancholic and haunting. I think of the 2 that you suggested, "Central Park" is more of a fit for the hub. I will keep your song suggestion in mind for when I update the hub. If you listen to "I wanna dance with somebody" in this melancholy slow version it's actually really sad One just doesn't notice in Whitney Houstons cover cause it's so upbeat.

Both versions are great though. Thank you for the song suggestions and I will check them out! I am glad you found some songs to add to your list. Have a great day! Thank you for your message and I am glad that you enjoyed the list. I will check out those songs and thank you for the song suggestions!

33 Beautiful, Emotional Songs to Be Sad, Reflective, Depressed, and Melancholy To | Spinditty

Love the list!. You should check Lhasa de sela - rising or Emiliana torrini - if you go away. Those are my sadest songs ever. To me Evanescence -My Immortal is the most sad and melancholic song on this list, with lots of memories. I also like Passenger very much. I like listen to songs like this and it doesn't make me automatically feel sad. There is a kind of melancholy, emotional songs that actually makes me kind of happy. But there are two songs that really makes me sad and I even don't know exactly why.

They are not only emotional and melancholic, but there are also kind of "haunting". At least to me. I can't even describe how this makes me feel. Thank you for your comment and I am glad that you found some songs that you had not heard before and that you are enjoying them! Your list is very nice. I love emotional music and i found songs here i've never heard before, so thank you. Here are some suggestions of music i think really speak to heart, i've picked them really carefully.

Listen to them and add to your list anyone u like. Thank you for checking out this hub and for commenting. It means a lot to me to have a positive effect on people too and am happy that you appreciate the list Thank you for sharing this list with your friends and for sharing beats for artists to record over. It means a lot to me to be able to effect people, and your list is appreciated. I will let my friends know. I have beats available for any artist to record over.

Hi Discordrocks, thank you for your comment and song suggestion.

I will check it out and look to include it when I update the hub. Have a wonderful day! I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm, though its easy to pretend I know your not a fool, should've known better than to cheat a friend, and waste the chance that i have been given, so i'm never gonna dance again the way I danced with you. Careless Whispers , why isn't it on this list. Signed Zoidberg.

Most Beautiful, Sad Songs

Hi roob, thank you for your comment. That is an interesting perspective and I had not thought of it that way. Perhaps it does take a strong person to listen to sad music :- but there are definitely benefits to listening to happier things! It takes a strong person to listen to sad music I know I am always listening to happy stuff Hi AaronChapman, thank you for the album suggestion. It sounds like a neat mix and I will check it out Oooh oooh It covers the themes of discontent and peaceful loneliness while still being uplifting.

I love the album. I hope you enjoy it. Hi Aaron Chapman, thank you for the song suggestions! I don't think that I have heard songs from Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, and Chett Baker but you describe their work and music in such a way that it sounds like they are very unique and evocative, especially if you find them to have the most introspective and sincere songs. I will be checking those out and adding songs when I update the hub. I feel like you need to add some Nick Drake and Elliott Smith songs. They have the most introspective and sincere songs, having a certain sophistication that no modern artist can imitate.

There's also this element of mysticism in Nick Drake's songs that transcend you into this completely vulnerable and observant frame of mind. Nick Drake and Elliot Smith were the only two artists that I feel could explain my depression without pitying the situation. Chett Baker is another artist that shouldn't be overlooked.

Hi Bob Smith , thank you for the song suggestions! It starts off with the title track and ends with "None But the Lonely Heart. I remember laying on my bed at college, trying to figure out what comes next, listening to the Tusk album, and that song started playing. In some strange way, it put all of my concerns into their proper perspective. Hi trusouldj, I'm glad you found the hub interesting! Thank you for your comment and for the song suggestions. Interesting topic for a hub.

I'm glad you like the hub and thank you for your comment. Feel free to come back anytime and to listen to the songs as you need! Thank you for your comment and I am glad you were able to find some new songs that you liked! There is a lot of really beautiful Indian music and Bollywood songs, so you have access to quite a selection of good music!

Will come back here when I need a song list for my sad song nights. Love this hub. Beautiful, I love to listen "My Immortal". I found here some great new songs in this list. As an Indian I often listening to Bollywood songs, those are in Hindi. But sometimes I feel good to listen English songs. Thank you for the comment and for checking out my hub! I hope you enjoy the songs as you go through them. Lovely list of songs , some familiar others not. Will check them out over course of time. It's interesting because music does very often relate to both our age and preference.

Most of the lists I've made have some songs that are older but a lot of the songs are newer or are relatively recent. They both had tragic lives and in some aspects, the tragedies of their lives were similar. Actors often say that they have to think of something really sad and awful for some of their sad scenes, so it's fitting that listening to sad songs would put you in the right mindset to write a sad or heartbreaking chapter in your next book since writers connect so much with words and to words, and the music helps to add another layer.

I hope some of these songs are able to help you with that and I hope that all goes well with the writing. I may be showing my age and preference but I only recognized 5 of the songs on your list. One of them, 'Candle in the Wind,' was a favorite of mine before Sir Elton reworked it to honor the fallen Princess Diana. Originally the song was an ode to Marilyn Monroe. About sad music in general, I listen to sad songs when I am trying to put myself in the right mindset to write a sad or heartbreaking chapter in my next book.

Hi Jonas Rodrigo, you are welcome for the list and I am glad you are looking forward to listening to the songs and that you've found some that you like! Thank you for the song suggestions as well. I am on the fence about "Riptide. It was a recent addition to the list but I've been debating it since I put it here. I'll swap it out with "Chasing Cars" until I decide since that one is very much a sad song. I hope you enjoy listening to the list! I love Fix You! I love anything by Coldplay, really.

How To Save A Life is nice too. Riptide being included somewhat shocked me; I don't think I've ever considered it as a sad song. Ed Sheeran's Sunburn or Autumn Leaves is also good. Thank you for this list. I can't wait to hear them! I am glad you enjoyed this list and my other collections, and that they made it into your playlist! All your collections are good. I just three of your collections right away into my playlist. Glad you like the list and that you're going to search for these on Spotify.

Cheers and happy or sad listening to you! What writers can earn on HubPages varies but per the HubPages terms of service we are not allowed to disclose how much we earn. Thank you for your comment and you are welcome! I am glad that some of these will make it to your collection and I wish you a wonderful day.

So for example, what might someone earn for a page like this? What do you mean by online advertisements? I do not see any on this page. I am glad you liked the list! admin