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Melody line only. Discount pricing is available for large orders. Kevin Lawrence Snyder Dr. The score is formatted with Greek on the left and English on the right.

The music was updated in to incorporate the approved official standard English text. The books come in a black binder for easy rearranging of the pages. Contains all the hymns and responses for the Divine Liturgy, the eight Resurrection Apolytikia, and the Hierarchical Service. Has Soprano melody line. When used with the Holy Cross Hymnal, the Orthodox congregation can worship and sing with the choir taking the musical lead. Separate Greek and English Doxology available. Exohos Music Company Lakeview Ct. A Liturgical setting based on traditional hymns.

Contains the basic Liturgy, eight apolytikia, and hierarchichal liturgical responses. Greek text accompanied by English phonetics. It provides a challenging voicing for choirs and organ accompaniment for congregational singing. Original material based on Byzantine modes. SATB with English phonetics. Does not have accompaniment line. Of medium difficulty. Rena Papapostolou Deborah Dr. The Greek Orthodox Hymnal is a compilation of all music needed by the Greek Orthodox choir during the year. It includes arranged and original music of three liturgies, one of which is in English.

It comes in a hardbound cover and contains pages. Index and contents are available in English phonetics. John Chrysostom A four part liturgy set to traditional Greek chants that are easy to moderate in difficulty. Excellent for smaller SATB choirs.

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Meant to be sung a cappella, but can be used with organ accompaniment. Includes the Doxology. Written in Greek with English phonetics. John Chrysostomos including additional liturgical hymns The entire liturgy, except for the Apolitikia, is in E minor or E Major. The Doxology is an original chant setting composed specifically for this liturgy by Nancy Takis. Most of the melodies for the hymns and responses are original except the following: the Cherubic Hymn the melody is by John Sakellarides ; the Axion Estin the melody is by Papagathangellos ; the Apolitikia the melodies of Sakellarides ; and the traditional chant settings of Agapisose Kyrie, Ton Evloghounta and Ton Dhespotin.

The page liturgy is printed on 70 lb. The additional liturgical hymns included are as follows:. The liturgy is printed on 70 lb. The additional hymns listed above included in the Greek setting are also in the English version. George S. Raptis Foxpointe Drive, W.

Doxology and Divine Liturgy This Liturgy offers something out of the ordinary. It is not, for the most part, an arrangement of pre existing melodies. The material is original.

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  7. The Liturgy does not claim to be Byzantine. Rather it incorporates various musical elements and styles: Greek liturgical music, Greek demotic music, and music of the Renaissance and Middle Ages. It is modal and has a chant like quality. In general, it suggests the style of music of the early church. The setting is challenging. John Revezoulis W. River Forest Dr. Contains Greek with English phonetics. Kamilerie and transposed for mixed voices by Jeffrey Economou.


    Ameredes, Pinehurst Rd. John Chrysostom For mixed voices, in Greek. John Chrysostom For male chorus, in Greek.

    Lenten and Holy Week Resources

    Liturgy 2 — The Resurrection For soloists and mixed voices, in Greek. The Divine Liturgy For mixed voices. Stelio Scordilis Kaheka St. The scope of this project covers the liturgies of St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, St.

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    James, and the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, as well as many doxologies and all hymns for Vespers. For information write: Mr. John Douglas Southview Dr. The Divine Liturgy 3 settings :. These liturgy settings are intended for chanters, choirs, and congregations who use both Greek and English. The two languages are placed side-by-side, and the music is adjusted for easy switching between languages. Chant renditions are in staff notation with melodic line and ison written out.

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    • Petros Gaitanos - Ti ipermaho (Τῇ ὑπερμάχῳ) lyrics + English translation.
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    Both books include a memorial service and the congregational books include a hymnal of the most-used apolytikia, kontakia, megalynaria, and other hymns. Both books include the entire text of the liturgy in Greek, Greek phonetics, and English. Customized books are available for your parish. New Byzantium Publications Burkley Rd. It includes the text of the Liturgy, and the music and words to all hymns and responses are in Greek, phonetics, and English.

    Some of the major feast day hymns are also included in both languages. Music is unison, based on the John Sakellarides melodic lines. Two instructional cassette tapes and an accompaniment book are also available. Department of Religious Education 50 Goddard Ave.

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    Holy Cross Bookstore 50 Goddard Ave. John Chrysostom Divine Liturgy arranged for mixed choir with organ accompaniment. English and phonetic Greek hymn texts are set into a single musical score using traditional melodies and original arrangements including an English Doxology. Other hymns included are the Resurrection Apolytikia, hymns of the Memorial and Artoclasia services, several Feast Day hymns, the festal variations of Antiphon B Soson Imas , and a collection of original recessional music.

    The work is formatted with priest's public texts and Director's Notes, to assist the Director and those new to the Faith. Hymns and responses are numbered sequentially for easy reference. Part-amplified training recordings are available on CD. Digitally produced training recordings on CD are available. Chris J. The writing is generally for SATB with many hymns optionally written for unison chorus with organ accompaniment. Zes Press Booksin Ave. Second Edition in This is a work that can be done as a choral work, mixed voices, or as a strictly unison, melody-only rendition with organ accompaniment.

    The melodic line has therefore been printed separately to facilitate the unison interpretation. The work is based on traditional material as well as original contributions. Recommended for camp groups, youth choirs, etc. Contains English phonetics and interlinear translation by Theodore Bogdanos. The Great Doxology is available as a supplement. The Choral Music for the Liturgy of St. Audio samples. Based in the United Kingdom.

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