The Backward Bird Dog

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No images or files uploaded yet. Insert image from URL. Printable version. Join this workspace. To join this workspace, request access. Click on your name 2. Click the world link button 5. Recent Activity. More featuring dogs. See more. Nobody's Dog. Colin Dann. How does it feel to be abandoned? To wake up one morning cold and miserable in a strange, unfamiliar place where no one even knows your name? This is what happens to a cross-breed collie who is separated from his brother when his family finds two dogs too difficult to cope with.

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Will he survive? And will he ever find a home where he is really wanted? Tracy Alexia Day. And being Kadnohkka Grey is the hardest of all. Kadnohkka and Zabeth must rescue Kadnohkka's best friend Traz, stop Nelson from taking over the Lionbirdian Dimension, and learn to get along a little better. With Kadnohkka's father, Pixerius, known to many dogs as the Dog, and Zabeth, Kadnohkka can accomplish anything. Or can he? The pen starts here. She began writing when she was three, and since then has written and doodled on everything, including the desk cover in fourth grade.

She started writing and illustrating The Silver Lining on her eleventh birthday. She records her own music as the Kadnohkkian Tadpole, and is in the band Metalflame previously called The Two Toenails with her nephew. Tracy enjoys writing songs and books, playing guitar, being with friends, and yelling random things at people in Kadnohkkian. She was born in August of , making her a Leo and a Dog and a fire sign, which is a reason she wrote about a dog and a lionbird a mythical animal she made up when she was 3.

She lives with her family and is homeschooled. This is her first novel. Plus she has a skink named Ned running around in her bedroom, eating the bugs, and digesting the bugs. She has bought an air freshener. Tracy based Kadnohkka on her nephew and her dog. Her 7-year-old nephew, Thomas, has a wide range of subjects for comments by kids. Tracy's personal favorites: "The moon is made of cheese, so that means I'm not guilty! I was once crazy! They put me in a room, a rubber room..

She translates T's barks.

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Only a few people speak Kadnohkkian right now, and Tracy says, "It would be nice to walk up to a person and say 'Avey! Se nu spaklE Kadnohkkian? As wacky as she is, Tracy can be normal. But being slightly abnormal is what she does best. She sings loudly, laughs at everything, gets down with the electric guitar, and, if there is no guitar available, gets down with an air guitar.

The neighbors are getting used to it.

Backward Bird Dog

She wrote this biography. Which kind of makes it an autobiography. She ignored most of the grammar rules her fifth grade teacher said "every good book has. Okie the Wonder Dog. Anna L.

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Okie is a happy go lucky puppy until she loses her best friend and pack leader, Kippy. Then suddenly, she has big paws to fill. She needs to learn how to travel and fly and do all the tricks that Kippy used to do to move the sheep and run the ranch. How f. Pepper Dream Dogs, Book 1. Book 1. The first in a fab animal series set in a glamorous pooch parlour, for animal-crazy girls who love dogs and looking after them.

Will Bella find Pepper and will the parlour ever be ready?

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Sophie and Jack: a Pirate Adventure. Bernadette Balcer. Sophie the cat and Jack the dog are bored; what they need is a little fun!

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They love swimming, surfing, and treasure hunting. The two adventurers find a treasure map that brings them face to face with pirates. This might not be the fun they had in mind! Similar ebooks. Watchdog and the Coyotes. Some dogs have a bark bigger than their bite. But Sweetie, The Great Dane, can't afford to bark -- or bite. After three little nips and three masters, the next stop is the pound.

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So when the burglar comes calling, he waves his tail. When coyotes come prowling, he tries to make peace -- as they howl in scorn. They promise they'll return -- to eat his food, his friends, Red the Irish Setter, Poky the Beagle, and Sweetie for dessert! If Sweetie can't protect them they'll all perish!

How can he outfox twelve hungry coyotes?