A Twenty-Somethings Guide to Spirituality

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And then down some more. Hell, you expected to have it all together by now! How do you find peace?

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Smell the washing-up liquid. No, I mean it. Pick it up and put it to your nose. Let yourself breathe in the scent, and squirt it into the empty bowl.

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Run the tap on hot, and start washing your plates one by one, really concentrating on your task. Notice as your chest rises and falls, and make sure to exhale more than you inhale. Whenever you do this, it decreases your anxiety. So, what you want to do is get out of your now sparkling clean place before or after work, and go for a short walk. Yeah, a potato sitting on the pavement. Getting some exercise and walking to the nearest bit of nature, to do some deep breathing this post is a lot about breathing is worth it.

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No toxicities, no bad odors. But even the veggies are guilty of sticking mac n cheese in the microwave and forgetting to cook from scratch.

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Be grateful for your food. Take a moment of silence at the table before you eat. Be aware of your negative thoughts — notice them. Then, like a cloud crossing the sky, let them go. All thoughts eventually pass; bad experiences eventually pass. Let them go. With that being said, it leads me nicely onto my next point about reading…. You might not have time to read the history of Hinduism or Buddhism but you could easily slip a book of quotes into your bag before work. The book is clean, sparse, minimalist, and a joy to delve into. If you need a break from serious novels, go to your nearest library and check out books on clearing your mind.

Cal is a trainee teacher and writer, whose life aims are to become mindful and content. Cal hopes to work…. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. David: Absolutely. Jacob and I, we met at the University of Utah as we were working together at the Institute. Jacob is, he is actually in law school at the University of Connecticut and must be buried in his books in the library; otherwise, he would probably be with us today, but he is busy doing that.

As I was reading a little bit on him, you know, being a principle broker of Thornton Walker, Inc. And moving on now, both of you reaching out even a little deeper into higher academia. For you personally, what was the main motivation? Was there an epiphany moment? Was there a prime mover moment that inspired you and Jacob to write this book? David: We were talking about putting something together on a little bit of a smaller level, really just at the University of Utah and maybe distribute it among students there.

So we decided that we would go ahead and get a hold of these scholars, and so we got a hold of them and they were jazzed about participating — very easy to work with — and it was really just a remarkable experience. Doug: I am looking down the list of contributors here and boy it is impressive. From those who have reached the loftiest heights of scholarly achievement, general authorities, authors.

We have had the chance to talk with Truman Madsen. Although I have never had the opportunity to interview Neal A. Susan Easton Black has been a guest on this show…. Doug: …Phillip Barlow. The list just goes on. So you really have tapped into the finest minds and people that really should be able to answer some pretty tough questions.

A Twenty-Something's Guide to Spirituality

Did you go into the editing and putting together of this book with the idea of a list of questions to work from, or did they just kind of come in the process? David: Talking with students we were able to get a long list of different questions and we took those and we spoke with these different scholars and authors and just had a conversation with them and asked them if they would be willing to write, and really all of them we spoke to were more than willing to do so and had ideas already in their head about this stuff. And, you know, it was a remarkable experience to watch them get these pieces done.

They did it so quickly and, you know, they were just so pleasant to work with it was just remarkable. And so they were, you know, these questions, it almost seems like they were ready to answer them. Doug: Yeah. David: Absolutely, yeah. We will have students that will explain a little bit about themselves.

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Really, that they have questions that they have been struggling with. You know, one of them here, just the first chapter, with Ryan Thompson, who is at the Harvard Medical School. That is the most fundamental question for me regarding the pursuit of education. How can I be a successful scholar and professional and yet remain meek and lowly of heart and acceptable unto God?

This one is by Elder Maxwell. And then the chapter comes, the following after the student, will be a section that the scholar responds to and there is an answer to that question. And usually the students have multiple questions and they are dealt with in that chapter. Doug: I was going to say, this must have been an extremely interesting process, to watch each chapter unfold, to contemplate the question, to pose the question, to let it kind of digest now.

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  5. Elder Maxwell, sadly, has not been with us for some time. How did his response come? How did that work? David: Yeah.

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    You know, Jake was the one working on that. It came towards the end of the project and we had this question of being meek and humble, as well as being able to obtain the heights of education and being humble, and so my understanding is that we still had another chapter remaining to fill and I believe Cory Maxwell and a few others at Deseret Book came up with the idea of inserting that chapter in. And it really just worked perfectly.

    Doug: This is, as I chatted with you and Jake the other day I mentioned to you, when I taught a Sunday school class at a very young age — I was just barely into my early 20s — and the kids that were in that class were just a few years younger than me. Now this was years ago, but I remember so many issues that came up. Blacks and the priesthood came up. David: Sure. Well with this chapter here we had Emily Swenson — she was a student and she wrote a piece on, you know, some questions about what she should do.

    How should she balance her life out with respect to family and pursuing a career and so forth, and then Camille Frank Olson responded to that and the chapter really is an excellent piece. Camille Frank Olson addresses the question of whether you should pursue an education as a woman and how that all plays together. There are some great quotes here on different sections. Learning skills to prepare for a salaried occupation is a side benefit of education, not the core purpose.

    You know, for her, she is arguing that education is important in and of itself, but on the other hand, as the prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, has mentioned, it is important to get it because you might need to have the opportunity to provide for yourself, and so she deals with some tough questions there. Now we are not going to be able to go through every single place. Doug: Yeah, there are a lot here.

    Tell us about this chapter. David: Okay, sure. This was really a remarkable chapter. Steve Nelson. He goes through and gives nine reasons, really, about the usefulness of the academic experience, going to the university, and he focuses on philosophy. He says the first one is gymnastic value for him in learning and studying. And the second point he makes is propaganda resistance, that it is so important to be able to think clearly and be able to decipher right and wrong, and not only that, but just our own propaganda — that we can convince ourselves of certain things — and so it is a very useful chapter.

    It goes on and on and on. We could talk for days about this. Doug: Oh, I know. I noticed he gets into improved articulation, a mental framework. He talks about tracing implications and applications, communication, integration.

    Perspectives: A Spiritual Life Guide For Twentysomethings

    Boy, he really gets into it, and the tools of creativity are just a little bit of that chapter. Again, this is so intriguing. If you could ask any question of a prominent LDS scholar what would it be? And many of those are included in this book. We will be back with more of our conversation. Sadly, Jacob was not able to join us, but David is here.