Zusatzstoffe und E-Nummern (Edition Ernährung) (German Edition)

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Chemoprävention und Ernährungsfaktoren bei Darmkrebs

It allows you to quickly check on more than ingredients. You can search them by E-code, by name or by alternative names. Features: - You can search for food additives by E-number, by name or by alternative name s. Extra: - It allows you to check whether an additive is suitable for vegans, vegetarians or for people from different religions.


Some of additives are harmless, many not quite healthy and several are dangerous. Many people have experienced various negative reactions to food additives.

Achtung: Das sind die gefährlichsten Zusatzstoffe in Lebensmitteln!

Certain groups may be more susceptible to adverse effects, such as asthma sufferers, chemically sensitive and allergic individuals, pregnant women or hyperactive children. So here they are: preservatives and sweeteners, food colorings or taste enhancers, unveiled! Die heutige Essen ist voll von Zusatzstoffen. Unsere app hilft Ihnen, die Antwort zu finden. Probieren Sie es aus, es ist kostenlos! Viele Menschen haben verschiedene negative Reaktionen auf Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe erlebt.

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