The Fall of Awa (The Masacado Scrolls Book 1)

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Condition: Very Good.

Volume 1 - The Masacado Scrolls

More information about this seller Contact this seller 1. Published by Oxford University Press About this Item: Oxford University Press, This collection of essays is intended as a bridge between two countries sep arated by physical distance and linguistic barriers. The essays explore the growth of social, diplomatic, economic, political, and religious ties betw een Canada and Japan from the turn of the century to the present, with each topic addressed by at least two articles, one from each of the countries.

More information about this seller Contact this seller 2. Published by University of Michigan, Cent About this Item: University of Michigan, Cent, A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged.

Playing it straight

More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. Published by CreateSpace Independent Publ Condition: Fine. One by one, the kingdoms fall until only the tiny country of Awa re mains. Ryo, the child of Tsubomi, has the gift of reikan, which allows her to sense and see dark forces. She sees evil attacking Nokogiriyama castle a nd rushes to warn Lord Masaharu.

Still, the castle falls, Masaharu commits hara-kiri, and Tsubomi and Ryo become slaves of the Funin outcasts. Yet all is not lost. He is there Kage warriors capture Nokogi riyama castle, where he first sees Ryo. Now he knows she's the Seeker and s adame calls him to be her Shielder. He must go to her side, even though oni demons, hannama beings, and giant squid bar the way.

Picking up two truste d companions, Gulan the Tengu and Nanashi the nameless woman, he battles hi s way to Awa Omote and Ryo. When he is five years old, the prophete ss sends him on a journey to Kio, the city of the Emperor. They enter a cavern in search of the se cret shrine of Amaterasu, Yami caves it in. All are trapped except Koziro a nd Moribei the wolf.

The Horse Soldiers Yotsu horse-soldier mercenaries tra ditionally hire out to the Toh. Noritsugu, captain of the Yotsu contingent. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. In a display of devotion to the Meiji Emperor Hirai commits seppuku, an act which also serves to divine the year of Tokyo's destruction—the year of the Pig. The story then moves ten years forward to where Yukari's daughter, Yukiko Tatsumiya, is now a young girl. In Dalian , China Kato creates artificial earthquake waves which will be amplified out to Tokyo. Then he returns to Japan to kidnap Yukiko.

Despite all this resistance, he still successfully makes his way to Masakado's grave and tries to invoke its spirit through the body of Yukiko. Furious, Masakado's spirit reacts by summoning a lightning bolt down upon Kato. The plot shifts to the While rebuilding Tokyo, plans are put forth by Noritsugu Hayakawa to erect a subway system which will modernize the city. Hayakawa employs the talents of Torahiko Terada , a physicist and scientist in the field of earthquake studies, to oversee construction.

Kato infiltrates the construction sites for the subway tunnel, and utilizes shikigami to hold the workers at bay while he focuses on a second awakening of the Underground Dragon, trying to create an earthquake larger than the Great Kanto one. Shibusawa calls in a Feng Shui expert Shigemaru Kuroda , who pinpoints the source of these disturbances to foreign magic that is undermining the balance of the earth's spiritual energy veins.

Since the construction workers are too frightened to continue their work, Terada decides that different action must be taken to complete the excavation. He enlists the help of Dr. Makoto Nishimura to use his robot Gakutensoku to finish the work. Terada reasons that since Gakutensoku is inhuman, he can't be tricked by psychic apparitions that would terrify normal men. Meanwhile, a young shrine maiden by the name of Keiko Mekata appears near the Ministry of Finance.

She is a powerful and skilled miko who has been summoned by Masakado's spirit to oppose Kato. While praying at Masakado's shrine one day, she catches the eye of Yoichiro Tatsumiya, who courts her. The two eventually marry, and Keiko is initiated into the Tatsumiya household.


As a member of the Tatsumiya household, Keiko provides spiritual protection for the family from the inside. Kato, prevented from rousing the Underground Dragon by Masakado, decides to kidnap Yukiko and use her as a sacrifice to amplify the Dragon's energy. After a battle at the Tatsumiya household, Kato escapes with Yukiko and Keiko pursues him underground. While contending with Keiko, Kato is distracted and doesn't notice the efforts of Gakutensoku, who drilling deep underground, has arrived at the "heart" of the Underground Dragon and self-destructs.

See a Problem?

This throws the chi veins into disarray, releasing Yukiko and foiling Kato's plan. Finally, Keiko uses Masakado's power to banish Kato. Wounded by Keiko, Kato has retreated to a small, desecrated temple on the outskirts of Tokyo. The dark onmyoji employs all his powers to shift the path of the moon so that it will rebound violently off the earth and disturb the Firmament Dragon , who will destroy Tokyo.

Keiko receives spiritual aid from Kuroda and Masakado's spirit and sets off to stop Kato once and for all. Instead of fighting him however, she channels the power of the bodhisattva Kannon , against whom Kato, an oni , is powerless.

AWA - American Wrestling Association - The Untold Story - Wrestling Territories Documentary 23/50

Bathed in the limitless compassion of the bodhisattva , the curse that had been fueling Kato for so long is appeased and he dissipates. The story ends in with Japan's first underground railroad system being opened and a quote by Koda Rohan , who hopes Tokyo will find peace for the time being. Supervising director Rintaro had previously read Teito Monogatari upon its initial publication and was greatly attracted to it. In directing the animated adaptation, he felt that his biggest challenge would be distinguishing it from the recent popular live action adaptations Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis and Tokyo: The Last War.

He eventually decided that he would use the freedom given to him by animation to exploit the supernatural elements of the story, presenting them in a far more illustrious fashion than was possible with the live action films. Although he tried to create his own unique vision, he admitted that the anime is still undeniably influenced from the live action adaptations. Actor Kyusaku Shimada was recruited to provide the voice of Yasunori Kato based on the popularity of his performance in the previous adaptations.

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This was his first time doing voice-over work for an animated production. As of , the production is currently owned by Bandai and is available for streaming on their website. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the anime adaptation. For general information on the original novel and franchise, see Teito Monogatari. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context.

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