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It should go without saying, and you probably don't have a wing suit or an airplane anyway, but please don't try this at home. Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him jwmcgauley. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Fork Yeah. Shouldn't take long Beware Graeme. It's just happened again A jet mate? Sorry mate I didn't see that post?! Yes, a jet Crazy stuff! A photo clue, you answer it Hope the forum sorts this out by tomorrow?

Thanks mate. Goggled "bifurcated duct intake". I see lots of you on thread, so this one should go quite quickly. It's a low wing and you can see the trailing edge just aft of the rear gear strut. Not an Avia. Not Morane-Saulnier, but French anyhow? Strut-braced - not French. Anzani - yes. Thanks Mate. Your belief has led you to the correct path RR. It is Caudron Over to you :ok:. Thanks mate Is it British? I have some vague memories, but cannot bring them to a focus Edit: there it goes again with that annoying bug There's that windshield that bothers me Gosh, I hate it when my memory isn't up to the job The photo was posted here awhile ago, and originated from a San Diego Archive, which misidentified the aircraft.

I think Who knows, maybe I'm mistaking this one with the Gloster F. Anyway, time for a good dinner! I'll plead no contest. I had thought that Bristol M was Bristol Blenheim. Go figure all that out. Hello all! None of the above!!!!! So where are we? Oh yes. On our way to bed. Good night!

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And about the time to do so this was the response to :mad:. You still didn't answer my post maybe because it went before your last one at that time Sorry, mate Beechcraft AT Wichita? Hi Brian, I'd swear on a stack of bibles you posted this challenge image not that long ago and yes it was the AT? But for the life of me I can't find it in the old thread. At the time I asked you? I must be going nuts?! Brian's Photobucket got full and he has deleted a lot of his old challenges..

This time, I think not. Hey folks, HP to the rescue here!!! I save almost all the pages in which I have posted something that's paranoid, I know So I went back and browsed through my archive and Then how come the same picture is posted by evansb and id-ed as a Bobcat and then reappears and it's not that anymore? What's yer source, RR?

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Here it is, a Cessna AT-8, near similar photo. I confess I am a little confused, but there again have had a long day. My first thought was a Bobcat, but looking closer the nose appears too short for a Bobcat and the canopy looks wrong. Would it the Cessna P? As the challenge photo aircraft is devoid of markings, perhaps it is the prototype AT-8 that first flew in March of Production models didn't come on stream until one year later. The landing gear, nacelle lines, cowling, engine shroud, wing dihedral, antenna insulators, tail, tail wheel position, lower fueslage line, and elevator position and stabiliser proportion all agree with other Cessna AT-8s.

The nose shape and canopy fenestration does appear somewhat different.. As a juror, I would vote for it being a Cessna.

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Just returned from a long day too and have come to the same conclusion as skytrain regarding the possibility of the Cessna P, mainly due to the description of the nose and canopy. I could only find a single picture from an entirely different angle, but notice the ADF antenna behind the cockpit and the protruberance on the tip of the fin visible in both Martin's and this image! This one-and-only P registration number NX was an experimental two-place trainer completed on October 4, , and first flown two days later. You identified it!

Well done! We can all rest well now, gentlemen. Thanks Brian! Well, I think that it does look like the challenge aircraft, but credit must go to skytrain if it is! Like you, I was convinced that it was a Cessna, but was troubled by the different canopy, when I found the decription "Side-by-side seating; full-vision, sliding canopy" in Aerofiles without a picture I went looking for one, but when I returned to post having found the image above, Ken had got there first. Oh well, I'm off to bed now, goodnight :ok:.

Good morning Skytrain. Waiting for RR's call.. Morning Reg, yes I'm here, but have to go unfortunately. I have not managed to find a photo on the net of the P, but RR's challenge seems to fit the description, as well as the photo that Trevor has found. Martin, if it is the P then it will be Open House. TC, was your quote from Cessna Flyer Assn site? The wing and tail surfaces were plywood. To minimize the use of strategic war materials, only the welded-steel frame used the precious metal. Compared to the T or P-7, the P appeared sleek with its streamlined fuselage, shorter wings, cockpit encased in a bubble-style canopy, and beefy landing gear reused from a North American AT The result was a trainer with the stance and panache of a fighter, vaguely reminiscent of the Lockheed P Yes - the Cessna P One built.

No photos on web as far as I know! I think Ken has it but OH declared. Try this one. RegDep, some of those photos are found here.

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RR, great challenge although no photos available in web! Apparently solvable nevertheless, as we saw. Pickett Collection images? Other than going to Wichita? Edit: Thanks skwinty. That site I know, have even posted a challenge from there :.

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If it's the one I'm thinking of we've had it here before and on What Cockpit? Morning all, Evening Graeme; I think you're right, it looks like the Hirsh H and I think I may have got it the first time round, I certainly posted a pic of it in the Musee de L'air. Not to worry skwinty, we've all done it :.

They do have to have brakes and steering, although nothing in the rules says brakes must be used. A co-pilot can ride along to help with direction and serve snacks to the driver yes, these are actually the rules. And most importantly, racers need to dazzle the judges with their stage routine, vehicle and showmanship. The extreme sports fanatics, who enjoy motocross, surfing and wake boarding when not hurling down steep hills in noodle cups, used an ATV chassis, big fat quad tires and trash cans as the noodle cup cockpits to create their racer.

We do not plan to limit ourselves at all by using brakes. Los Angeles resident Fabio Mascio and his team took an old go-kart and turned it into a hot rod pumpkin in which Cinderella co-pilot Jana Steele will take off with Mascio, her rat chauffeur.