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Program was established to help fill-in leadership holes within the ranks during the war. Usually in firebases — no place for modesty.

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A soldier or Vietnamese is assigned to burn all the waste with a mixture of kerosene and diesel fuel — continuously stirring the contents during the 10 hr. This period of each day is known as siesta. Short timers carry notched walking sticks, colorful calenders…most compare the last 30 days in country with their Cherry days and become extremely paranoid and not wanting to take risks anymore. If nothing is going on, we normally answered — negative sit-rep.

If we were in hostile territory, a negative response is interpreted as breaking squelch twice in a row on the radio. Members would fill a bar which had raised its prices and sit sipping beer without buying Tea. It is often used to describe the apron or runway of an airport. Picture below shows the Saigon Airport falling in Booby trap meant to maim an individual when stepping on them.

The M14 mine, looked like a small, thick disc that was olive drab in color, 2. It contained 1 ounce of Tetryl explosive to make up its 3. This lightness came from its mostly plastic construction, and, to set it off, required a pressure of between 20 to 35 pounds. The mine could be placed in a shallow hole, under a leaf or in the open if in a hurry.

Special Forces teams often used this last tactic when breaking contact or protecting a perimeter at night. Troi duc oi choyee duck oyee is the same expression more emphatically stated. Wasted — Slang term having two meanings. The second, referred to dead enemy soldiers. For example, we wasted them. Its members wear white shirts. Soldiers engraved them to show their personality. As you were! Rumored to be spiked with formaldehyde.

Carry on! Chieu hoi viet. Fire in the hole! On a topographical map, each outlined grid is considered 1km x 1km. Usually troops line up and cross through an area picking up anything that does not grow from the ground. The cap is removed and placed over the opposite end…hold center of flare with left hand and point it upward, then using the heel of your right palm, come up and hit the bottom…a firing pin will engage the explosive and send the flare into the air. Stack arms! Units in the field request marking rounds which explode in the air at a set of coordinates — when shooting an azimuth with a compass and estimating the distance using sight and sound -counting the seconds before hearing the explosion their location can be verified on a grid map.

I was a machine gunner infantry, mos in Vietnam with the 2nd battalion, 4th marines, 3rd marine division from June of until the end of S emper Fi, Nicholas Del Cioppo nick quiknet. Large caliber, crew served firearms cannon , launching projectiles usually explosive against distant targets. Typical field artillery weapons include howitzers short barreled , guns long barreled , mortars high angle firing. Howitzers had calibers of mm, mm, and 8inch. Guns were mm. Mortars were 4.

Each battery included the necessary gun-crew for aiming FDC , firing, handling ammo and maintaining the weapons. Batteries were grouped into Battalions, supporting a particular AO within the Division. Batteries included weapons of a single caliber, thus an Arty battalion might consist of several mm batteries, a couple each of mm and 4. The main task of the Arty in Vietnam was to provide support for the infantry in the field. Each field unit typically had an Arty-FO Forward Observer to provide coordination between the infantry and the supporting arty battalion.

Battalion FDC coordinated and formed the liaison between the infantry on the ground and the assigned covering artillery battery or batteries. The Bn-FDC also assigned a particular battery to fire and confirmed that their take-down of the target coords, shell, fuse and fire pattern were correct.

The Bn-FDC gave clearance for the battery to fire and advised any aircraft near the Gun-Target GT line to avoid the target area as well as the direct line from the battery to the target. In the battery FDC, the target coords were plotted and the Deflection azimuth and Quadrant Elevation vertical barrel angle were calculated using the range to target and recommended powder charge.

The latest MET meteorological message was consulted to adjust the aim point for temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction. Typical kill radius was 30 meters for a mm or 4. TOT missions involved timing the firing of multiple batteries so that all fire on the same location, with the firing times adjusted to cause the rounds to all impact at the same time. A typical TOT might involve 4 batteries 24 guns , of different calibers; some firing rounds fused for ground burst, some for airburst.

