From Bharata to India : Volume 1: Chrysee the Golden

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From Bharata To India: Volume 1: Chrysee The Golden

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From Indus to Independence. Sanu Kainikara. Akbar Emperor of India. Richard Garbe. The Educational Heritage of Ancient India. Sahana Singh. Mary Beard. Ancient India and Indian Civilization. Pre-Historic Lanka to End of Terrorism. O Dharmadasa. Ego and Soul. John Carroll. Egyptian Myths And Mysteries. Bharatvarsha , is defined thus in Vishnu Purana :. The country that lies north of the ocean and south of the snowy mountains is called Bharatam ; there dwell the descendants of Bharat.

From Bharata To India: Volume 1: Chrysee The Golden

A version of the Bhagavata Purana says that the name Bharat stems from Jata Bharatha who appears in the fifth canto of the Vishnu Purana 2. Our Vedic Rishi ancestors devoted themselves to the quest for the eternal truth and ultimate reality, kevala jnana, satchidananda. Eventually, the three Bharats two kings, one prince were to unite all of land mass as divine Bharat Mata, the very first nation of humanity. Bharatvarsha was to give birth to the loftiest of all ideals in human ideation to form the core human history for all ages.

Hence the Vedic people were in these regions by the Krittika equinox or before BC. This corresponds to the approximate extent of the historical Maurya Empire under Chandragupta and Ashoka 4th to 3rd BC. Rig Veda states that the main Bharat region was located from Parushni Ravi in the west to Ganga in the east, from Afghanistan Kabul or Gandhara or the Druhyus in the west, across the Sarayu river in the east down to the Vindhyas and the Narmada river Yadu country in the south; Anus were centered around Chenab.

Kashmir may have been named after the sage Kashyapa, whereas Afghanistan is mentioned as Balkh or Bactria inhabited by shudras or lower classes. Bharat ruled virtuously, earned great fame and was bestowed with the titles of Chakravarti emperor as well as Sarvabhauma. The western part of India is bounded by the river Indus right down to the ocean.

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