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Administration 3. Financial 1. Information Technology 0. Legal 0. Management 2. Medical Nursing 3.

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Paramedical 7. Pharmaceutical 0. Procurement 0. Supportive Services 0.

UAE Nationals 3. If so, check out how Hotmart created a selection process to hire its first employees.

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We are a digital product platform, developed to promote the connection among different universes of online business. The key information you need to know before you start selling online! Entrepreneurship Is there a right way to recruit and select people to work in your business? Learn about the best way to hire people to work with you.

Feb 28, By Hotmart. So, the need to recruit and select people to work for you arises. Recruitment can be done in three ways: Internal; External; Mixed.

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Mixed recruitment The mixed recruitment process is considered neutral: it allows both company employees as well as outside candidates to show an interest in applying for a job opening. The mix of personality types, ideal professionals and potential talent increases exponentially.

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Advertise your job openings The idea when you recruit and select people for your company is to find someone who can perform a specific job well. Therefore, explain in detail the duties to be carried out in the job opening. Advertising the job opening and the type of media used to do so is also very important.

Prepare for the interview There are various types of job interviews: unstructured, planned, behavioral and situational. Below, you will find a brief explanation so you can quickly understand each type of interview: Planned: Is an interview where you only ask questions, especially of a professional nature, and that is entirely planned before the interview takes place. Unstructured: This interview is more improvised and attempts to establish a more informal contact with the interviewee, with questions that arise from what is said.

Apply psychological tests A practice that is very common in companies is the use of psychological tests. Love your career, ace your career at Capgemini.

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