The effect is that a particular jungle clearing might be quiet and peaceful one second and in the next second be totally enveloped and saturated with explosions in the air and on the ground. Bombardment may cease after the initial volley or be maintained in Fire For Effect mode, creating a sustained saturation of the area with detonations. Harassment and Interdiction missions entailed firing on known enemy trails, hangouts, etc at random times to keep the enemy off balance. Precision fire missions usually involved one gun firing to destroy a single small target, such as a bunker, abandoned vehicle, or any object to be denied to the enemy.

The 8inch howitzer was usually employed for precision missions, being the most precise and accurate weapon in the arty arsenal. The shell is fired directly at advancing enemy formations similar to an aimed shotgun. At about 50 meters from the muzzle, the round ejects the darts toward the enemy with a medium hard ejecting charge.

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The forward-loaded darts spread into a degree fan traveling forward, while the rear facing darts are forced by their fins to flip around in flight. As the darts flip, they loop away from the GT line, forming a fan of about 60 degrees. Thus darts fly in a degree fan at about feet per second toward the enemy. The effect on troops in the open is devastating. Enemy troops about meters from the firing cannon may be pierced by darts, those closer may receive or more penetrating stab wounds similar to those inflicted by an ice pick.

Artillery tactic to fire against enemy rocket or mortar positions during an enemy attack. Coordinated with Q4 Counter Mortar Radar when available and operational. Used with large bombs lb and 6-foot daisy cutter fuses to create an instant clearing in dense jungle for an LZ. The arty unit, which at battery level, calculated the adjustments of the cannon to cause the shells to impact on target.

The TOC often contained an Air Warning group, which kept aircraft advised of artillery flight thru the local airspace. The fluttering, spinning fall has the appearance of a butterfly in flight. Upon impact a spring on the bottom of the bomblet reacts, throwing the bomblet back into the air and starting a time delay mechanism.

When the bomblet rises back to about 6 feet above the ground the delay expires and the bomblet detonates with energy slightly less than an M26 frag grenade. The effect is that of a low altitude TOT, delivered by one shell. The bomblets exploding in quick succession has the sound, at a distance, of a string of firecrackers. FUZE : Mechanism, which causes an arty projectile to detonate explode. Various fuses were available in Vietnam to provide detonation above ground, on the ground, or below ground at the discretion of the FO in the field.

A self-contained radar triggered proximity fuse; detonating within 20 meters of any object in its flight path. Used for reliable meter airburst against personnel targets, although it could trigger on tree foliage or flocks of birds bird burst. Also detonated on impact should the radar mechanism fail. GUN : an artillery cannon with a long barrel. The mm gun MSP was self-propelled, weighed 62, lbs and could fire 1 round every two minutes to a range of 32, meters A long-range weapon, it could only fire rounds before its barrel had to be replaced, as opposed to the howitzers, which could fire rounds between barrel refitting.

Used for firing over intervening mountains, etc, inherently less accurate than low angle fire standard due to shell ballistics and wind effects. The mm howitzer was the most commonly deployed type in Vietnam, weighed about 5, lbs, and could fire a shell 11, meters 7 miles at a rate of 3 rounds per minute. The mm howitzer was either a 2-wheeled, towed cannon M or a tracked, self propelled weapon MSP , weighed 12,lbs M or 52,lbs MSP and could fire its shells 14, meters 9 miles , at 1 round per minute.

The 8Inch howitzer was a self-propelled cannon weighing 58,lbs and could fire 16, meters Used primarily for fire missions at ranges too short for howitzers Km. The blast and flash are caused by the combustion products of the gunpowder , and any remaining unburned powder, mixing with the ambient air. Also used in 40 ,, grenade launcher and 2. ROUND: Before firing, the assembly of shell projectile, powder charge, and case mm , ready to be fired. After firing, refers to the projectile only. Explodes on the target causing damage by blast effect and by high velocity fragments shrapnel.

