The Art of Leadership

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Show up and be ten minutes early for every appointment. Great leaders show up for every appointment, and they are always on time.

The Art and Science of Leadership

Each day, practice not only showing up but being ten minutes early for each and every appointment. Be dedicated to a high level of learning.

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Great leaders are highly competent, because they are dedicated to a high level of learning, growth, and improvement. Spend minutes each day devoted to learning something new. Search the internet, interview an expert, or take a day trip to find the answer to a question that is on your mind or the minds of those who follow you.

Be simple and crystal clear in all communication. As a leader, your communication should be simple, clean, and clear as a bell. Examine both written and verbal communication for simplicity and clarity.

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Express yourself in a way that your listeners can understand. Surround yourself with A Players.

Leadership Is It An Art Or A Science? Essay

One of the secrets of a great leader is great people. Hire the right staff, surround yourself with a strong inner circle, and spend time daily with people who have a variety of gifts. With the support of a strong circle of men, women and children, you will be ready for anything that comes your way. Develop a sense of commitment and responsibility.

transforming leaders from the inside out

Leading a team can be akin to the role of a Director at rehearsals. The Director has to Interpret, Examine, Strategise and Problem-solve dilemmas of the characters and story in hand. A director must conduct the cast to work effectively, use their time efficiently and discover the possibilities in front of them and their full potential. This series of workshop is about putting your organization, workforce, management and leaders at the centre of the stage.

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For leaders, the administration of responsibility and execution of tasks may not be glamorous, but it is essential. Without a strong attention to detail and adherence to goals and objectives, organizations go awry. At the same time a leader needs to manage not just detail but also people. Managing people involves putting them into positions where they can succeed and supporting them in that effort. Art involves sensibility.


As with so much in life, you need to pick your moments. Not every situation calls for a leader to act; sometimes a leader does more by standing back and letting the team decide what to do. Though, in times of crisis, the leader may need to be front and center, making decisions, providing hands-on advice, and taking action to help get things done. Knowing what to do and when to do it comes with experience, but knowing how to act and the degree of involvement to use is something that cannot be prescribed exactly; it will be perceived by others much as an art form might be.

While there are many reasons to learn more about the art and practice of leadership, there is one aspect often overlooked. admin