The Confessions of a Collector

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The comments posted below are not provided, reviewed or approved by any company mentioned in our editorial content. I hope all debt collectors are like you. And thanks for giving us all those recommendations for they will certainly help us deal with the next not-so-good- debt collector.

Confessions Of A Debt Collector

Student nowadays have a lot of expenses. However ,i have something to offer…please check what i have for you.. I am just curious to learn more about your debt collection experience. What would you do in the event your debtor decided to call your bluff? What if the debtor counter sued you? Or initiated a law suit against you just because they did not have the money to pay you. What would you do then? There is a new movement where people are representing themself to fight their debts.

The Confessions of a Collector (Barnes & Noble Digital Library)

The theory is that they have plenty of time on their hands because they are jobless and broke so why not use the legal system to get a deep settlement or a cancelation of the debt by instigating a suit for lets say malpractice, antitrust violations, ect. Thanks for your comment. I only told them they were committing insurance fraud when they were indeed doing so.

But if we are talking about a debt collector who has lied, then yes, you are right; legal action may be appropriate.

Confessions of a Toy Collector: Big-Sized Obsession - That Shelf

As for the comment regarding people acting as their own counsel, that also incurs cost. Beyond that, can you imagine going up against a big company without proper representation? Even if the individual had eons and eons of time to perfect a case, I would be willing to bet that he or she would lose when dealing with a practiced attorney. I call the bluff and report insurance fraud when a doctor sends a bill for services not rendered and other things like that.

It is insurance fraud for billing the same thing more than once also. There are even more variables in place then just a collection agent holding another responsible for there own commitments. Its not just about the legality of the debt, its about the morality.

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Hunter Davies on collecting tax discs. Hunter Davies takes a brief looks at product endorsement, inspired by his footer collection.

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Hunter Davies on what drives him to collect. Hunter Davies on collecting letters.

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Lieferzeit: ca. Artists: John Beeson , Eugene M. Schwartz , Eugene M. Schwartz The new edition of the out-of-print facsimile from , in which Schwartz explains his philosophy of collecting art and how to achieve a successful art collection in simple steps. With an epilogue by John Beeson.