Typically the explosive was cyclonite RDX , comprising about one half the weight of the shell. Explodes and scatters burning pieces of phosphorus over the target to cause fire damage, or may be used for the screening effect of the dense white smoke produced by burning phosphorus. Produced a ball of smoke on detonation. The flare fell slowly on its parachute, providing illumination, while the shell body traveled downrange and the base plate of the shell fell somewhat backward along the flight path.

Jack on September 1, at am said:. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Should you have a question or comment about this article, then scroll down to the comment section below to leave your response. If you want to learn more about the Vietnam War and its Warriors, then subscribe to this blog and get notified by email or your feed reader every time a new story, picture, video or changes occur on this website — the button is located at the top right of this page.

Thank you in advance! Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. Your article brought back some good memories. I did not know it was built by Cadillac, I was under the impression it was a Chrysler product.. It was very heavy and on one occasion the driver rip out the clutch and rendered the vehicle to the motor pool…where I was told it was a Chrysler transmission. Command given to new cannon cockers 29 palms calif. Great, brought back some memories, mostly good. You left out a few terms I remember.

Loved this. My only critique is that some terms attributed to Marines were also terms used by Army grunts like me. If one does not Break Starch one may wear same uniform for days. For Lifers and junior lifers or remfs. Number 10 is average size GI boot. I love this site. Nails were flechettes fired from artillery rounds or cobra 2.

They were essential for helping a lot of convoys get through. Also refers to a member of a LRRP unit. Idiot stick could also be a grass whip for trimming tall grass on the bunker line, or around buildings in base camp. Never heard that before unless it was referring to a missing nuke. Prairie Fire was an alert used within the SF and SOG groups only and means that the unit was compromised and on the run and to send help.

In reference to the M60 the pig or hog it is stated it uses the 7. Never heard of such a thing.

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Then the on the MRFs. Swift boats had 81mm direct fire mortars developed by the USCG go figure and loved fleschette rounds for close-in work. Great site. That is the sound they made. Reup and fuck you. A safeing device for mini guns that were removed before flight. The wind that is present when helicopter rotors are tuning. The chest plate of aircrew body armor. I collect gearment of Vietnam War, and My Idea is of SOG and special forces, because of light of all, no helmet, no other heavy things, and it is interesting to go recconannsaice..

I know at real it is risk, but this is interesting to have a figure of SOG,. We called them gooks when they were in the wire. I was in III corp. It has been 48 years still have my brothers in my head. ME Gook — U. What a trip back in time did not realize how much I had forgotton,Thanks so much for sharing job well done. I recognized many of the words. WE used that term in the Mekong Delta where many Vietnamese civilians lived. This was great, words and comments I thought I would never hear again. Division Door gunner on a gun ship was one of the best jobs I ever had.

Just wish everyone who was there would have made it home safe………. I really enjoyed this walk back thru time. Some of the articles in this program brought back some memories thanks. Interesting list! Lots of familiar slang and some new ones. Pretty decent. Maybe someone can add the rest? Worked most of the time.

I enjoyed the article. I was going to add it but Richard beat me too it. Loved the article, brought back memories, good and bad! You made every effort to repair it but it was Vietnam Squared. Thanks for posting this. I heard a lot of this stuff from guys coming back from Vietnam. The only things missing are K-rats, which were used before C-rats, and were left over from the Korean War, and toe-poppers and Bouncing Bettys, which I think was were names for pop-up explosives. Some of the slang is still in use now. Keep it going. Good post. Much appreciative! Thank you for your service!

The Chinook and Jolly Green were not the same. A Chinook was a C47 which was a rifle squad or medivac chopper while a Jolly Green Giant was a C53 which could transport a platoon, supplies, or vehicles inside and below by cable. USMC Great effort. Reminded me of a lot of stuff I used to know. Thanks for mentioning the Aussies. Dont forget we also had Kiwis New Zealanders over there fighting with the Allies. I was Marine helicopters Vietnam 69 — One comment on one part of your article I think is in error.

