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  • Die Europäische Verfassung: Ist die Europäische Verfassung eine Verfassung im Sinne des Grundgesetzes und muss sie daher durch einen Volksentscheid angenommen werden? (German Edition)?
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Enjoy savings on organic foods, healthcare essentials, and green cleaning products. News about homeopathy from around the world - including insights on the latest research in the field, Action Alerts when homeopathy is threatened and more!

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  5. Abortion Rights Are Under Attack | American Civil Liberties Union;
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  7. The National Center for Homeopathy is important to the future of medicine and health care in America. Natural Medicine.

    Abortion Rights Are Under Attack

    The Hydroponic Threat to Organic Food. Get Local Find News and Action for your state:.

    Scientists under Attack - genetic engineering in the magnetic field of money

    The Monitor has published more than 1, civic space updates in the last two years, data which is analysed in People Power Under Attack Civic space in countries is categorised as either closed , repressed , obstructed , narrowed or open , based on a methodology which combines several sources of data on the freedoms of association, peaceful assembly and expression.

    Findings People Power Under Attack New Report: 6 in 10 countries now seriously repressing civic freedoms Findings based on data released today by the CIVICUS Monitor a global research collaboration which rates and tracks the respect for fundamental freedoms in countries.

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    In six states, harsh restrictions have led to the closing of all but one abortion clinic. But in all 50 states, abortion is still legal, and the ACLU is fighting hard to make sure it stays that way.

    Whatever happens in the coming years, one thing is clear — we need to stay resolute and do everything we can to ensure that abortion remains safe, legal, and accessible. You can help us. Since the elections, states have passed medically unnecessary and politically motivated abortion restrictions.

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