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Buying the farm. I understand it came from WW2 when a soldier died, his GI death insurance went to his family, and would pay off their farm or buy the farm. Or anything else of course, but the common term was, He bought the farm. Two dates that I will not forget, along with wedding date, birthdays, etc.

I arrived in-country on 8 May at the ripe old age of 18 years and 2 months. It is one year of my 69 years that I will not forget. We all changed a lot in one year. Thanks brother! Saw no mention of a hand cranked honeywell 60mm Navy issue but used one on a boston whaler in delta. Glenn, give me some more information about it — picture? Memories and lots of sad stories of those brave men and women who had to go and some who did not come back.

Wow, so many years ago! Thanks for all the hard work, brings back many memories … as some have said — some good, some bad — but I appreciate it. May God keep all of my brothers and sisters who served. Thanks for all those who posted responses. I still see my buddies now and then at the V. Awesome job, thanks so much for all your work!

Was great to read old slang words again. Had forgotten a lot of them. Good article. Thanks — You brought back a lot of memories. It usually referred to the Petty Officer himself. Not in my part of the Navy during the Vietnam days. Dave, many expressions must have been localized. As a Yeoman, I was assigned to write down the names of those Vietnamese coming into the camp.

We processed about , refugees. So, it might have also come into use during the later part of the Vietnam era and afterwards. Thank you for your dutiful protection of our country, Dave! John, excellent shit. One saying I remember because of the night time visits of Puff. Thanks again for good, bad and memories America should not forget.

Welcome home! We searched them in the Tonkin Gulf and river deltas. They were armed sampans. Father KIA Nam AB, Missed but never forgotten. Wish all that Serve respect and gratitude. Go all the way back to the hanger and get 5 gallons of pneumatic fluid to prime the system. In the 30th Brigade Air defense we sent newbees to get a can of doppler for the mickey mouse or signal boost refactor cap for the guidance package. Neither existed but the supply always sent them back for clarification. Great laughs and memories.

I was with the th Artillery an remembered alot of the slang that was spoken. Talking about a fish out of water I was lost but had to learn it right quick. Great coverage on these articles. Brings back memoies. Just kidding. I think your pics are great. I would like to know if my daughter can use some 8 of your pictures for a power point paper she is writing for her English II class in Jr College. She would like to use the Vietnam WAR because my father her grandfather-whom she never met fought in it. He had nightmares until he committed suicide in Only saw this used one time….. Great article.

Thanks for the memories. Listening post…. OP…observation post…. OP for daytime, LP for nighttime. Used by the infantry in the jungle. Malaria pills gave you the runs for about 90 days after we started taking them. Great Job, I enjoyed reading these! My brother Joe U. He came home alive. I know some were not so lucky. Thanks to you all for your service…God bless you all.

He has his picture in one of the books holding a pet bunny rabbit! Use those to share. OR you can go to the top of the page in the address line — copy and paste that in an email to your friend. Final method is to give the address:. Nice work! I saw a little on Navy and may have missed some. Thanks, Butch! I will add all three examples to the list. It reminds me of a lot from a long time ago. Some smiles and some grimaces. Thanks for this!

Great article ………………………. Dapping, for example, was never shared with White soldiers. Many of the whites and blacks in my unit shared this greeting. Personally,I knew four different variations. Maybe because a lot of us were from the big cities — I did dap in Detroit before even going into the army. Incredible article. All of our training was based on Viet Nam lessons learned and tactics. We still use several of those terms today. Only vets truly understand the lingo. I found it to be very interesting and educational.. Whoever gave a bunch of WOjugs a crate of C-4 had to be nuts; we dropped grapefruit sized balls in the South China Sea to fish… Quickly learned to use a longer det cord after we almost blew ourselves out of the drop tank canoe.

Ever heard of WOPA??? That would be the Warrant Officer Protection Association, a possibly fictitious, possible covert attitude amongst the Warrant ranks to bring hellfire and damnation down on anyone fucking with one of our own. Or not. Thanks so much for the memories. Keep up the good work and welcome home. We stopped at every damn FB for even one pac, then took them all home that night. Thanks and same back atcha, John!

If the color matched what the ground pounders said, land. If not, call in air strike on Charlie or NVA. Supported the Marines a lot up at Vandergriff where they put the Ontos to good use. Backed one up to the hooch we were camped in and salvoed into the hillside above us about one night, scaring the living shit out of us poor, dumb Army pukes! They had a good laugh but we loved them anyway. We were young and invincible and would try anything to help the poor bastards on those firebases.

Thanks Doc!

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I will add your words to the article — some were already on the list. It was intended as a temporary currency, and when US troops went into Cambodia in the Spring of , we found bales of it. What a trip! Thank you for your effort. You sure covered it well.

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I believe there was a term — pink team — for a recon helicopter and a cobra covering it. I sure enjoyed this — like a page out of history, huh? The slop chute was not a diner or restaurant. It was the enlisted club E-1 to E-3 where only beer was served no hard liquor. A few more to add? Or maybe not so much! Usually derogatory. Liver skinner. Used by signal types. Harry R. Nevling U. Thanks for the additions! Thank you so much for this.

Enjoyed the revisit, thanks! This site Nails it — The G. I was in the Pacific during the Vietnam War… and I heard it all. Thanks for reminding me! I enjoyed reading the article, and I salute you for making it happen. Each one of these was a different color. The dollar MPC military payment certificate was the size of greenback dollars. Have a question for anyone out there who might know. Been looking for this. Done well! Done a little writing about Nam but have trouble remembering some of the slag. I can dig it. Thank you for your service, Dave and welcome back!

Nothing to do with booze or drugs. Generally referred to how we left the little people that were unfortunate enough to encounter us. In the process of writing my own novel fiction based on my experiences. Her mother had drilled her on proper land management for years, in preparation for the day when Rosalie would be lady of her own house. Rosalie rose back to her feet. A wind blew up from the south as she stood, blowing a wisp of her blonde hair loose from its braid and into her face.

Rosalie tucked the strand behind her ear impatiently as she turned to stare at Wall Rose again, its curved white line gleaming back at her like a mocking grin. She knocked and stood at attention, holding herself as straight as possible while the ancient butler opened the door. As always, the old man gave Rosalie a sour look before shuffling sideways to reveal her father sitting at his desk. Every fold was pressed to a perfect crease, every medal on his chest polished to a mirror gleam. Not since the fall of Maria.

The old servant bowed and left. When the door clicked softly behind him, Rosalie took a deep breath. No, you may not enlist in the Military Police. No, you may not join the Garrison at Sina. And no, I will not allow you to re-enroll for another term at the academy. What was the point of all that training if I never get to use it? This is your duty to the family.

By the time he finished, Rosalie was imagining throwing his fancy teacup in his face. She clamped down on the urge at once. But it was all for nothing if she let him make her too angry to use it. You promised when I got engaged that I could live as I wanted until my seventeenth birthday. Here it went. Lord Dumarque scoffed. Every recruit in my graduating class applied to join the Military Police.

We used the newest equipment, learned the most advanced tactics, no expense spared. But none of them want to put any part of that education to use. They just want to hide. Do you think one more body, even a Dumarque, will make any difference? Lord Dumarque leaned forward on his desk, rubbing his gloved hands against his temples. Try to use it. I only have six months left as a Dumarque. Let me use them to make sure our name remains associated with bravery and honor. That was her big push, and for a moment, her father almost smiled. So long as there are titans out there like the one that kicked down the gate at Shiganshina, no one is safe!

If I want to spend them on the front lines, I will. An engaged lady. It was terrifying to behold, but Rosalie was in this with both feet. Reprinted with permission from Quirk Books.